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Air Ambulance Service
Sell  Mumbai (India)   28th Apr 2020   Services

If you need to hire an air ambulance service from Mumbai or Delhi, you can also get the best helicopter ambulance service from the Air Rescuers team for the reputation of the company: +91 9870001118! ... read more »

Men S Wear
Sell  Mumbai (India)   13th Apr 2020   Textiles

Coat-suit,Sherwani & Kurta Pajama ... read more »

Sell  Mumbai (India)   27th Mar 2020   Entertainment and Sports

Looking for an artist for live performances on the Indian festive season? Here’s a great deal! India is a place full of joy and celebrations, people here are fond of living a happening life, but what keeps them motivated to live their life to the fullest? Indian festivals, festivals in India play an important role in Indian culture. Festivals are a symbol of unity, prosperity, and way or a new hope to enjoy life. In today's hectic modern lifestyle where the daily struggle take ... read more »

Bonfliglioli Motors BE80B4 0 75KW 1 00HP 4 POLE B51400 RPM FLANGE MTG IE2 MOTOR B51400
Sell  Mumbai (India)   24th Mar 2020   Electrical and Power

Bonfliglioli Motors – BE80B4 – 0.75KW 1.00HP 4 POLE B51400 RPM FLANGE MTG. IE2 MOTOR – B51400 Details: https://vashielectricals.com/p/bonfliglioli-motors-be80b4-0-75kw-1-00hp-4-pole-b51400-rpm-flange-mtg-ie2-motor/ Contact Details: Email: sales@vashielectricals.com Mobile: +91 7045454371 Phone: +91 2522 661600 Phone: +91 2522 661620 ... read more »

ABB Switchgear DDA204 AC 63 0 3 2CSB204001R3630
Sell  Mumbai (India)   24th Mar 2020   Electrical and Power

ABB DDA204 AC-63/0,3 – 2CSB204001R3630 Details: Hsn 8536.20.90 Warranty Period 12 Months Contact Details: Email: sales@vashielectricals.com Mobile: +91 7045454371 Phone: +91 2522 661600 Phone: +91 2522 661620 ... read more »

Finolex 0 5 Sqmm Single Core FR PVC Insulated Copper Flexible Cable Black
Sell  Mumbai (India)   24th Mar 2020   Electrical and Power

Finolex 0.5 Sqmm Single Core FR PVC Insulated Copper Flexible Cable Black Details: https://vashielectricals.com/p/finolex-0-5-sqmm-1-core-fr-0-5fx1cblkflx100/ Contact Details: Email: sales@vashielectricals.com Mobile: +91 7045454371 Phone: +91 2522 661600 Phone: +91 2522 661620 Content Coil of 100 Metres Core 1 Sqmm 0.5 Temperature Rating 70 Degree celcius Hsn 8544.60.20 ... read more »

Best LED Lights Suppliers In Mumbai LED Lights Manufacturers In Mumbai Alpine
Sell  Mumbai (India)   20th Mar 2020   Others

We re proud to introduce our own brand ALPINE LED with the aim to light the world with technology and services. We produce our products from renowned manufacturers around the globe and also we are the leading distributions and have dealership of many reputed linear lighting brands. we are one of the leading LED lighting suppliers in Qatar and our products are designed and produces to meet the highest quality standards using the best components, latest manufacturing processes, and strict quality ... read more »

Tejas App International Pvt Ltd
Sell  Mumbai (India)   06th Jan 2020   Textiles

We have diverse products range over 25K collections of groceries, clothing, and electronics. Tejas App is an online platform between Manufacture unit to connect with wholesalers and retailers. Basically, we work with an idea to make wholesalers and retailers focus on sales rest things are taken care of by Tejas App. We can reduce the travel expenses, cold storage, research & development work expenses and efforts. Tejas app is an online platform works for retailers, customers, and wholesalers. W ... read more »

Sell  Mumbai (India)   18th Sep 2019   Others

Website: https://www.vklalco.com/borivali Address: Sant Gadge Maharaj Marg, Kajupada, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066 Contact: 022 2895 5014 Email: sales@vklalco.com Working Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:30am to 6:30pm Saturday: 10:30am to 4:00pm Sunday: Closed Since its founding, V. K. Lalco Group (VKL) has constructed over 40 buildings and has expanded to own over 200 acres of land in Mumbai. VKL is currently developing over 400,000 sq. ft. in Borivali and Dahisar, making it ... read more »

Kanchan Sales Copper Pipe Fittings Manufacturer
Sell  Mumbai (India)   12th Sep 2019   Metals and Minerals

Kanchan Sales is a Copper Pipe Fittings manufacturer, exporter and importer in India, and the rest of the World. We manufacture Copper Pipe Fittings for Air conditioning industry, Copper Pipe Fittings for HVAC industry, Copper Pipe Fittings for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, Copper Pipe Fittings for Medical Gas Oxygen Systems, etc. Our Copper Pipes and Tubes are the best choice for all the mentioned applications as they are equipped with the latest specifications and features such as ISO certifi ... read more »

Sell  Mumbai (India)   26th Aug 2019   Computers and IT

You may ask, why is retail automation important to MSMEs in India? In the area of Utility Billing & POS Billing, the answer is two-fold. One has to do with boosting national progress and the other has to do with digitising our currency. Let’s start with the latter, in the previous financial year 2017-18, India spent about 636 crores only on printing the money. So, a digitalised economy will allow for easier carrying, spending & money transfers. Also, it allows for that money which would otherw ... read more »

Vegetable Powder
Sell  Mumbai (India)   03rd Apr 2019   Agro / Food Products

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, minerals and dietary fiber; however, they are climacteric and their shelf-life is very short after harvest. Uncontrolled browning, wilting and loss of nutritional value are typical of fresh vegetables even at ambient temperature and relative humidity. When converted into powder form they are easy to preserve, transport, store and use as ingredients. The greatly reduced water content and water activity help prolong the shelf-life of veg ... read more »

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