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Gems And Jewellery Companies - Yantra


Sahara AgateKhambhat (India)

We are manufacturers expoeters and whollsellers of all kinds of crystal malas ganesh gods panch mukhi painting ganesh crystal shree yantra panch mukhi nandi shiv ling vastu.crystal parad reiky fangsui gift healing product agate stone akik coloursful chokey and ambagoti black nandi with shiv ling blue mergage and sunshine stones ganesh coconut kunja trees colouring crystal beads colouring crystal pyramid crystal bracelets crystal colouring trumble tree crystal dana trees crystal diamond cuttings kantha crystal lingam parad lingam crystal parad tortoise painting tortoise(green and rose) earring set firoza and sunshine stones necklace hand kada kalash yantra kuber yantra narmadeshwar necklace necklace sets painting elephants parad malas (54 and 108) rani har set shivling shree yantra sphatik charan paduka sphatik shree yantra sphatik shree yantra on tortoise sphatik tortoise shree

Shree Jagdamba BhawanSonipat (India)

We are astrologer and manufacturers traders exporters of all types of astrological goods like of rudraksha ganesh rudraksha gemstones and gauri shankar.gems gemstone birth stones 1 to 21 faced real rudraksha parad shivling idols malas effective yantra and kavaches

Manufacturers of vaimanika shastra (ancient aerospace) sacred water alchemy of mercury and gold sacred geometry planets and their effects psychological processing in tantra ancient electro magnetic systems antigravity systems elixirs auyur veda urine therapy bezoars stones etc.our product list specials cobra pearl elephant pearl centipede pearl conch pearls tortoise pearl coconut pearl bamboo pearl toad stone crocodile pearl cloud pearl boar pearl dragon pearl rare pearls fish pearl cock stone.vastu products sribatsha in stone chamara lucky gems chair vastu kalash asta dala stone panch ratna kalash panch ratna amulet for your bed gruhaklesha nivararaka purusha asta dala stone panch ratna kalash.vedic tantric products one eye coconut shaligram bana linga laghu nariyal black horse shoe trilouha gorachana indrajal mayajaal devja

Prana CrystalsMumbai (India)

We are the manufacturers from 100 natural stones and quartz crystals products.our products lists 7 chakra pendants 7 chakra wands agate and other balls agate and other pyramids agate eye agate wands amethyst ball amethyst pyramid amethyst wands angel wands apophyllite cluster apophyllite pyramid beggar beads black tourmaline bloodstone buddha carving calcite balls calcite specimen cavansite crystal carvings crystal healing angels crystal wands feng shui frog feng shui tortoise ganesha statue gemstone eggs green apophyllite healing bracelet healing pendants hearts himalayan crystal clusters kyanite lapis lazuli meditation silk mat merkaba obelisk and towers pendulum pentagonite phantom crystals pranic disintegrator pranic gold crystal wand pranic healing extractors pranic healing products pranic h

Rudra CentreMumbai (India)

Trader of rudraksha seeds necklaces puja items gems and other products. our product power of rudraksha yantra mahima secrets of yantra mantra and tantra astro diary secrets of occult sciences the samaveda yajurveda samhita atharvaveda sri kandha puranam vedanga jyotisham the science and essence of srividya bhrigu samhita mahabharata the mahabharata a modern rendering mandukya upanishad mantrapushpam the book of gems gemstones by cally hall book of gemstones puja room prayers to deities lal kitab taittiriyopanisad chalisa sangraha sandhyavandanam

G. RATNA JEWELLERSBangalore (India)

We are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of ethnic and exclusively designed jewellery. We deal in gem carving pearl jewellery lucky birth stones gem stone jewellery necklaces bracelets sets pendents rings anklets toe rings earrings pearls precious semi precious stones lucky birth stones and gem stones carved in shapes of ganesha shivling buddha heads elephants sree yantra etc. Silver necklaces silver bracelets silver pendents silver rings marcasite jewellery silver pearls silver anklets and toe rings earrings emerald ruby sapphire beads gem stones kundan victorian jewellery gold plated sets american diamond jewellery combinations of silver beads temple jewellery silver beads findings stones carvings gemstones paintings corporate gifts rudraksh and shaligram.

Shivam Gems Khambhat (India)

We are manufacturing and exporting agate gemstone semiprecious stone cutting jewelry products like beads of various shapes hand polished beads custom design necklaces carved beads bagger beads necklaces center pieces for jewelry designers we have all range of beads that is required by good jewelry designer.agate stones arrowheads merkaba shiva lingams obelisk pyramid stonescrystal healing jewelry crystal healing wands crystal healing braceletsgemstones gemstone pendulum mix stones sphere gemstone worry stones cabochon gemstones wands massage wands tumble stones gemstone angels shree yantra pyramid generatorsstone bowls metaphysical products seven chakra labradorite gemstone orgone ganesh statue amethyst druzy gemstone

We are the best merchant exporters mainly dealing in rough gem stone minerals zeolite cut polish precious semi precious gem stone.chakra jewellery igmc 12 chakra jewellery ig 214 sterling silver pendant ig 213 sterling silver necklaces ig 212 sterling sliver gems stone earring ig 211 sterling sliver gems stone barcelet stilbite natrolite mesolite calcite beryl apophyllite reiki helaing stick in amethyst love wands large copper wands large chakra wand chakra wand 7 chakra ball pendulum 6 sided faceted cone shape pendulum metal pendulum jumbo plain cone shape pendulum merkaba pendulum cross pendulum chowkery pendulum ball pendulum topi pendulum yggdrasil sphere in size from 20 mm four sided pryamid merkaba rose quartz gem tree crystal quartz agate moss begger beads necklaces barcelet agate rings agate pendents amethyst angel arrow heads chakra jewellery cloth bags crystal quart

Miran AgateKhambhat (India)

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of all kinds of tumbled stones gemstone arrowheads crystal agate agate banded gem stones natural agate onyx mix exporter multi agate etc.our products list natural agate tumbled pebbles dark green tumbled heena jasper tumbled zed black tumbled stone amethyst tumbled stone rose quartz tumbled yellow agate tumbled red jasper tumbled pink zyad tumbled stone black agate tumbled blood agate tumbled camel agate tumbled yellow banded tumbled stone fancy agate tumbled pebbles carrot agate tumbled milky white tumbled pebbles stone smoky agate tumbled tree agate tumbled green aventurine tumbled red carnelian 1st grade tumbled stone red carnelian tumbled commercial crystal agate tumbled 1st mixed agate tumbled pebbles small size mixed agate tumbled pebbles river pebbles red carnelian tumbled stone 2nd crystal agate tumbled moss agate tum

Asto-ShineJaipur (India)

We are traders service providers exporters and importers astrology products and services.gemstones precious gemstones ruby (manik) pearl (moti) red coral (moonga) emerald (panna) yellow sapphire (pukhraj) diamond (heera) blue sapphire (neelam) hessonite (gomed) cat's eye (lahsuniya)semi precious gemstones agate agate black banded (sulemani) amethyst aquamarine blue topaz blood stone carnelian citrine garnet iolite lapis lazuli malachite moon stone onyx opal peridot rock crystal (sphatik) rose quartz smokey quartz tanzanite turquoise tiger eye tourmaline zircon (natural)rudraksha 1 mukhi rudraksha 2 mukhi rudraksha 3 mukhi rudraksha 4 mukhi rudraksha 5 mukhi rudraksha 6 mukhi rudraksha 7 mukhi rudraksha 8 mukhi rudraksha 9 mukhi rudraksha 10 mukhi rudraksha 11 mukhi rudraksha 12 mukhi rudraksha 13 mukhi rudraksha 14 mukhi rudraksha ganesh rudraksha gaurishankar rudrakshr


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