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Decopanel Interior Exterior Composite Panels
Sell  Istanbul (Turkey)   10th Dec 2019   Building Material

DECOPANEL decorative insulation panels : is a new type of product for interior and exterior decoration, beyond it is appearance it solves problems about insulations : heat, fire and sound. This new sandwich panel has three layers ; coated aluminium or steel alloy sheet layer with nano protective layer outside, PU polyurethane foaming middle layer and aluminium foil layer. The production can be made in a large variety of surface textures even with wooden, marble, wallpaper appearance. Can be pr ... read more »

Compatible Roof Window
Sell  Istanbul (Turkey)   10th Dec 2019   Building Material

SHINGLE / TILE COMPATIBLE ROOF WINDOWS Our covers are made of DKP(Galvanized)sheet From the outer side is 100cm*80cm,outlet throat size is 45cm*60cm Our top covers are tempered safety glass. Our covers are shock absorber. We can produce our covers as top opening-closing as well,in accordance with your request. SANDWICH PANEL COMPATIBLE ROOF WINDOWS our covers are made of DKP(Galvanized)sheet. From to/outer side is 112 cm*90cm,outlet throat size is 45cm*60cm. Our top covers are tempered s ... read more »

Waterproof Roof Covering Membrane
Sell  Istanbul (Turkey)   10th Dec 2019   Building Material

PENGUEN Serial Waterproofing Membranes are plastomeric type that are the ideal preference for mild climate zones. In producing of this membranes, APP (Atactic Polypropylene) with thermoplastic resin is used in order to enhance the bitumen. Fibreglass tissue and non-woven polyester mat is used as a carrier in order to reinforce to membrane. Application Area Bituminous membranes can be applied in all areas where water can affect the structure such as walls which have contact with ground, found ... read more »

Lamella Clarifier Tube Settler
Sell  ?stanbul (Turkey)   26th Aug 2019   Engineering

Pvc 1-1,2 mm ... read more »

Standard Shelving Wall Unit 01
Sell  Istanbul (Turkey)   14th Dec 2018   Furniture and Wood Products

Tab25's shelving system is equipped with nice and slim shelving face and compatible with pitch 25 system, allowing the retailers to utilize their space without loosing any milimeter of it. Our shelving system has CE and ISO 9001 certificates and they are being used in small and very big stores. Uprights have different dimensions such as 30x30, 30x60, 30x80, 30x90, 30x110mm Baselegs can be either h:80mm or h:110mm (for special needs, it can also be h:200mm). You can use our products ... read more »

Sell  Konya (Turkey)   13th Oct 2018   Agro / Food Products

Candy, also called sweets or lollies, is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. The category, called sugar confectionery, encompasses any sweet confection, including chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy. With this production line you can make a lot type of candy with changing the mold. This line of product consist of following machines. 1. SUGAR WHITENING MACHINE 2. PISHMANIYE SUGAR BOILING MACHINE 3. PISHMANIYE SUGAR COOLING UNITE 4. ROCK CANDY SLIMMING MACHINE 5 ... read more »

Turkish Delight LOKUM Production Line
Sell  Konya (Turkey)   13th Oct 2018   Agro / Food Products

Turkish delight or lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Premium varieties consist largely of chopped dates, pistachios, and hazelnuts or walnuts bound by the gel; traditional varieties are often flavored with rosewater, mastic, Bergamot orange, or lemon. If you wanna produce Lokum you will need following machines like: 1. TURKHIS DELIGHT COOKING BOILER 2. TURKISH DELIGHT CUTTING MACHINE 3. GYPSOPHILA MIXER 4. POWDER SUGAR MACHINE ... read more »

Sell  Konya (Turkey)   13th Oct 2018   Agro / Food Products

Pishmaniye is traditional food of Turkey and it is called also SOAN PAPDI and cotton candy. For production of this line you will need following machines. 1. PISHMANIYE AND SARAY SWEET MAKING MACHINE 2. SUGAR WHITENING MACHINE 3. PISHMANIYE SUGAR BOILING MACHINE 4. PISHMANIYE SUGAR COOLING UNITE 5. DOUGH COOKING MACHINE 6. DOUGH WARMING MACHINE And if you pressed soan papdi or pismaniye you will need following machines 7. SWEET SARAI HALVA GRINDING MACHINE 8. SARAY HALWA PRESS MACH ... read more »

Kunafa Automatchi Making Machine
Sell  Konya (Turkey)   13th Oct 2018   Agro / Food Products

QUALTY : All parts of the machine are produced from 304 qualty stainless steel materials SYSTEM : Elektric & LPG System POWER : 220 Watt DIMENSION : Widht 150 cm- Height 190 cm- Lenght 150 cm WEIGHT : 350 kg CAPACITY : 20-25 kg/h ... read more »

Herbal Products Tea S
Sell  Istanbul (Turkey)   03rd Jul 2018   Agro / Food Products

As Patina Herbal Products Marketing Food Industry Trade Limited Company, we produce with the experience we have obtained for many years in herbal food sector. We produce untouched under sterile conditions considering the human health. Herbal tea, coffee, paste, herbal capsules and tablets, our various products such as herbal food supplements and herbal juices, from Turkey with its famous bio-diversity, we deliver to the world’s many points. We are expanding the delivery network that we ha ... read more »

Cotton Satin Duvet Cover Bedspread Set
Sell  Denizli (Turkey)   13th Jun 2018   Textiles

*Produced from 100% cotton satin and 83/cm2. *Special design embroidered and guipure pattern. *Includes total 7 pieces products. *King Size. *Package Content: 200x220cm Duvet Cover, 240x260cm Bedsheet, 50x70cm Pillow Case 2 Pieces, 60x80cm Oxford Pillow Case 2 Pieces, 260x260cm Cotton Satin Bedspread. *After washing, problems like shrinkage, fading and pilling don't existing in the product. *Sent with special design carton bag. ... read more »

Organic Cotton Baby Poncho Set
Sell  Denizli (Turkey)   13th Jun 2018   Textiles

*Produced from organic 100% cotton yarn. *From the growing of cotton to making into a product, haven't been used any chemicals and cancerogenic materials in any step of production and be treated by organic dye. *It has proved that the product is organic and ecologic with the certifies ISO 9001:2008, GOTS-TR, Oeko-Tex. *Has special design embroideries and carton box. *Products weight is 500gr/m2. * Suitable for 0-1 years babies. *Package content: 1 piece baby poncho, 1 piece ... read more »

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