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Toilet Soap Bar Machinery
Buy  Foshan (China)   10th Oct 2019   Others

Automatic feeding and packaging system for soap industry 1.Product introduction of automatic horizontal wrapping machinery for soap industry: This soap packing line is designed for soap industry, the packing speed can up to 350 bags per minute; we sole at least 20 lines per month. 2.Main Function of flow packaging machinery for laundry soap? 1)Soap packing line consists of distance controller, high-speed sorting unit and packing machine. This system distanced, distributes and delivers ... read more »

Bakery Flow Packaging Machine
Buy  Foshan (China)   10th Oct 2019   Others

Cake/Bread packing line Main Function? 4.Cake/bread packing line consists of distance controller, distributor, auto sorting unit and packing machine. This system will help cake/bread product auto aligning, distanced, distributing and delivering to the sorting unit and finish packing in order to keep a continuous and orderly production with lower waste and beautiful package. Alcohol spray and air charging is optional. 5.Single line packing speed can reach 80-180bags/min. 6.Whole system adopts ... read more »

Waffle Automatic Feeding And Packaging System
Buy  Foshan (China)   10th Oct 2019   Others

Waffle automatic feeding and packaging system (1 or 2 pcs per bag) https://youtu.be/9L_gzA5UtjU 1.Product introduction of waffle automatic food horizontal packing machine This waffle packaging system is a multi-function system, which can pack single waffle and multi-waffles. We designed the whole packing system according to your layout and inquiry. The maximum speed can up to 250 bags/ minute. The speed of family pack depends on the size. 2.Main Function of waffle automatic packagingsys ... read more »

Carton Automatic Loading And Sealing Machine With Robot Assisted
Buy  Foshan (China)   22nd Aug 2019   Others

Carton automatic loading and sealing machine with Robot assisted This new invented packaging solution not just automatic packaging product, but also using Robot automatic loading the carton and sealing carton fully automatically. More details, please feel free to contact Lotus as below: Email: 1697018439@qq.com url:http://www.china-packagemachine.com ... read more »

Water Jet High Pressure Cylinder
Buy  Foshan (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

water jet high pressure cylinder url:http://www.tkwaterjet.com ... read more »

Water Soften Filter For Waterjet Cutting System
Buy  Foshan (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

water soften filter for waterjet cutting system url:http://www.tkwaterjet.com ... read more »

Waterjet On Off Valve Repair Kit
Buy  Foshan (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

Waterjet on/off valve repair kit url:http://www.tkwaterjet.com ... read more »

Low Pressure Seals Assembly For Intensifier Pump
Buy  Foshan (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

low pressure seals assembly for intensifier pump url:http://www.tkwaterjet.com ... read more »

Abrasive Valve Motor For Water Jet Cutting
Buy  Foshan (China)   05th Jul 2019   Others

abrasive valve motor for water jet cutting url:http://www.tkwaterjet.com ... read more »

Metal Detector Continuous Auto With Rejecter For All Industry
Buy  Foshan (China)   18th Jun 2019   Others

1. Product introduction of metal checker with feeder and rejector The metal detector specially engineered for the food industry that requires high sensitivity, high stability and complex operation conditions. The product has adopted the latest multiple-frequency detecting technology, used the latest ARM+DSP structure as the base of hardware, and applied with the algorithm that has already been applied to be patented; it is created based on the well-practiced sensor signal processing system to ... read more »

Precise Aluminium Alloy Extrusion Profile Cnc Machining
Buy  Foshan (China)   10th May 2019   Others

ZHL aluminium profile company is professional in aluminium profile CNC machining service. ¬†Followed pictures are short profiles anodized in natural, red and gold color with smooth edges. No burrs, flashes, and flanging is allowed to ensure product safety. The whole profile shall be colored evenly too.¬†Anodize aluminium profiles after CNC machiningAnodized Rose gold aluminium profiles after CNC service.Gold anodized aluminium profiles after CNC machining url:http://www.pailian-aluminium.com ... read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink
Buy  Foshan (China)   08th May 2019   Others

We specializing in auluminum extrusion heat sink over 15 years. The radiator we produce always been first-class. Stable quality and good surface. We also prodive OEM service. Details Item Name: Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink product No: KX-01017 Material: Aluminum Surface Treament: Anodizing/Powder Coating/Electroplating/Raw Service: OEM Origin: China url:http://www.kx-aluminum.com ... read more »

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