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2 Ethyl Anthraquinone RAW MATERIAL FOR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAS Number 84 51 5
Sell  Weifang (China)   12th Dec 2019   Chemicals

Chemical name: 2-Ethyl-anthraquinone Synonyms:2-Ethyl-9,10-anthracenedione, 2-EAQ; 2-Ethyl-9,10-anthraquinone; 2-Ethylanthraquinone; Kayacure 2-EAQ; NSC 7216; ?-Ethylanthraquinone CAS Number:84-51-5 Molecular form.: C??H??O? Appearance: Yellow Solid Melting Point:111-112°C Mol. Weight:236.27 Category: Aromatics, Drug Analogues, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals Applications:2-Ethyl-anthraquinone can be used as a photoinitiator of crosslinking or degradation of polyethylen ... read more »

Sucralose 56038 13 2
Sell  Weifang (China)   03rd Jan 2019   Chemicals

Sucralose is Non-nutritive and Non-Calorie Sweetener . Sucralose is high intensity Sweetener and the sweetness of Sucralose is approximate 600 times sweeter than SUGAR . Sucralose is made from Sugar with multistep patented process…hence its sugar profile is very close to Sugar and it tastes JUST LIKE SUGAR yet Sucralose is not Sugar and it is categorized as Artificial Sweetener . Sucralose has excellent stability : at ph 7.0 aqueous solution its highly stable . Even at High Temperature P ... read more »

Good Health Sweetener Sucralose
Sell  Weifang (China)   03rd Jan 2019   Chemicals

We are the leading supplier of Chinese Sweeteners: Sucralose ... read more »

Sugar Alcohol Boron
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Technical Index: Boron 150g/L Features: Adopt advanced technology of polymerization.Easily soluble in water,it’s solubility and absorbability is better than instant boron(disodium octaborate tetrahydrate), free of sodium. It’s absorbability is one of the best among the boron fertilizers.It can effectively prevent and treat diseases caused by boron deficiency Function: 1.Obvious therapeutic effect on the physiological diseases caused by boron deficiency. 2.Obvious therapeutic effects on ... read more »

NPK Foliage Fertilizer
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Jinmai- Supreme (Foliage application) Technical Index: Plant cell signal inducer 10g/L Plant acid 100g/L Function: Rapid green, Growth promoting,Disease-resistant. Features: 1.Stimulate the plant to produce its own defense,Prevention and treatment of all crop viruses, fungal bacterial diseases. 2.It has extremely strong promoting and repairing function,can prevent and treat all crops physiological yellow leaves,make the leaves quickly be green.Repair damaged genes. 3.Obviously pro ... read more »

Jinmai Supreme Root Irrigation
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Jinmai- Supreme (Root-irrigation) Technical Index: Plant cell signal inducer 0.5g/L Plant acid 400g/L Functions: Disease-resistant,Growth promoting,Expelling parasite ,Synergy. Features: This product can Prevent and treat all crop viruses, fungal bacterial diseases. The effect is quick on damping off, verticillium wilt, root rot. Decease rate of death and root rot in the process of transplanting. Prevent and treat stem rot of ginger. loosen the soil, prevent and treat bacterial ... read more »

Sugar Alcohol Zinc
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Technical Index: Zinc 300g/L Features: Adopt sugar alcohol chelating technology, add efficient addition agent,crafted highly efficient chelating zinc fertilizer.high-usage and fast absorption rate by foliage.To prevent the physiological diseases of Leaflets, yellow leaves, stunted growth, small plants, caused by zinc deficiency. After application, it can increase crop photosynthetic efficiency, promote development, improve anti-disease resistance and increase yield. Function: 1.Obvious the ... read more »

20 20 20 TE NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Specification: 20-20-20+TE ITEM Guaranteed ANALYSIS Nitrogen(N) ?20% P5O2 ? 20%L K2O ?20% Boron(B) ? 0.2% EDTA-Zn ? 0.2% EDTA-Fe ? 0.1% EDTA-Mn ? 0.01% EDTA-Cu ? 0.01% Mo ? 0.005% url:http://www.sdjmfertilizer.com ... read more »

Fruit Expander Organic Fertilizer
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Main ingredient: organic matter: 500g/L, and plant cell signaling inducer Features: Coordinate the whole plant growth, delay senescence of leaves,Promoting protease and sugar metabolism,fruit expansion. Improve fruity quality and storage stability. Application Method: Foliar application:from young fruit stage to fructescence, dilution 2000-3000times. Attention: 1.Can mix with many pesticides, but do not mix with strongly alkaline pesticides. 2.Apply in the morning or evening, d ... read more »

Water Soluble Fertilizers Containing Humic Acids
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

echnical Index: N?100g/L P2O5?100g/L K2O?100g/L organic matter?100g/L fulvic acid ?60g/L B+Mo?5g/L url:http://www.sdjmfertilizer.com ... read more »

Flower Promoter Biostimulants
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Flower promoter Specification: Flower Promoter ITEM Guaranteed ANALYSIS Free Amino acid ?100g/L sugar alcohol Organic matter ? 100g/L Calmodulin ? 5g/L Zn chlorophyll ? 10g/L Cu chlorophyll ? 0.5g/L sugar alcohol Boron ? 0.5g/L EDDHA Mn 0.5g/L EDDHA Mg 5g/L EDDHA Fe 1.5g/L Features: This product use high purity amino acid,organic sugar alcohol, chelate chlorophyll, chelate secondary and micro element nutrients. 1.Promotes chlorophyll synthesis,An ... read more »

Biostimulant Root Promoter
Buy  Weifang (China)   18th Aug 2018   Others

Root promoter/Rootage Specification: Root Promoter ITEM Guaranteed ANALYSIS N ?120g/L Organic matter ? 200g/L Complex Amino acid ? 100g/L B ? 0.5g/L Zn ? 0.5g/L Fe ? 1g/L Features: Using the latest scientific research results, this product is rich in organic active matter,take root factor, amino acid. Make roots robust & flourishing,bring more and vigorous fibrous roots.       1.Improve the plant root activity,strengthen the disease resistance,make the the root system ... read more »

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