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Business  Jhansi (India)   18th Aug 2018   Services is a digital business directory embaded with ecommerce facility. It provides local business an oppoetunity to showcase their products to wider mass. On member business can create an onlineshop to sell priducts. Customer can buy any product displayed on with confidence as their purchase is protucted with 100% moneyback gurantee. offers full security to sellers as their every sale is paid for as soon as buyer rece ... read more »

New Ear Digital Hearing Amplifier
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

New Ear Digital Hearing Amplifier The model G-16D is a mini invisible high performance 2 channel digital signal processing hearing personal sound amplifier (Automatic Microphone Noise Reduction) With Zinc Air Battery size 10A working last super long up to 150 hours. About the product: 1.Sound output < 115dB, 2 Channel, 1 Year Factory Warranty. 2.Fully digital hearing instrument at an affordable price 19.9$-29.9$ each one. 3.Micro mini Patent design for fiting in ear canal and prote ... read more »

Best Digital Hearing Aids
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Best Invisible Digital Hearing Aids 2018 with A10 battery last 150 hours New Advanced Full digital Invisible Hearing Aid Devices G-16D is the new product based hearing aid brands of Darear by Great-Ears China With Zinc Air Battery size 10A working last super long up to 150 hours. About the Product: The CIC hearing aid G-16D is a micro mini size with the pull line for pulling from the ear canal fitting in the canal.The size of the hearing aid is 0.40 x 0.55 inches, it can be hidden w ... read more »

Newest Hearing Aids For 2018 Rechargeable
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Newest Hearing Aids for 2018 Rechargeable Battery Hearing amplifier In Ear About the Products: The new hearing aid G-17 from Great-Ears is said to be "the smallest rechargeable hearing aid built-in Lithium battery which can last work up to 40 hours by full charge". It’s a ready-to-wear hearing aid that is invisible in-the-canal (CIC) and adapt the newest technology to enable users to hear clear sound through both ears. It is also the "world’s first invisible rechargeable solution for dea ... read more »

Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Aid
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NEW Smallest 1/2 inch Rechargeable Hearing Aid In Ear Canal About the Products: This smallest model G-17 is a self factory R&D, unique tiny design only 1/2 inch size in 2018 with the In Ear style for adults hearing loss right Ear or Left Ear.This models have the high quality amazon Rechargeable hearing aid Lithium batteries,due to the low circuit consumption,the model G-17 Mini Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have the super long last working for 35+ hours by a full charging 6-8 hours only. ... read more »

EMc Shield And Antistatic Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduit Conduit Fittings Where Applications Are Within Arduous Areas Then Delikon Braided Flexible Conduit Systems Offer A Complete Protection In Addition To EMI Screening And Antista
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

EMc shield and antistatic heavy series over braided flexible metal conduit,conduit fittings Where applications are within arduous areas then Delikon braided flexible conduit systems offer a complete protection in addition to EMI screening and antistatic characteristics. They are suited to the most demanding environments and the metal outer braiding can be used to suit demanding conditions. Typical application within automation using Braided Flexible Conduit systems include, pick-n-place robo ... read more »

Delikon Machine Tool Wire MTW Oil Resistant COOLANT RESISTANT Over Braided Flexible Rubber Conduit And Fittings Oil Resistant Flexible Conduit Especially Suitable For Wiring Machine Tools Hydraulic Presses And Other Types Of Industrial Equipments W
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

Delikon Machine Tool Wire MTW Oil Resistant COOLANT RESISTANT Over Braided Flexible Rubber Conduit and fittings Oil Resistant Flexible Conduit is especially suitable for wiring machine tools, hydraulic presses and other types of industrial equipments, which are subjected to moisture from coolant, oils and fluids. Over braided flexible rubber hose is also suitable for transferring machine oils, coolant and fuels. Delikon Oil Resistant Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings system is ideal ... read more »

Overbraided Metallic LiquidTight Conduit With Stainless Steel Braid Suitable For Industry Environments Wirings Protections Overbraided LiquidTight Metal Conduit With Steel Braid For Contruction Machine Wirings Galvanised Flexible Steel Conduit Smoo
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

Overbraided metallic LiquidTight conduit with stainless steel braid is suitable for industry environments wirings protections. Overbraided LiquidTight metal conduit with steel Braid for contruction machine wirings Galvanised flexible Steel Conduit, Smooth PVC Covering, Metal Overbraid Braided Liquidtight Flexible EMC Shielded metal Conduit EMI/RFI Shielding electrical Flexible Conduit,Liquid-tight Model: YF-705 This conduit is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits in appli ... read more »

Over Braided Flexible Metallic Conduit Liquid Resistant EMI Shielding Clean Data Transmission In A Noisy Environment An Ever Increasing Requirement On Todays Crowded Factory Floors Braided Flexible Steel Conduit Systems Provide Excellent EMI And RF
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

Over braided flexible metallic conduit,Liquid Resistant,EMI shielding Clean data transmission in a noisy environment is an ever increasing requirement on todays crowded factory floors. Braided flexible steel conduit systems provide excellent EMI and RFI shielding, as well as mechanical protection, resulting in improved data transmission for factory automations. OverBRAIDing Flexible metal conduit,water proof,Emc screening *Resists high temperature and hot metal splashes Constructions & ... read more »

Heavy Series Over Braided Interlocked Liquid Tight Conduit HEAVY SERIES Braided FLEXIBLE Conduit Fittings Metal Over Braided Flexible Conduit For Industry Wiring Swivel Liquid Tight Connector Wire Over Braided Flexible Conduit SM 701 Most Suitable Fo
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

heavy series over braided interlocked Liquid tight Conduit,HEAVY SERIES braided FLEXIBLE conduit fittings Metal over braided flexible conduit for industry wiring,swivel liquid tight connector Wire Over-Braided Flexible Conduit ( SM-701 ) most suitable for demanding industrial electric wiring and cables protection applications. *Galvanized steel helically wound with PVC coating and wire over-braid. *Trade size: 3/8"~2" (Interlocked profile for increased tensile strength.) *Liquid-tight ... read more »

Delikon LSHF Low Smoke Halogen Free Metal Liquid Tight Conduit LSHF LSZH LSOH Used In Public Facilities Airports Shopping Malls Hotels Schools Hospitals Railway Stations And Constructions Where Human And Animal Life As Well As Valuable Property Are E
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

Delikon LSHF Low Smoke Halogen free metal Liquid Tight Conduit LSHF LSZH LSOH used in public facilities, airports, shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals, railway stations and constructions where human and animal life as well as valuable property are exposed to a high risk of fire hazards. Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits Low Smoke Halogen Free Metallic Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit For installation in public facilities, airports, railway stations, hotels, shopping mall, schools, hospi ... read more »

PG METRIC NPT Liquid Tight CONDUIT Connector Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings LT Conduit Connector LT Fittings Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings Conector Recto Hermetico Curvo 90 Liquid Tight Zinc Die Cast Connectors Model DMA DMB Available In 3 8 Inch To 4
Sell  Shanghai (China)   18th Aug 2018   Electrical and Power

PG METRIC NPT liquid tight CONDUIT connector Liquid tight conduit fittings,LT conduit connector,LT fittings,liquid tight conduit fittings conector recto hermetico,curvo 90 Liquid-tight zinc die cast connectors Model: DMA,DMB Available in 3/8 inch to 4 inch trade size Zinc Die-cast construction For use with both Metallic Liquid tight Conduit and Nonmetallic Liquid tight Type B Resistant to outdoor weather conditions Liquidtight/Raintight/OilTight Suitable for wet locations Suitable f ... read more »

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