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SS 304 Thread Inserts
Buy  Xinixang (China)   06th Jan 2018   Others

We supply the excellent producuts and service to our customers all the time . As we know , clcoil threaded inserts are not only made for recovering worn and damanged screw threads , but also quite suitable to achieve highloadable internal thread in metal or non matal materials . They are widely used in aircraft , aerospace , electric appliance , war , motor transport , mining , ect . We are paving our products footprints to global market , what's more , we will offer the best quality an ... read more »

SUS303 302 Self Tapping Thread Insert
Buy  Xinixang (China)   09th Jan 2018   Others

SUS303 302 self tapping thread insert for wood with high resistance to vibration in hanan xinxiang Features: Self tapping inserts(also known as self threaded inserts)are cylindrical metal bushings with internal and external threads and are specially designed to cut their own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole. Advantages: •No pre-tapping required •Very high pull-out resistance •Unlimited thread re-usability •Easy to install, standard taps ca ... read more »

Best Selling Key Locking Insert Made By Changling Metal
Buy  Xinixang (China)   29th Jan 2018   Others

Key locking insert contains internal and external thread, and it is a special fastener with four or two latch pins on its external thread.It is widely used in military project, aerospace industry,railway,machinery and other areas related to high demand of thread strength. the basic functions of key locking insert are repairing internal thread and improving strength of external thread.As a repairment method, it can be applied to some materials with low strength so as to increase the strength of ... read more »

Self Tapping Insert
Buy  Xinixang (China)   29th Jan 2018   Others

Self Tapping Inserts (also known as self threaded inserts or Ensats) are cylindrical metal bushings with internal and external threads and are specially designed to cut their own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole. They provide permanent wear-resistant threads in a wide range of materials, from tough to tap, high strength steels to brittle plastics. The thread cutting action is performed by the cutting slots on the insert. By tapping its own thread, the self tapping in ... read more »

Coloring And Coating Threaded Inserts
Buy  Xinixang (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Introduction: A threaded insert, coarse thread screw insert as a fastener element. 1. repair a stripped threaded hole, 2. provide a durable threaded hole in a soft material. 3. eliminating a machining operation Advantages: Wear resistance Corrosion resistance Heat resistance Material saving Can be customized if necessary Provide a durable threaded hole in a soft material Eliminating a machining operation Easy management so bright that can be identified easily url:http:// ... read more »

Thread Insert Kit With Plastic Box Wrapped
Buy  Xinixang (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

1-STAINLESS STEEL INSERT PACKADE 25 PCS M6X1 1.5 D M8X1.25 1.5 D M8X1.25 2 D M10X1.5 1.5 D 2-STAINLESS STEEL INSERT PACKADE 10 PCS M12X1.75 1.5 D M12X1.75 2 D M12X1.5 1.5 D 3-STAINLESS STEEL INSERT PACKADE 5 PCS M14X1.25 1.5 D M14X1.5 1.5 D M20X2.5 1.5 D url:http://www.delicoil.com ... read more »

HIgh Precision Best Quality Hand Tap Made By Changling Metal
Buy  Xinixang (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Features: •Specially for wire thread inserts,key locking inserts. •Made from select high speed steel. •Used by hand or general machine tapping or with CNC machines. •Available in three chamfer lengths for through-hole or blind-hole tapping. •Available in a variety of platings. •Threads types:M,MF,G,BSW,UNC,UNF. •Available individually and as a set. •Most sizes in the stock. Category: •Straight flute taps •Spiral flute taps ... read more »

Simple Installation Wrench For Threaded Insert Installation
Buy  Xinixang (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

1, tap: used for processing steel wire inside the installation of a screw hole of the thread; 2, installation wrench: steel wire spiral sets into the threaded hole; 3, thrust device: used for broken wire installation of a screw shank; 4, Remove cover device: used to remove the into the threaded hole in the steel wire spiral sets; 5, thread plug gage: used for test installation of steel wire inside of a screw thread hole. url:http://www.delicoil.com ... read more »

Strengthened HSS Drills M27 2 0 Made By Changling Metal
Buy  Xinixang (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

The twist drill is widely used because of its low price, low maintenance, and ease of use. The bits of twist drills are very inexpensive, and can be thrown away when they break or wear out. There is no need to sharpen or repair them when replacing them costs far less in time, energy. Twist drills are also very easy to use, allowing most individuals to use them without any kind of special training. Most modern drills are electrical and motorized, so the user does not need to expend any mo ... read more »

Newly Designed Spark Repair Kit Made By Chnagling Metal
Buy  Xinixang (China)   12th Dec 2017   Others

Changling Metal newly designed a repair kit named spark repair kit Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Delisert Model Number: OEM color: original url:http://www.delicoil.com ... read more »

Best Quality Thread Repair Kit
Buy  Xinixang (China)   28th Dec 2017   Others

Thread Repair Kits are used for repairing tapped holes which have been stripped or damaged due to wear, corrosion and overtorque, as well as for strengthening internal screw threads in metals, plastics, and other materials. They contain all the necessary tools to repair stripped, worn, or damaged threads url:http://www.delicoil.com ... read more »

Colored Thread Insert With Surface Treatment
Buy  Xinixang (China)   12th Dec 2017   Others

Changling Metal specialize in producing various thread insert and diverse colored thread bushing. With the surface treatment, the coil can be improved in many ways. 1. improve lubricant ability 2.improve wear resistance,corrosion resistance and heat resistance 3.due to the color, the screw insert can be identified easily compared to the the color of machine. 4.easy for management in stock 5. increase locking strength url:http://www.delicoil.com ... read more »

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