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PP Lab Furniture PP Fume Hood MS SS FRP Pipes
Sell  Bangalore (India)   12th Jun 2018   Chemicals

Shree Shridi Sai Fibre Technologies-We manufacturer,supplier FRP Products,fibre products,frp dustbin,pp lab furniture,frp chemical products,frp tank,pp fume hood,pp frp blower,frp bus body manufacturer,frp chimney ,frp moulding products manufacture in Bangalore, Karnataka http://www.shirdisaifibre.com PU PAINTING TO LAB CABINETS Paint and related coating standards are instrumental in specifying and evaluating the physical and chemical properties of various paints and coatings that are applied ... read more »

FRP Chimney FRP Blower FRP Bus Body Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers
Sell  Bangalore (India)   12th Jun 2018   Chemicals

SHIRDI-SAI-FRP Products,fibre products,pp lab furniture,frp dustbin,frp chemical products,frp tank,pp fume hood,pp frp blower,frp bus body manufacturer,frp chimney ,frp moulding products manufacturers and suppliers karnataka,india http://www.shirdisaifibre.com Shree Shirdi Sai Fibre Technologies, introduce our self as professionally managed Company, engaged in Design & Fabrication of Process Equipments in Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP). Our product range includes Industrial Products like Chem ... read more »

Fibre Products Frp Dustbin FRP Tanks Manufacturers Shree Shirdi Sai Fibre Technologies
Sell  Bangalore (India)   12th Jun 2018   Chemicals

frp products,fibre products,pp lab furniture,frp chemical products,air pollution control equipment,exhaust system,frp dustbin,chemical lab furniture,industrial frp products,frp bus body manufacturer,frp cabin,frp chimney,frp light poles,frp molding products,frp tank,pp acid storage cabinate,pp fume hood,pp sink,pp tank,pp sampler,pp scrures,pp damper,frp implur,pp blower,frp blower,pp frp scrubber,frp bathroom,frp bathtub,frp toilet,ms dust collector,ms blower,ms cluber,pp frp tray,frp dampers,e ... read more »

Silica Gel Orange
Sell  Rajkot (India)   26th May 2018   Chemicals

We are also Silica Gel Orange manufacturer in India. It is semi-transparent glassy crystals use as moisture absorbent. It appears Orange in color. Silica Gel Orange also known as self Indicating type Silica gel because When free from moisture the particles are dark orange. As they are put to use, the particles take up moisture, Silica Gel gradually turns Orange-Yellow & then to green and gives a ready indication that it has done or its saturated. Its work and requires replacement or regeneration ... read more »

Silica Gel White
Sell  Rajkot (India)   26th May 2018   Chemicals

Silica gel white is semi-transparent glassy crystals used as moisture absorbent. It also known as Non Indicating type Silica gel. The beauty of white silica gel is the physical adsorption of water vapors into its internal pores. There is no chemical reaction, no by products or side effects. Even when saturated with water vapors, silica gel still has the appearance of a dry product, its shape unchanged. Its work and requires replacement or regeneration. In fact, it is mainly use as dehumidificati ... read more »

Silica Gel Blue
Sell  Rajkot (India)   26th May 2018   Chemicals

We are Manufacturer of Silica Gel Blue in India. It is semi-transparent glassy crystals use for moisture absorbent. It appears dark blue in color. Its is known as self indicating Silica gel. As the crystals absorb the moisture, it turns to light blue gradually & and when they turn to pink, it means it is saturated. Its work and requires replacement or regeneration. It is mainly use as indicator for the extent of dehumidification and moisture absorption in seal vessel or at some require places. ... read more »

Cat Litter Silica Gel
Sell  Rajkot (India)   26th May 2018   Chemicals

We are manufacturer of Cat Litter Silica Gel. Our Crystallized cat litters are mixture of white and blue silica gel which has low bulk density less than 500 gm/m3 which can absorb 100% litter of its weight. This gel is absorbent and also provides odor control. The silica gel use in these products is similar to the desiccant that is often found in the pouches packaged as a preservative with foods, medications, and other consumables that can be damaged by excess moisture. Silica-based cat litters ... read more »

Container Desiccant
Sell  Rajkot (India)   26th May 2018   Chemicals

AQUA-DRY Container Desiccant is a specially formulated desiccant product by our R&D Department which is widely used in Container / Cargo to protect product damage from moisture effect. While shipping material by sea to foreign countries where surrounding atmospheric air contains high level of humidity / moisture which can cause growth of fungus, mold or corrosion, erosion, oxidative degradation of product. These can damage valuable product. Our AQUA-DRY Container Desiccant will give a very go ... read more »

Modern Insecticides Ltd India Manufacturer Exporter Of Fertilizers And Agro Chemicals
Sell  Ludhiana (India)   11th May 2018   Chemicals

MODERN INSECTICIDES LIMITED (MIL) is a very well-known and reliable Industrial Group with particular expertise in Agrochemicals and Fertilizers. Set up in 1988 with the primary objective to provide Indian farmers with the most modern inputs including agrochemicals at affordable prices, MIL soon became a major player in the Indian market with multiple offices and three well equipped manufacturing units for Technical and Formulated Products. Apart from providing the best possible agrochemica ... read more »

I Want To Purchase Hydrogen Gas
Buy  Punjab (India)   26th Apr 2018   Chemicals

I want to purchase hydrogen gas ... read more »

Sell  Ahmedabad (India)   14th Apr 2018   Chemicals

Dextrose is commercially prepared by hydrolysis of starch, employing acid or the modern method of enzymatic hydrolysis. It is used in pharmaceutical & food industries and also for preparing ice-cream as it lowers the freezing point. Backed by a sound domain experience and in depth industry knowledge, we are providing our clients with the best in class Monohydrate Dextrose.This product is extensively used as a sweetening agent and is extensively demanded in food and beverage industry. Our offe ... read more »

Sell  Ahmedabad (India)   14th Apr 2018   Chemicals

Maltodextrins are glucose polymeric chains with a molecular weight between that of starch and glucose syrups. They are highly water soluble with less browning effect compared to glucose syrups. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate combination that provides long-lasting energy. Maltodextrin powder has a rapid rate of digestion, allowing it to supply additional calories without causing the abdominal discomfort that can be experienced with simple sugars. Maltodextrine is widely used in food, c ... read more »

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