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Ssd Chemical SOlution
Sell  Bangalore (India)   21st Apr 2022   Chemicals

Call/Whatsapp NO:+918095379311   Scott Chemicals Laboratory Limited. We clean defaced currency with Ssd chemical solution and also supply SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION that can clean all types of defaced banknotes, black banknotes, anti-breeze, stamped, marked or stained currency: dollars, pounds, euro etc. We melt and re-activate frozen chemicals and offer cleaning services for anti-breeze bills. The SSD solution in its full range is the BEST CHEMICAL in the market for cleaning Anti breeze bank notes ... read more »

Buy GBL Online Gamma Butyrolactone Wheel Cleaner
Sell  Nashville (United-states)   14th Dec 2021   Chemicals

A highly active blend of acids and penetrating agents, which combine to remove, even the heaviest build-up of scale and brake dust. Removes scale and brake dust from alloy wheels without hard scrubbing. Also, removes rust from steel surfaces, replacing it with an inhibited phosphate layer. After treatment, the passivated steel can then be stored prior to further treatment When it has been copared to other normally industrial used or daily life used cleaner, the PURE GBL cleaner c ... read more »

Hamag Also Care About What Distributors Care About
Sell  Ningbo (China)   11th Nov 2021   Chemicals

Dealers engaged in laboratory supplies need to purchase a variety of goods every day, choose a variety of brands and a lot of productive and a lot of manufacturers to deal with. They are often dazzled by the multitude of products.Their work takes time and energy. However, if the dealer only finds a manufacturer, he can purchase all the products he needs. This helps them solve a lot of unnecessary troubles. As a professional manufacturer of laboratory chromatography consumables, Hamag has m ... read more »

4 Amino 3 Chlorophenol
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Name:4-Amino-3-chlorophenol Molecular Formula: C6H6ClNO Molecular Weight: 143.57 CAS Registry Number: 17609-80-2 EINECS: 241-583-3 Assay(HPLC):98%min Appearance: brown crystalline powder ... read more »

Trifluoroacetic Anhydride
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Product name:Trifluoroacetic anhydride(TFAA) CAS No.:407-25-0 Molecular Structure:(CF3CO)2O Molecular weight:210.04 Characters:Colorless transparent liquid Boiling point:39.15ºC Melting point:-63.5ºC Density:1.490g/cm3 Purity:Content ?99% Cl- Content:?0.05% SO42- Content:?0.05% F Content:?0.01% Packing:25KG(50KG, 100KG, 250KG)/barrel ... read more »

Sell 3 Aminophthalic Acid Hydrochloride
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Name: 3-Aminophthalic acid hydrochloride Molecular Formula: C8H7NO4.HCl Molecular Weight: 217.61 CAS Registry Number: 6946-22-1 EINECS: 230-106-4 Appearance:off-white or yellow powder Purity:99%min ... read more »

Chlorodifluoroacetic Anhydride
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Product name:Chlorodifluoroacetic anhydride Molecular Structure:C2HCl2F4O3 Molecular weight:242.94 CAS No.:2834-23-3 Density:1.393 Boiling point:92-93ºC Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid ... read more »

Sell 1 4 Cyclohexanediol
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

CAS Number: 556-48-9 Molecular Formula:C6H12O2 Molecular Weight:116.16 Appearance:White crystalline powder Total impurities: ... read more »

Selenocystamine Dihydrochloride
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Selenocystamine dihydrochloride Molecular Formula: C4H12N2Se2.2HCl Molecular Weight: 318.99 CAS Registry Number: 3542-13-0 Appearance:yellow or orange powder Assay:95% ... read more »

Sell 4 Phenylthio Benzyl Alcohol
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Name: 4-(Phenylthio)benzyl alcohol Synonyms: [4-(Phenylthio)phenyl]methanol; p-(Phenylthio)benzyl alcohol Molecular Formula: C13H12OS Molecular Weight: 216.30 CAS Registry Number: 6317-56-2 Appearance:off-white solid Purity:98%min ... read more »

Trifluoroacetic Acid
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Product name:Trifluoroacetic acid(TFA) CAS No.:76-05-1 Molecular Structure:CF3COOH Molecular weight:114.02 Characters:Colorless transparent liquid Boiling point:71.8ºC Melting point:-15.4ºC Density:1.477g/cm3 Purity:Content ?99.5% Cl- Content:?0.05% SO42- Content:?0.05% F Content:?0.01% Packing:250KG/drum ... read more »

3 Hydroxyphthalicanhydride
Sell  London (United-kingdom)   18th Oct 2021   Chemicals

Synonyms: 4-Hydroxyisobenzofuran-1,3-dione; NSC 80858 Molecular Formula: C8H4O4 Molecular Weight: 164.12 CAS Registry Number: 37418-88-5 Assay:98%min ... read more »

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