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Smoked Sausage Smoker
Sell  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

There are many types of smoked sausage smokers, and different types of processing equipment are selected according to the production needs of users. In the traditional smoking method, the smoking time and temperature cannot be controlled, and the color of the smoked food is not easy to control. The smoker is electrically controlled, and the time and temperature can be set to ensure that the quality of the product is the same every time. The smoker's body adopts double-layer stainless steel ... read more »

Stainless Steel Frozen Meat Grinder 86 15094949111
Business  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

The stainless steel frozen meat grinder has also become a frozen meat crusher, which can quickly crack frozen meat from -18 degrees Celsius to -12 degrees Celsius without thawing, and crush meat slices of different specifications and thicknesses. The thickness of the meat slices can be adjusted. The stainless steel frozen meat planer knife adopts a disc design and consists of two blades. The blades are sharp and durable. The stainless steel frozen meat planer is suitable for the pre-processing ... read more »

Promotional Price Electric Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer
Sell  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

Promotional price The reducer and controller of the electric hydraulic sausage stuffing machine are equipped with Chint Electric, which is durable. The machine is easy to operate, fast in filling and high in production efficiency. Promotional price The electric hydraulic enema machine is equipped with two enema tubes, and the enema tubes are equipped with independent control switches. Two people can do the filling at the same time without affecting each other. The sausage enema machine is equip ... read more »

Electric Beef Grinder
Business  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

The electric beef meat grinder has the function of processing frozen meat. The frozen meat can be quickly cut into granular or puree without thawing, which has the characteristics of time saving, labor saving, energy saving and high efficiency. The electric beef grinder adopts fully enclosed gear transmission, which is stable in operation, reliable in work, easy to maintain and easy to use. The electric beef grinder uses different orifice plates with knives to process meat particles of different ... read more »

Popular Fruit And Vegetable Dicing Machine
Business  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

The popular 350-type fruit and vegetable dicing machine is developed and produced by our company with the introduction of advanced production technology and combined with the characteristics of meat food processing. It is made of 304 stainless steel. The thickness of the plate is reasonable, corrosion-resistant, and it is not easy to produce metal rust. It is safe and convenient to use. Among the stainless steel knives used in the popular 350-type fruit and vegetable dicing machine, the blades a ... read more »

Cheap Stuffing Mixer From Chinese Supplier
Business  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

The cheap stuffing mixer from a Chinese supplier uses a uniquely designed fan-shaped agitator, which is cross-distributed, which is more suitable for mixing dry materials and making them more evenly mixed. The cheap stuffing mixers from Chinese suppliers are easy to operate, low labor intensity, fast mixing speed and high production efficiency. Cheap stuffing mixers from Chinese suppliers are widely used in the processing of sausages, meatballs, and meat stuffing. Zeko Machinery: www.sdjkma.c ... read more »

20L Meat Bowl Cutting Machine For Food Processing Plants
Business  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

The 20L meat bowl cutting machine achieves the best combination state mainly through the speed of the chopping knife, the speed of the chopping pot and the gap between the chopping knife and the chopping pot, so that the processed materials are fully chopped and there is no dead corner of the chopping. The knives used in the 20L meat bowl cutting machine are made of special materials, with high strength, good blade performance, very sharp, and fast cutting speed. The 20L meat bowl cutting machin ... read more »

Advanced Saline Injection Machine
Sell  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

The brine injection machine produced by Shandong Zeko Machinery Co., Ltd. is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, corrosion resistance, not easy to produce metal rust, and safe and hygienic in use. The brine injection machine evenly injects the brine solution in the brine tank into the flesh, the salt solution penetrates evenly in the flesh, speeds up the curing of the flesh, shortens the curing time, and improves the production efficiency. The saline injection machine adopts st ... read more »

Multifunctional 1000L Vacuum Tumbler
Sell  Zhucheng (China)   05th Aug 2020   Agro / Food Products

Shandong Zeko Machinery Co., Ltd. Multifunctional 1000L vacuum tumbler, the volume of the drum is 1000L, and the material that can be contained is about 70% of the volume of the drum. The material in the drum should not be too full or too small, which will affect the processing of the product. effect. The 1000L vacuum tumbler has a vacuum function, and the inside of the drum is vacuumed into the tumbler. The material is fluffy, which is conducive to the full absorption of auxiliary materials an ... read more »

Dry Red Chilli
Sell  Tadepalligudem (India)   06th Jul 2020   Agro / Food Products

It is a well-known fact that India is the largest dry red chilli producer and exporter in the world and one of the core places of chilli production and export in the country is Guntur that lies in Andhra Pradesh, in the southern belt of India. Dry Red Chillies are sourced from the Farms Directly. These chillies are fresh and best products that are available in the World. Major chilli exports in the world happens from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. We have Chilly with Stem, Chilly Stem less, and Byadgi ... read more »

Dehydrated Onions Garlic And Other Food Products
Sell  Mahuva (India)   06th May 2020   Agro / Food Products

we Want who are the importer for Dehydrated Products ... read more »

2020 Asia Dairy Expo ADE 2020
Sell  Guangzhou (China)   22nd Feb 2020   Agro / Food Products

2020 Asia Dairy Expo (ADE 2020) Date: July 16th-18th,2020 Venue: Area B of China Import and Export Fair Complex Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China China’s Milk Production & Consumption on the Rise CCTV reports that in 2018, China’s total milk output has reached a figure of 30.75 million tons and milk consumption per capita 34.3kg. Furthermore, the nation’s dairy products import & export value for the 1st time broke into 10 billion US dollars, making China one of ... read more »

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