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Sodium Propynesulfonate
Sell   (India)   12th Jun 2017   Chemicals

Sodium propynesulfonate CAS NO.55947-46-1 M.F:C3H3NaO3S M.W:142.11 Appearance:Colorless to yellowish liquid Purity:20% Application Brightener and leveling agent at LCD in nickel bath Packing 25kg Storage condition Stored in cool and dry place ... read more »

White Camphor Oil
Sell   (India)   13th Jun 2017   Chemicals

White camphor oil CAS? 8008-51-3 Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent Type: Fragrance color: Yellowish use:use of synthetic methods for preparation of medicine and soap flavor, but also can be used in varnishes and shoe polish, etc. Packaging Detail:25kg/ barrel puirty:35% ... read more »

Sell  Weifang (China)   14th Jan 2017   Chemicals

Product Name:Polyacrylamide Molecular Formula:(C3H5NO) n CAS No.: 9003-05-8 Application Industrial wastewater/Municipal wastewater/Potable water Treatment: primary settling, dewatering, air flotation. Paper making white water/terminal water treatment; Paper retention aid Mineral process. Optimal solid-liquid separation flocculants for Coal, Copper, Alumina, Gold/Silver, Lead/Zinc, Phosphate, Uranium, Potash mining. Drilling fluid additives, Enhanced oil recovery, Waste mud dewateri ... read more »

Sell   (India)   05th Jul 2017   Chemicals

Drospirenone Alias: 6b,7b:15b,16b-Dimethylen-3-oxo-17a-pregn-4-ene-21,17-carbolactone; Dihydrospirorenone CAS NO:67392-87-4 Molecular weight:366.49 Molecular formula:C24H30O3 Packing:Foil bag ... read more »

Red Yeast Rice Powder
Sell   (India)   01st Jun 2017   Chemicals

Red yeast rice powder Product Name: Red yeast rice powder specifications:we supply colour value 800---2000 units min. usually eur clients need color value 1000. the products of technical specification and certificate of analysis are suit eur market. useing fields: 1. meat product: ham, sausage, bacon etc.. 2. food: cake, candy, noodle, health food etc.. 3. seasoning: preserved beancurd, preserve etc.. 4. beverage, alcohol: syrup, wine, health vinegar etc.. 5. medi ... read more »

Sell   (India)   04th Aug 2017   Chemicals

L-ARABINOSE Product Name: L-ARABINOSE Synonyms: L-ARA;FEMA 3255;PECTIN SUGAR;(3R,4S,5S)-2,3,4,5-tetrol--oxane;L-Arabinose(9CI);pectinose;L-ARABINOSE SYRUP 70%;L-ARABINOSE, POWDER CAS: 5328-37-0 Assay: 99% Packing: 25kg/drum MF: C5H10O5 MW: 150.13 EINECS: 226-214-6 Appearance: White crystaline powder ... read more »

N Methylcyclohexylamine
Sell   (India)   04th Aug 2017   Chemicals

N-Methylcyclohexylamine Product Name: N-Methylcyclohexylamine Synonyms: 1-Methylcyclohexylamine;Cyclohexanamine,N-methyl-;Cyclohexylamine, N-methyl-;Cyclohexylmethylamine;cyclohexyl-methyl-amine;Methylcyclohexylamine;methylcyclohexylamine,[corrosivelabel];methylcyclohexylamine,[flammableliquidandcorrosivelabels] CAS: 100-60-7 Assay: 99% Packing: 170kg/drum MF: C7H15N MW: 113.2 EINECS: 202-869-3 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid ... read more »

Betamethasone 21 Acetate
Sell   (India)   10th Jun 2017   Chemicals

Name:Betamethasone 21-acetate CAS No.: 987-24-6 Formula: C24H31FO6 Molecular Weight: 434.50 Synonyms: Pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione,9-fluoro-11b,17,21-trihydroxy-16b-methyl-, 21-acetate(6CI,7CI,8CI);21-Acetoxy-9a-fluoro-11b,17a-dihydroxy-16b-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione;9-Fluoro-11b,17,21-trihydroxy-16b-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione21-acetate;Betamethasone acetate EINECS: 213-578-6 Density: 1.3 g/cm3 Melting Point: 200-220 °C (dec.) Boiling Point: 579.4 °C ... read more »

Bacillus Subtilis
Sell   (India)   12th Jun 2017   Chemicals

Bacillus Subtilis Product name: Bacillus Subtilis Other names: Bacillussubtilis ; Achromobacternitriloclastes; Bacillus globigii; BIOPRO; Bacillus nigrificans; Bacillusuniflagellatus; Bacterium subtilis; Bactisporin; Calsporin; Companion; ElbicBZ; Fitisporin M; Fitosporin M; Gamair; Hay bacillus; Kodiak; Phytosporin M; Proteazim; QRD 713AS; Quadra 136; Quadra 137; Quantum 4000; Rhapsody; Serenade CAS: 68038-70-0 Enzyme activity: 13 billion Packing: 25kg/bag Appearance: Brown powder ... read more »

Grape Skin Red
Sell   (India)   01st Jun 2017   Chemicals

Grape-skin red Product Name: Grape-Skin Red it is a kind of natural edible pigment extracted from grape skin. the main composition is anthocyanins including oenins, syringidins. the dark purple powder color is soluble in water and solution of water and alcohol, but insoluble in oil and absolute alcohol. the environment ph value can influence its hue and stability. at ph 2.0-6.0, the color is red or amaranthine; at ph 7.0, it is blue: at ph above 7.0, it is oxfordblue. application: it can ... read more »

Sodium Metabisulfite
Sell   (India)   01st Jun 2017   Chemicals

Sodium metabisulfite Product name: Sodium metabisulfite CAS: 7681-57-4 EINECS: 231-673-0 MF: Na2S2O5 MW: 190.1065 Packing: 25kg/bag Assay: 97% Appearance: White or yellow crystalline powder or small crystals Usage: Used as a bleaching agent, mordant, reductant, rubber coagulant, also used in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical and spices. ... read more »

Cefcapene Pivoxil
Sell   (India)   05th Aug 2017   Chemicals

Cefcapene pivoxil CAS:105889-45-0 M.F.:C23H29N5O8S2 M.W.:567.64 Molecular Formula C23H29N5O8S2 Molecular Weight 567.64 CAS Registry Number 105889-45-0 Cefcapene pivoxil Synonyms:(6R,7R)-3-(((Aminocarbonyl)oxy)methyl)-7-(((2Z)-2-(2-amino-4-thiazolyl)-1-oxo-2-pentenyl)amino)-8-oxo-5-thia-1-azabicyclo[4.2.0]oct-2-ene-2-carboxylic acid (2,2-dimethyl-1-oxopropoxy)methyl ester Molecular Formula:C23H29N5O8S2 moisture; 5%max purity:98%min Heavy metals: 0.02%max ... read more »

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