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Standard High Quality Laminated Colored Aluminium Mirror Glass
Buy  Baoding (China)   14th Sep 2017   Others

Standard High Quality Laminated Colored Aluminium Mirror Glass,Mirror Glass url:http://www.constructmall.com ... read more »

Electromagnetic Radiation Protective Clothing
Buy  Baoding (China)   12th Jun 2019   Others

electromagnetic radiation protective clothingMaterialStainless steel /cotton /polyesterWeight190gsm , or according to your requirementwidth58/60?Colorcustomizedfunctionanti radiation ,washableUsageIn the place that has harmful radiation to body, can be used as Maternity clothing,anti radiation garments and curtainsWashing timeMore than 100 timesCertificateNational test reportMOQ300meters, welcome sample orderFeaturesWear soft ,Care of skin Reasonable price with high quality High shielding effect ... read more »

Nonflameable Preoxidixed And Aramid Blended For High Temperature Felt
Buy  Baoding (China)   12th Jun 2019   Others

nonflameable preoxidixed and aramid blended for high temperature feltMaterialpreoxidixed and aramidWeight100-1000gsm,or according to your requirementwidth150ColorBean green or blackfunctionFireproof, anti-heat  href="##" shrinkable,anti-thermal creep ,acid and alkali proofUsageFire blanket, thermal insulation interlining n working high temperature,place mat, other high temperature applicationsShrinkage?±3%CertificateISO 9001,ISO14001,ISO18001,LAMOQ1000meters,welcome sample orderServiceStrong t ... read more »

Men S Cotton Socks Autumn And Winter Business Casual Antibacterial Deodorized Warmth Socks
Buy  Baoding (China)   12th Jun 2019   Others

Men cotton socks autumn and winter business casual antibacterial deodorized Warmth socksMaterialcotton,PM fiberWeightaccording to your requirement for styleColorWhite,gold yellow,black or customizedfunctionAnti bacterial and deodorant,keep warm,flame retardantUsageeveryoneCertificateCE,LA,ISO9000MOQ3000 pairs, welcome sample orderFeaturesAnti bacterial and deodorant High temperature resistant Keep warm in winterServiceStrong team work from supply department, R&D department, QC department, servic ... read more »

Industrial Grade EDTA 4NH4
Buy  Baoding (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

Application:apply to clean the steam generator and heat exchanger, boiler, etc. Product IdentificationSynonyms name:Tetraammonium ethylenediaminetetraacetate.CAS No:22473-78-5Molecular Weight:360.36Chemical Formula:C10H28N6O8TEST ITEMLIMTAPPEARANCEColorless to yellow transparent liquid??  (10% wt ,23°C)9.3Purity %?48.0%Viscosity,23?,mPa.sAbout 20Moisture content,%About 50Chelate Value?mgCaCO3/g,t.q.?140Keywords:EDTA 4NH4; Tetraammonium ethylenediaminetetraacetate.Baoding Kaiyue Chemical Co., ... read more »

Industrial Grade EDTA 2K
Buy  Baoding (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

Mainly used in detergent, liquid soap and shampoo.Product IdentificationSynonyms name:EDTA dipotassium salt; Edathamil; EDTA-2K. CAS No:25102-12-9 Molecular Weight:404.45Chemical Formula:C10H14K2N2O8·2H2OTEST ITEMLIMTAPPEARANCEWhite crystalline powder??  (50g/L wt ,25°C)4.0-5.0Purity %?98.0%Heavy metals (as Pb) %?0.005Fe, %?0.005Chlorides, %?0.02Aqueous reactionPassComplexation force testPassClarity testPassChelate Value?mgCaCO3/g,PH=11??260Keywords:industrial grade EDTA-2K; EDTA dipotass ... read more »

40 Industrial Grade EDTA FeNH4
Buy  Baoding (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

Mainly used in camera film developing and fixing.Product IdentificationSynonyms name:Ferric Ammonium EDTA; Edta ferric ammonium;; ammonium iron(3+) 2,2',2'',2'''-(ethane-1,2-diyldinitrilo)tetraacetate (1:1:1); ammonium ferric 2-[2-(bis(carboxymethyl)amino)ethyl-(carboxymethyl)amino]acetic acidCAS No:21265-50-9Molecular Weight:366.1239Chemical Formula:C10H20FeN3O8Keywords:EDTA ferric ammonium salt; camera film developing; fixing.Baoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTDTel:+86 03123220379Fax:+86 0313328965 ... read more »

Agriculture Grade EDTA CaNa2
Buy  Baoding (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

EDTA Ca can be used as micro nutrition in food industry, agriculture and Animal HusbandryTest itemsstandardContent ?C10H12N2O8CaNa2.2H2O?,?,?98.0Chelated Ca  %9.5-10.5Heavy metal?Pb?%? 0.001Water insoluble matters%? 0.1PH?10g/L,25??6.5-7.5appearance?White powderKeywords :EDTA Ca, chelate micro fertilizer Ca, chelated Ca, EDTA calciumBaoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTDTel:+86 03123220379Fax:+86 03133289655Copyright © 2016 Kaiyuechem Ltd. All rights reserved. url:http://www.edtaexpert.com ... read more »

Agriculture Grade EDTA Mn
Buy  Baoding (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

EDTA Mn is used in agriculture and gardening. It's a kind of micronutrients ,it's also a kind of raw material of fertilizer.Test itemsStandardChelated Mn %?13.0Heavy metal (Pb)%? 0.002Cd %?0.001As %?0.0002Water insoluble matter %? 0.1PH(10g/L,25??6.0-7.0Appearance?Light pink crystal powderKeywords :EDTA Mn, chelate micro fertilizer Mn, chelate MnBaoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTDTel:+86 03123220379Fax:+86 03133289655Copyright © 2016 Kaiyuechem Ltd. All rights reserved. url:http://www.edtaexpert.c ... read more »

Industrial Grade HEDTA Weed Killer
Buy  Baoding (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

Usually used in textile, agriculture , medicine, leather, paper, cosmetics, water treatment, electroplating, electroless plating (particularly in the area of silver plating) etc.Product IdentificationSynonyms name:N-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine-N,N',N'-triacetic acid?N-carboxymethyl-N'-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N,N'-ethylenediglycine?N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine-N,N',N'-triacetic acidN-(2-(bis(carboxymethyl)amino)ethyl)-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-GlycineCAS No:150-39-0Molecular Weight:278.26Chemical Form ... read more »

4mm 12mm Tinted Building Float Glass
Buy  Baoding (China)   29th Dec 2017   Others

hickness: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm.etc Color : Clear, bronze, grey, green, blue.etc Deep processing: laminated, insulated, acid etched, painted glass. Applications: Door, wall, cabinet, partition, table top,float mirror glass. Packing:Wooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage url:http://www.constructmall.com ... read more »

High Quality Clear Excellent Transparent Tinted Float Glass
Buy  Baoding (China)   14th Sep 2017   Others

High Quality Clear Excellent Transparent Tinted Float Glass,Website:http://www.constructmall.com,Float Glass ... read more »

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