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Instant Noodles
Sell  Qingdao (China)   01st Nov 2018   Agro / Food Products

Our Instant Noodles includes: Instant Bag Noodles / 50G, 55G, 60G, 65G, 70G, 75G,75G, 80G, 85G, 90G, 100G, 110G,120G; Instant Cup Noodles / 50G, 55G, 60G, 65G Instant Bowl Noodles / 70G, 75G, 80G, 85G Flavour: Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Seafood, Etc. trade( at ) shunhefoods.com Our advantages are Ultra-Low prices, Super-High quality, Fast Service & OEM accepted. ... read more »

Canton Fair Translator
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

As a famous translation company in China, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. has organized and integrated almost all the translators and interpreters throughout China, so that we can provide you with local interpreters, local exhibition translators in each major cities of China and Canton Fair translators, Yiwu translator, trade show translators, exposition translators and exhibition translators: English to Chinese translation, Japanese to Chinese translation, Korean to Chinese translation, Russia ... read more »

Translation Service For China Fisheries Seafood Expo
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

As a professional translation agency here in Qingdao China with over 10 years of experiences in translation business, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. will be your best solution for Chinese related translation. Since Qingdao has been the Venue for China Fisheries & Seafood Expo. for many years, we have provided quality translation services for worldwide seafood companies and received their favorable comments. All our in-house translators & interpreters have rich experiences in seafood industry ... read more »

Sourcing Agent In China
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

Your buying (sourcing) agent in China and helps with import. As China is becoming a major manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and improved quality, a growing number of foreign enterprises are doing business with China in a variety of modes, from buying traditional items of arts and crafts, to industrial raw materials, components, to semi-finished products, OEM products and high-end products like electronics, home appliances, clothing, chemicals and machinery. The diversity ... read more »

Chinese Translation Service
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

As a professional Chinese translation agency, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. may organize and deliver quality multilingual translation services in almost every major cities of China: English to Chinese translation, Japanese to Chinese translation, Korean to Chinese translation, Russian to Chinese translation, German to Chinese translation, French to Chinese translation, Italian to Chinese translation, Spanish to Chinese translation, Arabic to Chinese translation, Swedish to Chinese translation ... read more »

Chinese Business Service
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

As a group of language professionals and experts in international trade and business services, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. can provide you with quality business services, business guide or tour guide services in China: Commercial contact in China, Representative in China, China Representative Office, hotel reservation, exhibition booth reservation, ticket reservation and booking, office renting, employee recruitment, furniture sourcing and employee English training, etc. ... read more »

Passport Translation Driving License Translation Certificate Translation
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

No matter you want to register a company, buy an apartment or a car, or get a new job in China or apply for your Chinese Driving License, you have to translate your passport or your ID Card, your Certificate of Non-criminal Record or your Driving License into Chinese by a qualified and certified translation agency. As the officially certified translation agency here in Qingdao China with over 13 years of experiences in translation business, we can provide all certificates translation, including ... read more »

Chinese Learning
Sell  Qingdao (China)   11th Sep 2018   Services

If you want to know more about Chinese culture or study the long history of China, if you want to work or live in China, or if you have to use Chinese in your work or life, you’d better learn some Chinese at least. If you want to learn Chinese or need to learn Mandarin or any Chinese dialect, we will be your best solution. We are a professional Chinese translation agency with over 12 years of experience in the business, teaching foreigners Chinese is one of our four mainstay businesses. ... read more »

Buy  Qingdao (China)   16th Aug 2018   Others

Montmorillonite is the main component of bentonite with laminar texture and inhomogeneous charge distribution. Montmorillonite has a strong fixation and inhibition on viruses, bacteria and toxins produced in digestive tract, gas and so on, which makes it lose its pathogenicity. In addition, it has a strong ability to cover and protect digestive tract mucosa, repair, improve the defense function of mucosal barrier to attack factors, balance the normal flora and local analgesia, and is widely used ... read more »

Activated Clay Waste Oil Regeneration Treatment Method
Buy  Qingdao (China)   16th Aug 2018   Others

There are many methods for recycling waste oil, but no matter which treatment method is inseparable from a special adsorbent, namely activated clay, activated clay has a huge role in the waste oil regeneration process, and this effect is other. Similar adsorption is unmatched. The waste oil regeneration process consists of four main processes: precipitation, distillation, pickling, and activated clay purification. Sedimentation and distillation are relatively simple, while acid washing and acti ... read more »

Activated Bleaching Earth Suppliers
Buy  Qingdao (China)   16th Aug 2018   Others

Activited bleaching earth is powder clay,made from bentonite material, also called activited clay,activited fuller earth is a fine,light color powder with a highly porous inner structure and a numbers of acid sites on its surface.It mainly used for refining of vegetable oils and minerals oils, and hardened fats,and ects, and well suitable for remove of polar compounds like chlorophyll, carotinoids, phospholipids, peroxides ,impurities etc by chemisorption/physical adsorption and acid catalysis. ... read more »

Uses Of Bleaching Powder
Buy  Qingdao (China)   16th Aug 2018   Others

Characters of our activated bleaching earth 1) Strong decoloring ability 2) Good adsorption 3) Higher activity degree: 4) Low oil retention: save oil consumption 5) Fast fltration Working of our activated bleaching earth Emerge and separate some matters,such as pigment,colloid,impurity,dram heavy metal in lipid which can cause oxidant and activator toxic. Method of how to use activated bleaching earth 1) take 100ml oil,weighing about 15g A-HH-1A activated bleaching earth clay,ad ... read more »

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