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Bare Aluminum Flat Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   08th Dec 2017   Others

Bare Aluminum Flat Wire,Website:http://www.ybtransformer.com,Bare Conductor Wire ... read more »

S13 Oil Immersed Power Transformer
Buy  Huixian (China)   16th Jun 2018   Others

Performance parameters of S13 type 10kV double winding series: Type rated capacity (KVA) connection group label voltage combination (KV) no-load loss (W) load loss no-load current (%) short circuit resistance (%) High pressure range low Dy Yy. 10 10 Yyn0 / S13 - M - or Dyn11 10 6.3 6 + / - 5% Plus or minus 2 x 2.5% or + 3 x 2.5% -1 x 2.5% 0.4 40 360 340 2.8 4.0. S13-M-20, 70, 525, 500, 2.5. S13-M-30, 30, 80, 630, 600, 2.3. S13-m-5050 100 910 870 2.0. S13-m-63, 110, 1040, 1040, 1.9 ... read more »

Enameled Copper Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   16th Jun 2018   Others

The name of the product: enameled flat wire. Low product introduction: paint BaoBian line refers to the oxygen free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod by a certain specifications of the mold after drawing wire, according to customer requirements, the compatibility with the required heat resistance index and insulating paint, using mold or felt type paint, coating system of multichannel corresponding insulating paint, after baking treatment, make the insulating varnish and the conductor ... read more »

Yubian Non Woven Polyester Film Wrap Line
Buy  Huixian (China)   16th Jun 2018   Others

? Product Name: non-woven/polyester film covered wire ? Product Introduction: non-woven/polyester film covered wire is wire made by oxygen free copper rod or electrical round aluminum bar, and lapped 2-3 layers of polyester film + electrician non-woven for winding wire of insulating layer. The product has better pressure resistance, temperature-resist grade is B 130 ?, and is mainly used as air-core reactor or other similar equipment. Our company adopt advanced eddy current inspection equipm ... read more »

Glass Fiber Covered Polyester Film Covered Flat Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   16th Jun 2018   Others

Glass fiber-covered polyester film enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire ?Product Introduction: Glass fiber-covered polyester film enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire is made of high quality copper (aluminum) wire enamelled by polyester film and single double glass fiber, then dry roasted by insulated paint. This product has the capacity of high electricalbreakdown, temperature-resist grade has four: 130, 155, 180, 200, the product is widely used in electric reactor,transformer, electrical ma ... read more »

Domestic Aramid Paper Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   16th Jun 2018   Others

Paper covered wire adds a dramatic touch to floral arrangements and decorative crafts. Blends attractively in artistic designs with real, silk and dried flowers. You can easily add texture & interest to your floral creations by wrapping, tying and coiling this versatile wire. Use with fresh cut flowers, foliage, and dried flowers to reinforce stems. Also use to splice stems and attach flower parts to stems. Available in plain, painted, and fabric coated. The higher the gauge number, the thinner ... read more »

Bare Copper Ground Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   16th Jun 2018   Others

Usage: 10KV outdoor line, power transmission line Type of electric clamping: screw press with flat opening Connect the electrical clamping specification: the gap is 35mm and the maximum opening distance is 65mm Lever specifications: 1 m * 3, 30 mm, outside diameter ? lever length and diameter can be customized according to user needs. Specification: wire diameter: 25mm, 3*1.5m+ 12m. Length and line size can be customized according to user requirements. Applicable voltage level: 10KV Categ ... read more »

130 Grade Polyester Enamelled Copper Flat Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   26th May 2018   Others

130-grade Polyester Enamelled Copper Flat Wire Henan YuBian Electric Co., Ltd. Add:Qianlong industrial park Huixian City Henan Province TEL:86-0373-6919253 mobile:86-15236647840 Fax:86-0373-6917333 Email:myl@hnyubian.com url:http://www.ybtransformer.com ... read more »

Oil Filled Electrical Transformer Supplier
Buy  Huixian (China)   29th May 2018   Others

Power distribution transformer is one of the important equipments in power supply and distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings. Classification: 1.Power transformers are classified by use: boost (power plant 6.3kv / 10.5kv or 10.5kv /110kV, etc.), contact (220kV/110kV or 110kV/ 10.5kv between substations), voltage reduction (distribution 35kV/ 0.4kv or 10.5kv / 0.4kv). 2.Power transformers are classified by phase number: single phase, three phase. 3.Power ... read more »

Heat Bonded Acetal Enamelled Copper Aluminum Flat Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   29th May 2018   Others

Specifications of enamelled flat copper wire: Diameter:0.2mm-8.0mm Standard: IEC, NEMA,GB Thermal Class: 130/155/180/200/220 °C Certification:SGS,UL Approved,iso9001,iso14001 url:http://www.ybtransformer.com ... read more »

Modified Polyester Enameled Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   29th Apr 2020   Others

Modified Polyester Enameled Wire url:http://www.ybtransformer.com ... read more »

Flat Aluminium Wire
Buy  Huixian (China)   29th Apr 2020   Others

Description: Material: Aluminum. Size:3#,0.78X3.18MM 4#,0.82x3.5MM 5#,0.88X3.95MM 5#,1.0X3.8MM 8#,1.25X4.6MM 8#,1.25X4.9 MM Usage: Available in Metal Zipper. Packing: 25 kgs/carton. Delivery for 1*20’ container: about 4 weeks after your confirmation. url:http://www.ybtransformer.com ... read more »

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