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C9 Hydrogenated Petroleum Resins
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   10th Jan 2017   Chemicals

GD-9H-100 is water white resin. C9 hydrogenaed petroleum resin , The major usages are tackifier for hot melt adhesive(HMA), hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive(HMPSA) because of its good heat resistance and good compatibility with base polymers such as ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA), Styrene-Butadiene-Styene block copolymer(SBS), Styrene-Isoprene-Styene block copolymer(SIS). ... read more »

DCPD Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin Cycloaliphatic Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   10th Jan 2017   Chemicals

GD-DH series hydrocarbon resin is water white DCPD hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin derived from cyclic ingredients. DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin is designated to tackify for a variety of adhesive polymers including EVA, SIS, HMA, HMPSA, SBPSA. Soluble in most aliphatic and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Insoluble in alcohols and water. Application: Adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, Solvent-borne adhesive, rubber, varnish, coating etc. ... read more »

Rubber Accelerator TMTM
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   13th Jul 2019   Chemicals

Chemical Name:Tetramethyl thiuram monosulfide Molecular Formula:C6H12N2S3 Molecular weight: 208.37 CAS NO:97-74-5 EINECS NO.: 202-605-7 Specification: Item Powder Oiled powder Granule Appearance (visual inspection) Yellow powder(granule) Initial M.P. oC? 104.0 104.0 104.0 heating loss %? 0.40 0.40 0.40 Ash%? 0.30 0.30 0.30 Residues on sieve(150?m), % ? 0.10 0.10 \ Residues on sieve(63?m), % ? 0.50 0.50 ... read more »

Rubber Antioxidant 6PPD
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   13th Jul 2019   Chemicals

Chemical Name : N - ( 1 ,3 - dimethylbutyl ) - N' - phenyl - p - phenylenediamine Molecular Formula: C18H24N2 Molecular Weight: 268.4 CAS NO.: 793-24-8 EINECS No.: 212-344-0 Specification: Appearance: Dark purple pellets Melting Point oC ? :46.0 Heating loss %? :0.50 Ash %? :0.08 Assay(GC) % ? : 95 Application : Mainly used in manufacture of tires , rubber belts and other rubber products. Packing: 25kg in kraft paper with PE bag inside. ... read more »

Rubber Antioxidant IPPD
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   13th Jul 2019   Chemicals

Chemical Name : N-isopropyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylene diamine Molecular Formula: C15H18N2 Molecular Weight: 226.31 CAS NO.: 101-72-4 EINECS NO.: 202-969-7 Specification: Appearance:Dark brown to dark violet pellets. Melting Point oC ? : 70.0 Heating loss %?: 0.30 Ash %?: 0.20 Assay(GC) % ? : 95 Application : Mainly used in manufacture of tires , rubber belts and other rubber products. Packing: 25kg in kraft paper with PE bag inside. ... read more »

Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   13th Jul 2019   Chemicals

Chemical Name: N-(cyclohexylthio)Phthalimide Molecular Formula:C14H15O2SN Molecular Weight: 261.34 CAS NO.: 17796-82-6 EINECS NO.: 241-774-1 Specification: Appearance White Crystal Powder Initial M.P. oC? 90.0 heating loss %? 0.30 Ash%? 0.30 Application: pre-vulcanization inhibitor. It's applied in NR,SBR,BR,IIR,CR,EPM,EPDM,NBR with cure system consisting of sulfur and Thiazole but mainly Sulphenamide Accelerator. Even a small addition of this pr ... read more »

C9 Aromatic Petroleum Resin With Yellow Color
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   10th Jan 2017   Chemicals

C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resin is a petroleum by-product of pyrolysis C9 fraction which is produced by pre-treatment, polymerization and distillation processes. It is not a high polymer but a low polymer molecular weight between 300-3000. Yellow granule, low acid value, good miscibility, water,ethanol and chemical resistance, the chemical stability against acid, the good adjustment of viscosity and thermal stability. Generally, C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resin is not used alone, but as promoter ... read more »

C5 Aliphatic Petroleum Resin Used In Hot Melt Road Marking Paint
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   10th Jan 2017   Chemicals

C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is Pale yellow thermoplastic granule resin. C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is applicable for hot melt road paint, which can enhance the tenacity, hardness and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface, and could keep its stability in different temperatures of seasons by adding auxiliary agent. Better compatibility with gum resin. Good fluidity Make the filler dispersed uniformly and no sedimentation High anti-abrasion Fast dryi ... read more »

C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin Used In Adhesives
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   10th Jan 2017   Chemicals

Color:3#-7# Softening point:95-125 C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is Light colored and transparent granule . It could make the initial adhesion performance, cohesive strength and peel strength reach the best balance. It has super aging resistance performance. It has Good fluidity which can improve the wetting property of master material. Narrow molecular weight distribution It has Low volatility and no odor Excellent compatibility with cinnamene copolymers (Such as SIS,SBS,SEBS and SEP ... read more »

Rubber Antioxidant TMQ
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   13th Jul 2019   Chemicals

Chemical Name: Polymerized-2,2,4-trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline resin Synonyms: RD, TlectolTMQ,Vulkanox HS, Accinox TQ Molecular Formula: (C12H15N)n. n=3-4 Molecular Weight:173.25 CAS NO.: 26780-96-1 EINECS NO.: 500-051-3 Specification: Appearance Amber to brown granular Softening point oC 80.0-100.0 heating loss %? 0.30 Ash%? 0.30 Application: TMQ is a very important category rubber antioxidant. It has a good protective effect for h ... read more »

N Hexane 97 99 99 Min
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   04th Mar 2019   Chemicals

N-hexane 97%,99%,99.9%min Identification: Chemical Name: N-hexane Synonyms: Hexane CAS No.: 110-54-3 Molecular formula: C6H14 Specifications: Items Standards N-hexane Content ?97.0%, 99.0%,99.9%(Custom-made) Water content ?35ppm Color saybolt +30 Specific Gravity(kg/m3,20°C) 655-681 Initial boiling point ?65°C Dry point ?70°C Bromine index(mg/100g) ?30 Total sulfur(ppm) ?1 Aromatics content (ppm) ?20 Ultraviolet absorption 240-280nm ?0.15 Ultraviolet absorption 280-400nm ... read more »

Rubber Accelerator CBS
Sell  Zhengzhou (China)   13th Jul 2019   Chemicals

RUBBER ACCELERATOR CBS(CZ) Product Feature Greyish white or white powder,granular with slightly odour and nonpoisonous, Specific gravity :1.31-1.34, Melting point:over 96C1;.Soluble in benzene, methylbenzene,chloroform,carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride,methylene chloride, acetone and ethylacetate;not easily soluble in ethyl alcohol;insoluble in water ,dilute acid , dilute alkali and gasoline. Product Specification / Models Apperance Grayish white or white powder,granular Melting poi ... read more »

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