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V Foldable Aluminum Tower
Buy  Yangzhou (China)   08th Dec 2017   Others

V Foldable Aluminum Tower,Website:http://www.alscaffold.com,Aluminum Scaffold?AS NZS) ... read more »

4 Strapped Aluminum Steel Loaf Bread Pan
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   31st Aug 2017   Metals and Minerals

This 4 Straps Bread Loaf Pan Set 3/8 lb. bread loaf pan set is made of durable aluminized steel for excellent heat conduction and features a silicone glaze for easier release. Number of Compartments: 4 Item Overall Size Compartment L*W (inside) Depth Thickness frame/Pan (mm) Compartment Bottom L*W (outside) Capacity (each pan) XCLP-179S3 3 Strap Pan, 1 lb. Loaf 17 7/8" x 9 7/32" 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" 2 3/4" 1.2/0.4 7 5/8" x3 5/8" 1 lb. XCLP-176S4 4 Strap ... read more »

Oil Extractor Hand Liquid Transfer Siphon Pump
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   11th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

GT126 Hand Siphon Oil Transfer Pump Capacity: 200cc Tube Inner Dia: 8mm Tuber Outer Dia: 12mm Intake Hose Length: 1.3m Discharge Hose Length: 1.3m Additional Hose Length: 1.2m Inner Dia of Additional Hose: 3mm Outer Dia of Additional Hose: 5mm Discharge Flow: 5L/Min Net Weight: 592g Specifications 1 ). Intake and discharge transfer system 2 ). Transfer liquids rapidly 3 ). Pumps air or any liquid Application 1 ). Transferring gasoline from car to j ... read more »

304 Stainless Steel Rotary Chemical Drum Pump With PTFE Seals
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   11th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

304 Stainless Steel Rotary Chemical Drum Pump with Teflon Seals Art No:304 Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Pump Body Material:304 Stainless Steel Gasket/Seal/Vane:Teflon Tube Qty:1PC Tube Length:100CM Inlet Tube Dia:32mm Outlet Tube Dia:27mm Adapter Size:2" Bung adaptor Suction / Head:1.5m / 5m Flowing:240ML/Revolution Speed:70R/Min Length:1260mm Pressure:360Psi Applicable Drums:15 - 55 Gallon Applications:Drinking water, milk, alcohol, gasoline, diesel ... read more »

Polypropylene PP Oil Fuel General Fluids Transfer Foot Press Pump
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   11th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

Plastic PP Oil Delivery Pump Foot Press Type Model:Foot Press Fluid Transfer Pump Pump Construction:PP Nozzle:pp Inlet/Outlet Hose:PVC stainless steel wire inlet hose Inlet Hose Length:2m Outlet Hose length:2m Inelt/Outlet Dia:19mm Sealing:EPDM Spring:Stainless steel Flow Rate:400ML/Press Applications:Adblue/Def solutions,water,alcohol,kerosene,lubricant,water based chemical solutions ... read more »

Gas Station Diesel Dispenser Pump 220V 550W Electric Oil Fuel Transfer Pump With Metering Fuel Nozzle And Hoses
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   12th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump - 60L/Min 550W AC 220-240V Art No:AC 220V 550W 60L/Min Certificate:CE Voltage:AC 220-240V Power:550W Frequency:50HZ Inlet/Outlet Dia:25mm/25mm Impeller Shaft:No.45 Powder Metallurgy Speed:2800R/Min Flow:60L/Min Suction/Lift:5m/10m Packing:1UNIT/BOX,2UNITS/CTN Net Weight:8.5KGS N.W/G.W:17/18KGS Carton Size:45 x 32 x 23cm Applications:Diesel,Kerosene ... read more »

Automatic Fuel Dispenser Nozzle With Turbine Electronic Flow Meter Metering Diesel Fuel Dispensing Spout
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   12th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

Metering Automatic Fuel Nozzle Connection:BSP/NPT Thread Inlet Dia:BSPT/NPT1’’ Outlet:Dia Flow Rate:0-60L/Min Accuracy:±0.5% Packing:1UNIT/BOX,10UNITS/CTN N.W/G.W:18/19KGS Carton Size:42 x 34 x 40cm Applications:Gasoline,Diesel,Kerosene ... read more »

Stainless Steel Automatic Delivery Nozzle For Adblue DEF Urea
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   12th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle for Adblue/DEF Urea Size:45x15x1.9cm Body Material:Stainless Steel Net Weight:2.4kgs Inlet:BSPF/NPT3/4" Outlet:16mm Flow Rate:0-120L/Min Applications:AdBlue/DEF solutions,water,alcohol,gasoline,diesel,kerosene,lubricant, water based chemical acid and alkali solutions Packing:10PCS/CTN G/N Weight:23/24KGS Carton Size:42 x 34 x 40cm ... read more »

48 200KGS Workshop Garage Plastic Under Car Repair Creeper Sliding Rolling Trolley Bed For Auto Mechanic
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   13th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

48" Large Wheel Low Profile Mechanic Plastic Creeper Material:HDPE ( 100% new ) Color:Red Caster:PP+ PVC 3" x 6PCS Overall Size:119 x 60 x 12cm Bear Weight:200KGS Packing:Individual Packing G/N Weight:7.6/6.4KGS Carton Size:123 x 62 x 10CM Features:Oversized up to 48",confortable for good breath ... read more »

Jerry Can Screw Cap With Self Venting Tap Aeroflow Dispensing Drum Lid With Spigot DIN51 Neck
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   13th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

Jerry Can Tap-Cap With Air Return Valve Art No.:Jerry Can Tap in Cap Sizes Available:DIN51, DIN61,DIN71, 54X4MM Material:PP,HDPE,LDPE Applicable Can Neck:51mm,61mm,71mm, 54mm Applications:5L - 60L containers Packing:100PCS/CTN G/N Weight:8.3/7.8KGS Carton Size:52 x 36 x 32cm ... read more »

36 Plastic Garage Under Car Creeper Bed With 6 Wheels Auto Vehicle Repair Tool Repair Creepers
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   13th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

36" 6-Wheel Low Profile Plastic Creeper Material:HDPE ( 100% new ) Color:Red Caster:PP+ PVC 2" x 6PCS Overall Size:92 x 41 x 9.5cm Bear Weight:135KGS Packing:Individual Packing G/N Weight:4.3/3.4KGS Carton Size:93 x 42 x 11CM Features:Economy ... read more »

All In One Plastic Drum Bung Spanner Pail Lid Wrench Opener
Sell  Yangzhou (China)   13th Aug 2020   Consumer Goods

Nylon All-in-one Plastic Drum Bung Spanner Pail Lid Wrench Opener Designed and manufactured to fit into the bungs of all of the plastic twin bung / tighthead drums which are manufactured around the world. Spanner allows users to tighten or loosen the bungs in the top of plastic drums much easier The spanner also has the capability of tightening or loosening 25 or 20 litre caps which fit onto the small screw top jerrycan containers. Packing:50PCS/CTN N.W/G.W:7.8/8.8KGS Carton Si ... read more »

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