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Indoor Led Display P3 91 For Stage Rental
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   30th Jun 2018   Others

Shenzhen scheme and solution for you. 3. In-sale services Whole Journey Tracking: Once the order confirmed our sales will follow up the production process progress, to provide the manufacturing pictures, packing pictures, shipping pictures and so on. 4. After-sale services Quick Response & Timely Solutions... ... read more »

10G Copper NIC Card
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   20th Jul 2019   Others

Shenzhen , the Intel Ethernet Controller X540, which is used by many OEMs as a single chip solution for LAN on Motherboard (LOM) to deliver 10 Gigabit Ethernet(10 GbE components into a single- chip solution. Of course, integration is what Intel does best. With the new Intel X540 Controller, the MAC and the PHY are integrated into a single-chip solution. So, why is integration important? First, integration translates to lower power. A single-chip solution simply for every rack and tower server in the data center. The wait for a low cost 10 GbE copper solution to broadly deploy 10 GbE to all corners of the data cost-effective way of connecting servers to iSCSI SANs.Open FCoE Consolidates LANs and Legacy SANs Intel's Open FCoE solution enables OE-X540-BT2 to each process.Unified Networking Unified Networking solutions on the OE-X540-BT2 10GBase-T adapter let you combine the traffic of multiple data in one adapter at no additional cost and with no additional licensing fees for the adapter.Intel's Unified Networking solutions are enabled through quality Ethernet products for over 30 years and our Unified Networking solutions are built on the original principles that made us successful as with iSCSI, now customers can easily connect to an FCoE network with Intel 10 GbE solutions. For the first time, Open-FCoE is now supported * operating systems and in the VMware* ESXi hypervisor to deliver high-performance FCoE solutions using standard 10 GbE Ethernet adapters... ... read more »

P6 Full Color Outdoor Led Advertising
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   30th Jun 2018   Others

Shenzhen Deep black surface, firm & flat, anti-UV mask, make sure the flatness and no distortion. Power and control system back-up technology solution available. url:http://www.dhx-display.com... ... read more »

Our Solutions Empower Automotive Manufacturers To Reduce Investment And Part Costs Maximize Assembly Line Efficiency Reduce The Weight Of Production Tools Stay One Step Ahead Of Industry Challenges
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   11th Jul 2020   Others

Shenzhen our solutions empower automotive manufacturers to reduce investment and part costs; maximize assembly line efficiency; reduce the weight Our Solutions Empower Automotive Manufacturers to Reduce Investment and Part Costs Maximize Assembly Line Efficiency Reduce The Weight of Production Tools Stay One Step Ahead of Industry Challenges... ... read more »

WS2811 100mm LED Pixel
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   19th May 2020   Others

Shenzhen When you are searching pixel lights for large-scale building illumination,100mm WS2811 RGB Pixel will be a cost-effective solution. Based on WS2811 +Standard DMX InterfaceWays to ControlWS2811 Controller*Custom Solution Available url:http://www.3cinnolighting.com... ... read more »

Die Cast Aluminum 250 Watt LED Flood Light For Bridge
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   14th Jun 2018   Others

Shenzhen 1.Excellent quatity 6063 fin aluminium heat sink. 2. waterproof feature. 3.Citizen/cree led solution optional 4.Stainless steel screw url:http://www.siosunlight.com... ... read more »

LED 300W High Bay Light Airport Hangar
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   14th Jun 2018   Others

Shenzhen LED 300W High Bay Light Airport Hangar The LED high bay is the ideal solution for a number of reasons. Such as, reducing your energy consumption... ... read more »

Waterproof RFID Silicone Wristband For Swimming Pool
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   15th Feb 2019   Others

Shenzhen RFID wristbands, also called RFID bracelets, durable and convenient in use. It can be reused, it is a good solution for the RFID access control... ... read more »

Circuit Board Assembly Services
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   11th May 2019   Others

Shenzhen Xing Da is a one-stop solution for all circuit board assembly services, so we are specialized in the PCB production process. Through our strong... ... read more »

P10 Led Signs Display
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   30th Jun 2018   Others

Shenzhen level code technology, brightness control technology and nonlinearly rectifying technology together. 2) With high solution and high contrast... ... read more »

P1 923 Led Screen Rental Cost
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   30th Jun 2018   Others

Shenzhen the solutions 24 hours. 1) We provide whole life free technology support; 2) After-sales service department will offer you the installation guider online... ... read more »

Simulation Teeth Plastic Box
Buy  Shenzhen (China)   28th Dec 2017   Others

Shenzhen Simulation teeth plastic box.  It is made by food grade HIPS plastic injection molding solution. This part is used for teeth repairing medical device... ... read more »

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