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Linear Vibrating Screen
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Linear vibrating screen use vibration motor excitation up as vibration source, make the material in the screen was thrown up, at the same time forward for linear motion, material was evenly sent to the feeding mouth of screen from the feeding machine, through the multiple screen produce several types of products, respectively discharged from each outlet. With low consumption, high yield, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust overflow scattered, automatic discharge ... read more »

Feeding Machine
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Feeding MachineFeeding machine is used for feeding the materials uniformly & quantitatively. By adjusting the damper height and the conveyor belt speed to control the materials’s feeding. Feeding machine can make proportional blending for pug & internal combustion materials, and can break larger soft clay material. We supply much kind of feeding machines such as the step-by-step shoe plate feeding machine, step-by-step belt feeding machine, continuous belt feeding machine etc in order to adapt ... read more »

Dosing Machine
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Dosing machineDosing machine is used for batching a variety of materials according to different proportion & weight. Generally, dosing machine is divided into two bin dosing machine, three bin dosing machine & multi-bin dosing machine. Dosing machine has features of high output, high dosing precision, various structural design, flexible combination, simple operation & high autoimmunization. It is widely used in mineral, coal, chemical etc industries.Technical Parameter:ModelMotor Power     ... read more »

Vertical Crusher
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Vertical CrusherVertical crusher is a kind of no grate bar type, fine grinding equipment which in absorbs the domestic & foreign advanced fine grinding equipment and optimization design. It can be widely used in mineral processing equipment. Vertical crusher is used for crushing coal, coke powder, limestone, cement clinker, mix, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore, iron ore, etc various kinds of material at last. It is also one of the most common crushing equipment in compound fertilizer indu ... read more »

Ball Mill
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Ball MillThis ball mill has been changed the original mill structure, make the body, chassis integration, when installation, it can be hanging on foundation plane by one time. Main bearing adopts double spherical roller bearing, can reduce energy consumption by 30%. Forced discharging from the grid type, can improve the grinding granularity, can increase the capacity of 15-20%.Technical Parameter:ModelCapacity      (t/h)Form      Of MillForm of      TransmissionPower      (K ... read more »

Double Stage Crusher
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Double Stage Crusher     Double stage crusher is with twin rotors for up & down double crushing, the mutual serial two rotors make the materials which trough the upper rotor crushing for further fine crushing by the hammers on down rotors with high rotating speed, reaching the further crushing & mixing effect. At the same time, without sieve bottom, there is no blocking for high moisture content materials. Double stage crusher can be used to crush slag, shale, coal,coal gangue, mineral powder ... read more »

Gypsum Briquetting Machine
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Introduction of Gypsum Briquetting MachineGypsum briquetting machine could make desulfurization gypsum, phosphor gypsum, natural gypsum and titanium gypsum powder into briquettes by high pressure roller press. Final products could be oval shape, egg shape, pillow shape, square shape, etc. Also, we could design the shape according to customers’ demand. Zhengke gypsum briquetting machine has features with high pressure, high briquetting ratio, stable performance, energy saving & environmental pr ... read more »

Double Shaft Mixer
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Double Shaft MixerDouble shaft mixer is used for mixing materials continuously & uniformly. During mixing, the materials can be uniformly mixed with binder, after mixed; the blended materials can be continuously sent to the conveyor, transmit to the next equipment. Double shaft mixer is usually applied to mix coal, mineral powder, iron powder, oxidation iron, coal slurry, sludge, clay, fly ash etc, with the good effect on mixing & blending.Technical Parameter:ModelPower      (kw)Capacity ... read more »

Coke Briquetting Press
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Brief introduction of coke briquetting pressCoke briquetting press is a kind of equipment which can press the coke powder, coke breeze, coal dust into high density cylinder/square/rectangle blocks/briquettes without any adhesives added by high pressure extruding. The finished briquettes compressed by coke briquetting press are with high density, high strength, widely used in coal, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry etc. Not only easy to transport, but also take full advantages of coke resourc ... read more »

Binder Mixer
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Binder Mixer Binder mixer can be used for mixing liquid type binder evenly. It is widely used in briquetting production line, for storing & mixing binder, prepares to mix & blend with raw materials in the next equipment.Technical Parameter:           Model            Power(kw)Volume(m3)ZKB8001.50.4ZKB10002.20.79ZKB120031.36 url:http://www.zhengkemachine.com ... read more »

Aluminum Scrap Briquetting Press
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Brief introduction of Aluminum scraps/Aluminum powder briquetting press Aluminum scraps briquetting press is a kind of equipment which can press all kinds of aluminum scraps and aluminum powder into high density cylinder/square/rectangle blocks/briquettes without any adhesives added (The finished briquettes’ shape can be designed based on customer’s demand). The aluminum briquettes compressed by briquetting press are with high density, high strength, widely used in metallurgy, chemical indu ... read more »

Compact Density Machine
Buy  Zhengzhou (China)   30th Apr 2020   Others

Compacting Density MachineCompacting density machine is a kind of equipment which is used to press materials by high pressure rollers, eliminate material moisture, and increase the density of material. It is widely used for increasing density of coal, mineral powder, iron powder, oxidation iron etc. Through compacting density machine, eliminated some air in the materials, reduce the moisture in the materials, increase the density of materials, so that the final briquettes which from briquette m ... read more »

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