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455 Dot Series Laser
Sell  Dongguan (China)   08th Jun 2017   Electronics and Telecommunication

or higher (other requirements, up to 10kHz) Laser output mode: point type, line type, cross line type Life expectancy (HRS):8000 Warranty period: one year... ... read more »

TLB650 2 5 5 Red Line Laser Module
Sell  Dongguan (China)   08th Jun 2017   Electronics and Telecommunication

TLB650-2.5-5/Red line laser module Main Technical Parameters: Size: 16*74mm (the rough size is 19*24 / thin, 16*50, and this is the overall size ) Wavelength: 650nm Operating voltage: DC 3, or, 5V Divergence: 0.3mrad Line thickness: 1mm Camber: 6m = 1mm Output power: 2.5mW Fan angle: 90 temperature: 10 degrees, 40 degrees centigrade Storage temperature: 40 degrees, 80 degrees centigrade Life time: 5000 hours Accessories, choose, and, buy ~ 40 DEG c; Stored temperature: -40 ~ 80 DEG c; Service life: 5000 hours; The diameter 16mm is the outer diameter of that long part That part of the front is 19mm*24mm TLB650 2 5 5 Red line laser module... ... read more »

650nm L Line Type High Stability Red Laser L Series Line Type
Sell  Dongguan (China)   08th Jun 2017   Electronics and Telecommunication

650nm L- (line type) high stability red laser L- series (line type) series lasers L- series (line type) series lasers 650nm L- (line by line ) wavelength power Fan angle line width Lens Outline dimensions (customizable) 650nm < 5MW 120 degrees ... read more »

China XKB Brand Touch Switch
Sell  Dongguan (China)   25th Sep 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

been focusing on switch design and development for more than 20 years, and has a complete production line, advanced production equipment and testing requirements.XKB brand switch is beautiful and novel, compact structure, long life, high reliability, convenient installation, and can be customized according... ... read more »

How To Choose High Quality Touch Switches
Sell  Dongguan (China)   09th Aug 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

We live in the era of electrical appliances,various appliances have made our life more convenient,and the quality of life has also improved,but we feeling and sound.This feature is probably the most important item to consider when choosing a switch.Long service life of switch with a short travel of stainless steel has a longer life than phosphor copper. 4.Dustproof and waterproof function If your device will be exposed to certain environments... ... read more »

Io Digital
Business  New Delhi (India)   25th Sep 2020   Electronics and Telecommunication

to deliver real consequences for the virtual and real worlds. There are different services like Marketing bpo services , BPO services providers of Business process management in IO digital for more info you can visit from our website and get more services like this to enhance your business. https://www.iodigital.co/services.php... ... read more »

Handheld Multi Function Fusion Splicer X 800
Sell  Shanghai (China)   28th Jun 2017   Electronics and Telecommunication

and pluggable Li-battery, typical 200 cycles splicing and heating. Multi-function holder clamps, suitable for bare fibers, skin line cables, jumper cables etc.... ... read more »

SapphireSF11 CaF2 MgF2 Optical Lens
Sell  Changchun (China)   23rd Jan 2017   Electronics and Telecommunication

passing through the diameter of the rod will be focused into a line. We supply optical rod lens,specification of our rod lens as follow: Dimension... ... read more »

China XKB Brand Tact Switches
Business  Dongguan (China)   18th Sep 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

We are not unfamiliar with the tact switch,its application covers a wide range of industries, and it also enters into every corner of our daily life wall clock, computer, children toy, remote control, acoustics,which all have tact switches.The tact switch provides a lot of convenience for our life switch brand with long durability and high quality,after all, the quality of a switch is related to electricity consumption and safety in daily life... ... read more »

Ronak Circuits
Business  Gandhinagar (India)   02nd Oct 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

circuit boards, We are capable of 3 mil lines and 3 mil spacing, plus fine-pitch electrical testing.... ... read more »

Dial Code Switch Industry To Identify The Code Switch XKB Brand
Sell  Dongguan (China)   07th May 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

is very much, dial the code switch handle and life has become extremely critical, dial the code switch industry certification XKB brand, dedicated switch details, committed to high quality life, feel, make sex price at the same time pay more attention to details! More details on the product are available at: hello XKB:www.helloxkb.cn.... ... read more »

470nm Fiber Laser
Sell  Dongguan (China)   08th Jun 2017   Electronics and Telecommunication

: optional: 2kHz or higher (other requirements, up to 10kHz) Life expectancy (hours): 8000 Warranty period: one year... ... read more »

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