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Dust Respirator Pollution Face Mask
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

6232/6232L  Part1: Brief Description MASKin P2 face respirator, mold 6232, works same in respiratory protection of certain non-oil based particles but with more air space covering our face and the carbon filtering material helps to eliminate acid gases. P2 respirator mask is required personal protective equipment (PPE) for all health care workers involved in aerosol-generating procedures when a patient is confirmed or suspected of having a disease that may be transmitted via the airborne rout ... read more »

N95 Particulate Filter Respirator With Carbon
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

6135/6135L   Part1: Brief Description MASKin N95 dust mask, mold 6135M-N, helps provide respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles and comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection. The respirator is NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles. It features Lightweight construction promotes greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time.Part 2: Basic Info Standard: N95 Shape: Cup with active carbon n ... read more »

N95 Flu Mask Respirator
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

8225   Part1: Brief Description MASKin face mask, mold 8225M-N, performs at least 95 percent filter efficiency against certain non-oil based particles. One of the great advantages for the 9501 model is to be foldable, so that you can always take one with you without it taking much space. And if you forgot to take one, you can also get this mask from any convenient store in China.Part 2: Basic Info Standard: N95 Shape: Fold without active carbon and valve Material: 4plys, PP Nonwoven, wi ... read more »

Small Size NIOSH Approved Flat Fold N95 Children Mask Respiartor
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

8865   Part1: Brief Description MASKin fold face respirator, mold 8865TC, is a smaller size of fold mask series which is more specially designed for small face customers and teenage. A new designed S-shape button is used to make it easier to wear the mask. MASKin uses a variety of innovative technologies and features to help you meet your respiratory protection and comfort needs. The strong valve allows for easy breathing. The soft inner material provides added comfort while the soft nose fo ... read more »

NIOSH Approved Flat Fold N95 Air Pollution Mask Respirator
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

8265   Part1: Brief Description MASKin n95 fold mask, mold 8265TC, offers a more comfortable wearing feeling than mold 8225TC. This fold respirator is with a cool flow exhalation valve to make breathing easier. The four-layer design and the fine-welded edge is specially provided by Sanical. N95 offers comfort and convenience. The flat-fold disposable respirator has an innovative design that helps to provide comfortable, reliable worker protection against non-oil based particles.Part 2: Basic ... read more »

Duckbill Hospital Mask For Respiratory Protection
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

8121   Part1: Brief Description MASKin fold dust mask, mold 8121, is a new born mask with duckbill shape which will cover more face space and allows more air in the mask. The respirator respirators feature a 90% filter efficiency level and provide protection against particulate aerosols free of oil. The flat duckbill style makes this mask foldable and pocket mask. This duckbill design disposable mask has two also two head straps and a plastic nose piece that help secure the mask to your h ... read more »

Pollen Woodworking Respiratory Protection Dust Mask
Buy  Suzhou (China)   13th Mar 2019   Others

8181   Part1: Brief Description MASKin duckbill n95 mask, mold 8181, contains one layer of activated carbon material to help filtering acid gases. Protector Work Mate P1 Dust/Mist Disposable respirator, provide P1 rating protection from mechanically generated dusts and mists. Four-layer technology provides fold strength and minimal breathing resistance, while an inner foam bridge provides a superior seal and added comfort. Part 2: Basic Info Standard: CE FFP1 Shape: Fold with activ ... read more »

Automatic Toothpick Packaging Machine
Buy  Suzhou (China)   11th Mar 2019   Others

The machine is used to pack tooth pickers by performing colored printing on the packing paper tape and making small packs for tooth pickers. Its functions include paper pack printing, Forming of packs, tooth pickers feeding aperture-cutting and counting. It is presently an ideal choice of fully automatic tooth picker machine. The packed products are nice in appearance, suitable for hotels, restaurants and touring service applications. url:http://www.luwicomachinery.com ... read more »

Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine
Buy  Suzhou (China)   11th Mar 2019   Others

It's suitable to use in automatically packing liquid materials of foodstuff, medicine, and chemical industry. Such as shampoo, shower gel, skin lotion, toothpaste, cosmetic cream, fruit jam, edible oil,soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup etc viscous and no viscous fluid state. url:http://www.luwicomachinery.com ... read more »

Aseptic Brick Shape Carton Packaging Machine
Buy  Suzhou (China)   11th Mar 2019   Others

The machine is applicable for aseptic packing of liquid milk and non-soda drink, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drink, tea beverage, fruit wine etc. gravity flow type liquid food that have been carried out after UHT sterilization. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. All the core parts are made of world first class brand products. It can automatically complete the paper feeding, coding, sterilizing, filling and forming. The packing form is paper and aluminum laminated br ... read more »

Automatic Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine
Buy  Suzhou (China)   11th Mar 2019   Others

Instruction 1.Invert speed control. 2.Bottle entering? Auto unscrambling bottle? Pushing bottle? Heat sealing-Cool cutting ?Pressing PE? Shrink? Cooling. 3.This machine applies air-stirring mechanism in pushing bottle and hot sealing-cool cutting.?it uses flat silk pulse seal, the saw tooth knife cuts, the unique heat seal-cool cut mechanism, has guaranteed the packing agglutination, reliable, and artistic. 4.Automatic unscrambling bottle’s appliance makes bottle changing more quickly an ... read more »

Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Buy  Suzhou (China)   11th Mar 2019   Others

The Model 3000A automatic stretch blow moulding machine is suitable for producing PET,PC,PP and PE plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce carbonated drink bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles, oil bottles, cosmetics, wide-mouth bottles and hot fill bottles, etc. ?Feeding system carries the pre-forms by robot automatically. ?Infrared oven heater uses Quartz lamps to heat the PET tube. ?Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficienc ... read more »

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