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Why Do Some Tact Switches Not Work After Reflow Soldering
Business  Dongguan (China)   14th Jun 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

Many buyers mentioned that the newly purchased tact switch did not work after reflow soldering.What's the reason? The tact switch is glued to the circuit board and solder paste on the stitching during welding.If the holes of the steel mesh are not in line with the pin, the solder paste can easily flow into the inside of the switch, which will affect the key distance of the switch,this is the most common reason why the switch doesn't work. Another reason is the tightness of the switch, whic ... read more »

The Basic Reasons For Tact Switch Lose Handfeeling After High Temperature
Sell  Dongguan (China)   06th Jun 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

The tact switch is a common electronic switch, which is widely used by almost everyone every day,such as our usual electronic products,mobile phones,rice cookers, televisions and others,this small electronic component controls the turning on and off of electrical equipments,and it's in great demand in the market.A tact switch with good handfeeling will bring people with good product experience,and buyers are often concerned about the handfeeling of the switch,sometimes, we will hear some custome ... read more »

Development Of China Connector Market Under Trade War
Sell  Dongguan (China)   31st May 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

"Trade war" is one of the economic buzzwords of 2018,in March 2018, the President of the United States signed a presidential memorandum imposing tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States,this increased trade tensions and became another trade friction in the history of china-us trade,subsequently, the friction continued to escalate and set off a trade war between China and the United States. The imposition of tariffs and the decline of the exchange rate were "unexpected disasters" for some ... read more »

XKB Brand Tact Switch Applied In Electrical Equipment Makes Your Life More Convenient
Sell  Dongguan (China)   21st May 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

When it comes to home appliances, it can be regarded as the most familiar electrical equipment around us. TV sets, rice cookers, videophone and so on are commonly used home appliances in our home. In order to make our home appliances more durable, we tend to value brands,the manufacturers of household appliances also attach great importance to the electronic parts when they produce household appliances. For example, the use of tact switch is inseparable from the control of switch. The choice of ... read more »

What Procedures Should Be Followed For Installing DC Power Sockets
Sell  Dongguan (China)   18th May 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

The application field of DC power socket is very wide, such as audio and video products, digital products, household appliances, communication products, computer products,etc, what are the matters needing attention in the installation of DC sockets? 1. Appearance inspection:We shall ensure that the panel and junction box of the socket are complete, free from breakage, complete with spare parts and complete with coating. 2.Insulation resistance should not be less than 5 m ?. 3.The DC soc ... read more »

The Connector Manufacturer Shares The Four Major Manufacturing Processes Of The Connector
Sell  Dongguan (China)   11th May 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

Now all kinds of electronic products have exploded, connectors have been all over the corners of life, cars, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, industrial equipment, medical electronics, aerospace and military need to use connectors?so how is this widget made?In fact, different types of connector manufacturing process is the same, basic manufacturing process is divided into four, respectively is Stamping, Plating, Molding, Assembly: Stamping Stamping is throug ... read more »

What The Advantages Of XKB Brand Tact Switch Compared To Other Brands
Sell  Dongguan (China)   25th Apr 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

Electronic products and small household appliances are often used in an electronic widget that is SMT tact switch,in recent years, SMT tact switch is in increasing demand at home and abroad,technology can't advance without tact switch which seems small but has great function,for XKB manufacturer, SMT tact switch is one of the best-selling products,andwelcomed by many buyers at home and abroad,so what is the advantages of XKB brand tact switch compared to other brands? First, XKB brand SMT tac ... read more »

Tips For Using USB Connectors In Extreme Environments
Sell  Dongguan (China)   23rd Apr 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

In the Internet era, all kinds of peripheral devices need to be connected to the computer, which requires the use of USB connectors,it can be said that USB connector is an indispensable electronic component in the rapid development of the Internet era,in order to ensure that USB connector can work normally in the used environment, some environmental factors should be taken into consideration when choosing USB connectors.Here are some tips for using USB connectors under extreme conditions. 1.H ... read more »

The Difference Between TF Card Connector And SD Card Connector
Sell  Dongguan (China)   10th Apr 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

When it comes to card holder connectors, there are TF card connector and SD card connector, which are one of the commonly used connectors in mobile phones or computers? and they are indispensable components in the development of electronic products industry. TF card refers to T-flash card, also known as micro SD card. TF card connector refers to the place where TF memory card is inserted. According to specifications, it can be divided into self-elastic card connector, PUSH card connector, sho ... read more »

All Kinds Of Watch Band For Apple Watch
Sell  Guangzhou (China)   07th Apr 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

Product Imformation: ? PERFECT FIT: A hook-and-loop fastener is quick and easy to adjust according your wrist size. It's so secure and durable to anchore by the attachment loops that not worry about falling off ?SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: The Strap is made of high quality nylon material. All the nylon loops are doing a strict quality testing, ensure that no harm and provide soft cushioning on the skin. You feel soft, breathable, and lightweight no matter how long with it. ?EASY TO INSTALL: Sport l ... read more »

All Kinds Of Usb Cables For Mobile Phone
Sell  Guangzhou (China)   07th Apr 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

?Fast Charge and Data Transfer?Ultra fast charging up to 20% than conventional cable, cable cores and stranded copper cores ensure excellent data transfer, fast and stable charging. ?Carefully Crafted?Used the compact heat resistant aluminum alloy terminals, high sense of improving quality. In addition,the surface of the Micro USB Cable, rectifying around the difficult is not easy to break. ?Perfect Fit?Perfect fit for Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S4, S3, Samsung Note 5, 4, Nexus 7 tablets,Nexus 6, ... read more »

All Kinds Of Tempered Class Scree Protector For Mobile Phone
Sell  Guangzhou (China)   07th Apr 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

??Full Coverage?- Full Coverage is edge to edge of the tempered glass to seamlessly cover iPhone tempered glass film, shows you elegant rounded corners,will not obscure the display screen.And can effectively protect your new iphone from scratches made by keys , coins , knives or any other hard substances?give 100% protection than not full coverage glass film. ??Supremely Transparent & Sensitive Touch?- 0.3mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector and 99.9% transparency shows you the real im ... read more »

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