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Cotton Gauze Bandage
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00% Cotton Medical Sterile Cotton Bandage Roll Cutting Absorbent Gauze Bandage rolls are made of pure 100% cotton yarn,through high temperature and pressure degreased and bleached,ready-cut ,superior absorbency.The bandage rolls are the necessary products for hospital. White paper per roll,blue Kraft per dozen(12) Edition binding bandage,single packing,blue Kraft per dozen(12rolls) Xinxiang Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd Address:Zhaojing Industrial Zone, Huojia County, Xinxiang City ... read more »

Disposable Soft Skin Friendly Baby Cotton Diaper Baby Cotton Nappies
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Infant cotton diaperMade from 100% natural superior veil, cotton fiberwith multi hole structure has wonderful permeability, soft and smooth. Eight layer veil knit, High absorbency, double practical; durable washing and use, strong absorbency is more comfortable; avoiding red buttocks.Advantages:1.After washing process, cotton fiber is fluffy smooth, good absorption, mild quality, protecting the tender skin;2.Delicate seaming without cotton batting;3.Choosing low twist pure cotton yarn, fluffy ve ... read more »

Non Woven Gauze
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Non Woven Gauze 100% cotton absorbent cotton gauze with soft feel and super absorptive capacity. It can be used to absorb blood and exudate. It can also cover the wound and isolate the wound. Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of non woven gauze, TIANHONG is equipped with a professional and productive factory. With many products in stock, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our non woven gauze made in China at best price and check the quotation with us. Free sample and ... read more »

Disposable Surgical Mask For Medical Use
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1.Medical packs:Obstetric set,Sterile dressing packs,Dressing change packs. 2.Absorbent cotton product:Cotton buds,Absorbent cotton pads,Absorbent balls; 3.Medical gauze products:Gauze bags,Gauze bandages,Gauze pads,Gauze face masks,Gauze pieces. 4.Non-woven products:Disposable suigical cloth,Disposable medical pad,Disposable face mask,Disposable medical cap,Disposable hospital bedsheets. 5.High molecular polyer products: Examination gloves, Adhesive bandages,Surgical gloves. url:http://www. ... read more »

Skin Friendly Pure Cotton Soft Baby Bath Towel
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Infant washing gauze bath towel100% cotton superior combing gauze material, soft quality, mild to skin, used as Baby bath towel, absorbing the moisture quickly, also used as Baby's quilt because of its closely matching the body and breathable,also used as baby's mattress; easy to carry for going out with concise weight and volume, more safe and healthy.Advantages:Adopt washing technology, soft touch, faster absorption;Easy for washing,easy for drying, convenient for frequently exchanging, hard t ... read more »

Non Stick Gauze Pads
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Non Stick Gauze Pads Categories Gauze Disposable Non-Woven Fabric Absorbent Cotton Medical Packs Medical Gloves Newborn Care Cotton Product Women Sanitary Products Adult Sanitary Products Home Care Cloth And Bedroom Disposable Products Xinxiang Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd Home > Products > Gauze Non Stick Gauze Pads Non Stick Gauze Pads non stick gauze pads Send Inquiry Product Details: non stick gauze pads image.png image.png image.png image.png ... read more »

Non Woven Cloth Bandage Mask Medical Mask
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Xinxiang City Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd has focused on medical consumables based on medical gauze raw material for about 20 years since 1999.We are a large-scale medical gauze manufacturer in China which integrates development,production and sales. We offer high quantity non-woven cloth bandage mask medical mask. Application:Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.Dust-free workshop,, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on url:http://www.cngauze.com ... read more »

Quick Dry Soft Cotton Face Towel For Baby
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Infant pure cotton soft towelMade from 100% natural superior cotton, used for baby body clean care.Advantages:Protecting babies' fresh skin; clean production environment, multi monitoring, safety;used as infant wet tissue after wetting in warm water;Lower babies' cold touch in cold season, more soft and warm care; with smooth and soft cotton piece, protecting babies' skin.Application:Used as clean towel when changes the pads or nursing, also can be used for daily skin care for baby;Used as clean ... read more »

Non Woven Gauze Pads
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Sterile Gauze Pads: A sterile gauze dressing is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting an injury. sterile gauze pads are suitable for covering an injury because they do not stick to the wound. Sterile gauze pads are hypoallergenic, strong, soft and ventilating. It is a non-woven compress made of viscose and polyester with a high absorbency. url:http://www.cngauze.com ... read more »

Toalla De Cocina Textil Absorbente Suave Popular Raya
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Toalla de cocina:Toalla de limpieza hogar diario, el producto es eficaz para eliminar manchas persistentes.Ventajas:1 algodón gasa, suave y ventilar, rápida absorción, fácil de lavar y secar.2 limpieza sin dejar rastro.3 no hay ninguna reacción con cualquier producto de limpieza de cocina.4 grasa libre, libre, no-pegajoso, no fétidas, seguridad y ambientales ambiente el olor.Conocido como uno de los principales fabricantes y proveedores de toalla de cocina textil absorbente suave popular r ... read more »

Home Care Pure Cotton Disposable Towel
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Purified cotton disposable towelMade from purified cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric, the product is nice mate of beauty, fitness,business trip and hotel.Advantages:Purified cotton without the ball, soft, fine and smooth, without chemical ingredients fluoresce,safety and anti-bacteria, high quality with reasonable price, using conveniently.Application:Purified cotton spunlace non-woven fabrics, exported fabric can be used as towel, makeup remover, baby washing, living room, kitchen use,vehicle use ... read more »

Clinical Mask
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Product Type: 2-Ply, disposable face masks, disposable face masks with design, disposable face mask manufacturer, disposable face mask chemist, disposable face mask uses, disposable activated carbon face mask, Disposable Air Pollution Face Mask, disposable face mask buyer, best disposable face mask, disposable carbon face mask, disposable face mask decoration More Introduction: Health Face Masks offer the broadest range of styles, features and levels of protection available. The materia ... read more »

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