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Hibiscus Rosa Sinens Leaves Exporters India
Sell  Tuticorin (India)   22nd Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Hibiscus rosa sinensis common name hibiscus latin name hibiscus rosa sinensis other names china rose chinese hibiscus shoe flower family malvaceae habitat hibiscus is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Grows in wet and swampy areas. description hibiscus is an n evergreen herbaceous plant. It has ornamental large dark red flowers. They are firm trumpet shaped and odorless with single and double set of petals. parts used whole plant medicinal use hibiscus flowers roots and leaves are anodyne and emmenagogue. They regulate menstruation and stimulate blood circulation. Flower extract has been traditionally used for liver disorders high blood pressure and as an aphrodisiac. Young leaves and flowers are used in case of headache. Decoction of leaves root and fruits are helpful in treatments of arthritis boils and coughs and the fruit ... read more »

Curry Leaves Exporters India
Sell  Tuticorin (India)   22nd Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Curry leaves creating a niche amongst the industry we are offering qualitative range of curry leaves. These curry leaves are used to enhance the taste of dishes. We process these leaves under hygienic condition then packed and store them into cool and dry place to ensure long time freshness. features excellent taste highly nutritional no chemical is being used ... read more »

Brand Moringa Dry Leaves Exporters India
Sell  Tuticorin (India)   20th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Moringa dried leaves the moringa dry leaves are harvested from fully matured leaves and leaves are carefully washed with normal water ( ph level 6 7) and dried at low temperature for maintain the colour and nutritive values. greenin colour with out any foreign matters. rich in vitamins phyto nutrients antioxidants amino acids etc germ free technology ... read more »

Global Brand Moringa Seed Oil Exporters India
Sell  Tuticorin (India)   18th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Organic moringa oil we extract the 100 pure cold pressed oil from the good quality moringa seeds . Its odorless and transparent oil that is widely used in cosmetic industries and pharmaceutical industries moringa oil is the most stable oil in nature and it does not go rancid. high content of oleic acid and is easily penetrates into skin layers that maintains skin texture available packing 100ml oil bottle 1 ltr 2ltr 5 ltr and 10ltr in aluminum oil can ... read more »

Natural Moringa Tea Cut Leaf Exporters India
Sell  Tuticorin (India)   18th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Organic moringa leaves t cut (tbc) svm exports made high quality moringa t cut leaves from first grade moringa leaves under superior observation with advanced machineries . It is loaded with nutrients antioxidants and healthy proteins. mesh size 40 60 available packing 100g loose leaves / pouch pack / tea bags ... read more »

Higenic Moringa Pkm1 Seed Exporters India
Sell  Tuticorin (India)   18th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Organic moringa seeds ( annual moringa) organic moringa seeds are evolved through pure line selection . The seeds are 99 genitically pure and its propogated by seeds. Seed propagated newly harversted seeds medium dwarf stature pods are 60 70 cm long with 6. 3 cm girth weighing 120g bears 220 250 fruit per tree / year the estimated yield is 50 54 tonnes/ha yield will statretd froom 5th month low incidence of insect pest and disease suitable for varied soil types (freely drained) in tropical plains ... read more »

Egg White Powder
Sell  Bangkok (Thailand)   16th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

We are a manufacturer of high quality egg white powder here in thailand. specification moisture ( ) 8. 0 max protein ( ) 78 min. ph 6 7 packing 20 kg/bag ... read more »

Sell  Bangkok (Thailand)   16th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Creamer creamer is developed with the aim for using as sweetened condensed milk powder and non dairy creamer. It is suitable for coffee giving good taste and dissolving very fast. Due to high bulk density it helps in cost savings it is 20 times stronger than other non dairy creamer. Just mix our creamer with coffee only no need to add sugar. direction of usage 100g of creamer mix with 50 ml of hot water stir it well sweetened condensed milk powder 100g of creamer mix with 150 ml of hot water stir it well non dairy creamer ... read more »

Acne Treatment Gel
Sell  Bangkok (Thailand)   16th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Cornex acne clearing and whitening gel made of pure pomegranate extract vitamin b3 and other ingredients which help in preventing inflamed acne and dark spot. The pomegranate extract has efficiency in anti inflammation and break bacterial cycle. packing 5g 10g moq 500 pcs sample available payment term t/t l/c wu ... read more »

Curcumin Extract
Sell  Bangkok (Thailand)   16th Jan 2018   Agriculture-and-food

Dico is a dietary supplement product made from 100 turmeric extract. Helps in spongy bone muscle strain and soreness hemorrhoid peripheral neuritis alzheimer disease parkinson disease rheumatic rheumatoid and gout. It is 100 free gmo and contain high antioxidant properties. packing 8 capsules/bottle taking 2 capsule for 3 times a day (1 hr after meal). Shelf life 3 years ... read more »

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