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Aluminum Chandelier Ceiling Pendant Hanging Lamp
Buy  Xian (China)   26th Oct 2017   Others

As the aluminum chandelier,Website:http://www.adotlights.com, Theone, is different from the normal ceiling pendant lamp. The 6mm superthin hanging light fixtures for living room is perfect choice for clients. Customized aluminum with anodized oxidation process gives the strong ability of abrasion resistant and corrosion resisting,and makes the lamp body maintain metal luster. ... read more »

Piston Rock Splitter Demolition Of Hard Rocks Without Vibration Sound Or Shocks
Buy  Xian (China)   01st Dec 2017   Others

Piston Rock Splitter|Demolition of hard rocks without vibration,Website:http://www.ztmineequipment.com,sound, or shocks These splitters are piston type cylinders with piston rods inside Qty from 3 -12 pcs A manual type cylinder is light and portable for hand-held operation. A mechanical type cylinder is heavy and controlled by excavator only. Different size of diameter is available for the user's convenience. Each piston rod produces splitting force of 31 tons. Predrilled hole size of 10 ... read more »

Medical Cranial Titanium Wire Mesh ASTM F67 F136
Buy  Xian (China)   08th Dec 2017   Others

Medical titanium mesh anodization treatment after the anodization treatment, its corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance are improved. Life is longer and his to compatibility is higher. url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

Ultra Large Rock Splitters Rock Splitter Or Splitting Machine
Buy  Xian (China)   13th Nov 2017   Others

Ultra-large rock splitters|rock splitter or splitting machine Ultra-large rock splitters is mainly used for: primary and secondary disintegration of large ore (metal ore,Website:http://www.ztmineequipment.com, nonmetallic ore), rock dissolution of rock, rock mining of quarry, local and all demolition operations of large concrete Compared with the traditional operation mode in the above field, the airborne splitting machine has a series of advantages such as huge splitting force, simple structur ... read more »

Colloidal Grout Mixer
Buy  Xian (China)   13th Nov 2017   Others

The equipment is mainly composed of intelligent grouting equipment automatic mixing part, intelligent grouting equipment vacuum pump part, intelligent grouting equipment grouting machine part of three parts. The main technical parameters are as follows: 1, intelligent grouting equipment automatic mixing parts: automatic feeding, automatic measurement, automatic packing, LCD display, stirring speed of 1020 r / min, pulp line speed of 15 m / s The accuracy of ± 0.4% or less, much better than the ... read more »

Vagina Detox Pills Yoni Pearls Yoni Tampon To Treat Women Vagina Disease
Buy  Xian (China)   23rd Jan 2018   Others

Welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality vagina detox pills yoni pearls yoni tampon to treat women vagina disease for sale from China-herbs. Our medicine and treatment are of great beneficial to relive your symptoms and can solve your problem. Don't hesitate any more. url:http://www.tcmwholesale.com ... read more »

Mobile Satellite TV Antenna 30
Buy  Xian (China)   21st Nov 2017   Others

China Starwin CC30/CL30 Mobile Satellite TV antenna is the innovative mobile satellite solution that provides live satellite TV to campers,Website:http://www.chinastarwin.com, buses, trains and other vehicles, while in moving or in static state. This mobile satellite TV antenna combines advanced navigation attitude system and servo control system perfectly, making the antenna fast and accurately track to the satellite, and keeping the good stability when watching television programs in the vehi ... read more »

Fully Automatic Packaging Line China
Buy  Xian (China)   29th Dec 2017   Others

1.product introduction of the fully automatic packing line: This fully automatic packing line is applicable for packing granules and powder in chemistry industries such as fertilizer,Website:http://www.zppackingmachine.com, titanium dioxide, soda ash, starch, urea, potash and so on. High success rate of bagging. No special requirements on bags. Be capable of automatically bagging without being coated. 2.product parameter of the fully automatic packing line: Packing accuracy:25~50kg/bag±0 ... read more »

Pure Titanium Coil Platinum Foil From Baoji ASTM B265
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Titanium and Titanium alloy strips and foils can be used in electronics, chemicals, watches, glasses, jewelry, sporting goods, machinery, environmental equipment, plating equipment, golf and precision machining industries, etc. Our price is in usd url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

Refine Chinese Black Tea With Osmanthus Flower Blooming Tea
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Description of Dongyu Black tea with osmanthus (1) best Black tea with osmanthus (2) high quality black tea ?3? Brewing steps: put the tea bags s in the cup and rotate it gently and take out tea bag after 45 seconds, then drink. you also can use cold water, brew the tea and let it stay 8hours, to make a cup of cold green tea url:http://www.dyplantextract.com ... read more »

2017 Black Tea Loose Tea With Best Price
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

(1) Dongyu black tea grows in Dongyu Ecological tea garden which is located in Qin-Ba Mountain ancient forest of altitude1000 meters. It is the northen-most tea area, where is Large temperature difference between day and night, tea growth period is long, these excellent conditions give the tea rich content and good quality. (2) The pick time is about one week before White Dew (Name of season in old calendar, about early September), and has infusion resistance and lasting sweet aftertaste. ... read more »

USDA Certificate Chinese Best And High Quality Pure White Tea Baihao Yinzhen
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Bai Hao Yin Zhen Silver Needle White Tee is a slightly fermented tea, which is named after its shape and its conspicuously tea hair, so it be named Sliver Needle White Tea. Top grade Silver Needles Tea is composed of plump tea buds,and taste fresh, floral aroma with long-tasting sweetness. Besides, White Sliver Needle White Tea is famous for its anti-cancer health benefits. url:http://www.dyplantextract.com ... read more »

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