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Require Shreejal Tender Coconut Water Redefined Pouch
Buy  Indore (India)   22nd Feb 2017   Agro / Food Products

3000 sachet ... read more »

Pro Sehat Soya Biscuit
Sell  Indore (India)   17th Jul 2017   Agro / Food Products

Pro-Sehat Soya Biscuit Soya biscuits offer a perfect balance of supertaste and good health. They have the best combination of nutrients including essential carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Due to their high fiber content these biscuits are good for heart as well as digestive system. These are excellent snack choice in place of unhealthy junk foods. Soy protein improves mental and physical abilities of children along with improved memory level. Pro-Sehat Soy Healt ... read more »

Pro Sehat Tofu Soya Paneer
Sell  Indore (India)   17th Jul 2017   Agro / Food Products

Pro-Sehat Tofu/Soya Paneer Why eat Tofu? It is Healthy! – Tofu is low fat, cholesterol free, high in protein, calcium rich and loaded with other essential minerals and amino acids. Tofu is among one of the best protein sources for vegetarians. It stays Fresh longer! – Tofu can be kept refrigerated up to 30 days. It isInexpensive – Tofu costs much less than dairy paneer. It is Tasty! – Tofu can easily substitute dairy paneer in most Indian dishes. It is Versa ... read more »

Pro Sehat Soya Nuggets Badi
Sell  Indore (India)   17th Jul 2017   Agro / Food Products

Pro-Sehat Soya Nuggets/Badi Soya Nuggets are highly nutritional and protein rich food. Odorless and tasteless soya nuggets are an excellent addition to any dish in your daily diet. They can be used interchangeably with certain types of meat in various recipes. For those seeking to embark on a weight conscious vegetarian diet, or simply reap the benefits muscle building soy protein, nuggets are an excellent food item. Nuggets are a proven healthy food for all age groups providing comple ... read more »

Looking For Vacuum Packing Machine
Buy  Indore (India)   20th Jan 2017   Agro / Food Products

Soya paneer vacuum packing machine ... read more »

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