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Wedge Wire Screen Welding Machine For Mineral Washing
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   01st Nov 2017   Metals and Minerals

Compared with other types of screens, our wedge wire screens are charactered with: 1. The wedge tapered opening becomes progressively wider increasing dewatering 2. Non plugging, unlike mesh there are only two contact points to retain particles 3. Slot sizes ranging from 0.2 to 16mm 4. Durable and capable of carrying heavier loads without support structures 5. One piece construction 6. Flexibility in forming fabricating and shaping 7. Wide range of materials 8. Low maintenance easy to cl ... read more »

On Sale Wire Wrapped Screen Welding Machine For Sand Filters
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jan 2018   Metals and Minerals

Wire Wrapped Screens are available in a range of wire profiles and material grades to enhance operational efficiency. The wire wrapped screen’s unique wedge-shaped wires are designed to enhance efficiency by providing increasingly large, open areas that allow materials to flow through the screen. One of the great advantages of the wedge wire design is that it substantially reduces blinding and pegging. Benefits • Wedge-shaped wires provide large open areas allowing material to flow through ... read more »

We Are Manufacturers And Traders Of Essential Oil Bottle
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   22nd Feb 2017   Packaging

contatc email:mayguan1220@outlook.com ... read more »

Needle Corrugator Belt
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   24th Mar 2018   Packaging

Needle Corrugator Belt is produced by professional needle machine with advanced technology. According the requirement of corrugated paper board production line, the needle corrugator belt is made of high PET fiber & NOMEX fiber. To meet the high temperature and high strength, each belts must use heat-setting and chemical treatment to guarantee the stable size. Property : High Temperature Resistance Aging Resistance Even Surface Stable Size Long Life Time S ... read more »

On Sale Wedge Wire Screen Welding Machine For Mineral Processing
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   17th Nov 2017   Metals and Minerals

Wedge wire screen welding machines can help to manufacture wedge wire screens for the mining and mineral processing industry. Among these screens are sieve bends, flat panels, vibrator screens and centrifuge baskets. Baskets The wedge wire screen baskets serve as centrifugal liners which require external supports and also self-supporting balanced baskets for the centrifuge manufacturers. These stainless steel baskets are more complex than the other types of screens requiring extra strength to ... read more »

Sell Fructose
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   13th Sep 2018   Chemicals

Product name FRUCTOSE BP/USP/FCC8 Package: 25KG KRAFT BAG AND 25KG DRUM Product Description: MF: C6H12O6 Molecular weight: 180.16 CAS NO:57-48-7 HS Code: 17025000 EINECS No.:200-061-5 Standard: BP/USP/FCC8 Grade Standard: Medicine/Pharma Grade,Food Grade HEBEI HUAXU PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD susan@tradesecretary.com Skype: susanwang29 Website:http://www.d-mannitol.com ... read more »

Bkebdp BKEBDP BK EBDP Bk Ebdp With Rock Crystal Email
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   24th Jul 2018   Chemicals

Product Specifications/Features Product Specifications/Features 2.NM2201 3.FUB-AMB 4.ethyl-hexedrone(hex) 5.BK-EDBP (Crystal) 6.brutinib 7.Mexedrone 8.dibutylone(Crystal) 11.4FPHP 12.phpp 13.4-cec ( Crystal) 15.4clpvp (Crystal 22.4-MPD (Crystal) 23.4-CDC (Crystal) 29.4f-mph 30.4dphp 31.mdphp 32.appp (Crystal) 33.5f-ADB 34.4-CL-PET 35.4-CL-PMT 36.hexen 37.BMDP 38.MDPT 41.2NMC (Crystal) 43.ADB-chminaca 46.3fpm 47.5-methyl-MDA 49.4-emc 56.thj-018 65.4c-pvp( Crystal) ... read more »

In Store HWJ1200 Wire Wrapped Screen Welding Machine For Mineral Equipment Manufacturing
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   26th Dec 2017   Metals and Minerals

Products of Wire Wrapped Screen Welding Machines for Mineral Field: 1. Sieve Bend: Sieve bends are custom made/ designed cross flow curved screens. The profile wire has a slight tilt (initial flow) presenting the leading edge to the feed maximizing dewatering capacity. Sieve bends are used for sizing, dewatering or classification application in coal, Iron ore and various other mineral processing plants. 2. Flat Panels: The all welded flat screen panels are the optimum screen media for vibra ... read more »

High Density Insulation Glasswool Blanket Heat Preservation Roll Price
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

Aerogel felt is one of the best insulating materials till now, mainly used in building insulation, such as Ground insulation. Generally, a 10mm thick aerogel insulation blanket is laid on the ground or an aerogel insulation blanket is laid under the indoor floor of the house to improve the indoor insulation effect. At present, high-performance aerogel insulation felts have fewer building materials. Joda has developed a high-quality aerogel insulation felt building energy-saving sheet, which ha ... read more »

Pbo Para Aramid Industrial Felt Pad Manufacturer
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

Description PBO felt pad is made of high temperature fiber PBO + Kevlar fiber + high temperature fabric.Considering the discharge port’s temperature is very high,and will have high density requirements,so the PBO block will be involved in a middle layer of high temperature fabric, so that Acupuncture will be better,each layer of cotton to better stab together, finished product density will increase. In general, pure PBO felt blocks (made of 100% PBO fibers) are more suitable for aluminum extr ... read more »

Thermal Transfer Printing Equipment Blanket
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   06th Jul 2019   Others

Thermal transfer printing equipment Blanket, also called endless seamless blanket, endless loop blanket tape, is made of 100% nomex fiber, the maximum temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, due to the special process, so there have no joints and it is the real seamless , the surface is more smooth, and has acid, alkali, heat, cold, abrasion, oil, burning resistance, high temperature, flame retardant, heat, non-slip, moisture, anti-static, anti-corrosion and other features. - Materials: Nomex fib ... read more »

Aerogel Insulation With Aluminium Foil
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   22nd Jul 2019   Construction and Real Estate

Aerogel insulation with aluminium foil Thermal Performance Aerogels Material For Subsea Oil Pipelines It can be used together with insulation materials whose combustion performance is less than Class A to improve the fire protection function of the external walls of buildings. Aerogel insulation is an excellent thermal insulation product for exterior insulation systems. Not only that, because of its non-combustible properties, aerogel insulation is also a building fire safety solution, which i ... read more »

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