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Sell  Xinxiang (China)   22nd Oct 2019   Consumer Goods

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Overhead Crane 5 Ton
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   21st Oct 2019   Others

Our single-girder overhead crane 5 ton can be installed directly on the roof structure of existing plants without the need to install bearing beams and crane tracks. Customers can save space and reduce investment costs, so that customers can make rational use of the entire plant space. 1. Leading technology and stable performance 2. Compact, modular design optimizes customer investment 3. Environmentally sustainable design, saving resources and space 4. Safe and reliable, easy to repair 5. ... read more »

2 Ton Jib Crane
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   21st Oct 2019   Others

2 ton jib crane is operated by the flashlight button. The flashlight has 2-6 buttons. Usually the 6-point switch controls the level of fast rise, fast fall, slow rise, slow drop, left and right turn and hoist trolley. Usually, 2 ton jib crane can be equipped with Angma manual trolley within 500kg. The push button switch can only operate up and down. More than 1t can be equipped with Angma electric trolley. It can have up and down, left and right, front and rear operation switches. note: 1. Do ... read more »

Overhead Crane Price
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   11th Oct 2019   Others

The European-style overhead crane price is a medium-to-high-end bridge crane featuring a lightweight, modular design concept and manufacturing process. The crane has compact structure, stable operation, light weight, low height, energy saving, environmental protection, high degree of informationization and the use of European cranes. The construction cost and operation and maintenance cost of the crane operating plant can be significantly reduced. url:http://www.dowell-cranes.com ... read more »

Electric Scissor Lift
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   11th Oct 2019   Others

The electric scissor lift is divided into a fixed scissor type, a mobile scissor type, a self-cutting scissor type aerial work platform, and a vehicle scissor type. Self-cutting fork type electric scissor lift: It can travel quickly and slowly at different heights. The self-cutting fork type aerial work platform can continuously perform up, down, forward, backward and steering in the air. The platform is equipped with alarm devices such as level alarm, balance valve and automatic safety board. ... read more »

Overhead Cranes
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   08th Oct 2019   Others

The European double-girder overhead cranes is a kind of overhead cranes. It is called the European double-girder overhead cranesbecause it has two beams, which determines that its carrying capacity is multiplied and its span is also large. The overall stability is very good, it is a crane that is safe to use. European double-beam cranes are composed of lifting devices, trolleys, carts, bridges and electrical equipment. The application of the European double-girder crane is very extensive, becaus ... read more »

Pulling Winch 10 Ton
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   08th Oct 2019   Others

Nowadays, the winch needs two types of manual and electric, mainly electric, which can lift, horizontally or tilt the simple lifting device with heavy weight. For lifting height and loading and unloading, slow speed The winch is more suitable at this time, because when the work is busy, it is necessary to deal with the speed, especially for the empty hook can quickly drop. The parts installed at the time of installation are more sensitive, as long as we move slightly, it will drop. We must pay a ... read more »

Gantry Crane 16 Ton
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   29th Sep 2019   Others

The gantry crane 16 ton is mainly used for loading and unloading operations of outdoor freight yards, material yards and bulk cargoes. The gantry crane has the characteristics of high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility, and is widely used in port yards. Its metal structure is like a portal frame. It is equipped with two legs under the main beam. It can walk directly on the track on the ground. The two ends of the main beam can have overhanging canti ... read more »

Gantry Crane 100 Ton
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   29th Sep 2019   Others

Double main beam hook gantry crane MG type 5~100 ton For quotes, please provide the following parameters: Lifting weight Lifting height 3. Span 4. Crane running speed 5. Crane operation uses rail I-beam specifications 6. Power supply url:http://www.dowell-cranes.com ... read more »

Gantry Crane 20 Ton
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   23rd Sep 2019   Others

Single girder gantry crane 20 ton include single-sleeve gantry cranes, gantry cranes (truss gantry cranes), and gantry cranes. Single beam gantry crane 20 ton ordering instructions: Please contact the following data for purchasing single beam gantry crane 20 ton so that we can confirm your needs faster! 1. Lifting weight; 2. Span (track center to rail center); 3. Lifting height (hook center grounding); 4. Whether external suspension is required (please provide external suspension length); 5. ... read more »

Double Girder Overhead Crane
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   23rd Sep 2019   Others

The LH electric hoist double girder overhead crane consists of four parts: electric hoist trolley, bridge frame, cart running mechanism and electric control device. The lifting device matched with LH electric bridge crane has electric hoist/chain hoist, electric hoist has Two speeds (CD1 electric hoist) and two speed (MD1 electric hoist). download Google: 1. The following main parameters of the electric hoist double girder overhead crane should be determined before ordering: lifting weight, sp ... read more »

Bridge Girder Machine
Buy  Xinxiang (China)   20th Sep 2019   Others

The latest design in 2019, the bridge girder machine is used in a variety of places, both in design and internal structure, compared with the previous machine has great progress and innovation. Today we will take a detailed look at the various characteristics of the machine. The machine is designed first, the technology is mature, the concept is innovative and complete. Second, the structure is excellent, the design is scientific, and it is more trouble-free in transportation and installation ... read more »

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