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Dial Code Switch Industry To Identify The Code Switch XKB Brand
Sell  Dongguan (China)   07th May 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

with black, red, blue. There are two states and three states. According to the number of digits, normal is 1-10 digits, 12 digits, and 11 digits states, and then makes different functions according to the different states of different bits. Actually dial the code switch in the market now... ... read more »

Development Of China Connector Market Under Trade War
Sell  Dongguan (China)   31st May 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

"Trade war" is one of the economic buzzwords of 2018,in March 2018, the President of the United States signed a presidential memorandum imposing tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States,this increased trade tensions and became another trade friction in the history of china-us trade ,subsequently, the friction continued to escalate and set off a trade war between China and the United States. The imposition of tariffs and the decline of the exchange rate were "unexpected disasters" for some domestic enterprises with the United States as the main exporter.What are the export prospects States includes a series of connectors such as optical fiber and cable connectors,in order to understand the views of some domestic connector manufacturers in the United States and Japan when purchasing. They will take these international leading brands into consideration first,and under in the future.The trade war between China and the United States has a negative impact on China's economic development,but there is no denying that China's... ... read more »

The Difference Between The Tact Switch And The Push Button Switch
Sell  Dongguan (China)   15th Nov 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

change the state of the switch contact without using much force to contact. After the switch power is withdrawn, it can only remain in the original state. Guangdong XKB technology company has been focusing on the production of high-quality tact switch for more than 20 years, and is a qualified... ... read more »

Brief Analysis Of Connector Industry Technology
Sell  Dongguan (China)   19th Feb 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

opportunities are also provided for connector manufacturers. Analysis of the overall technical status of the connector industry, Europe and the United States , Japan occupy the advantage. The United States is the connector standard setters, the basic technology, patent and market is a global leader, Europe... ... read more »

DHN Advertising Release System
Business  ??? (China)   20th Aug 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

restart, real-time screen capture, dynamic acquisition of each terminal working state. 4. Release content to achieve centralized management... ... read more »

What Standards Are Required For Qualified Tact Switches
Sell  Dongguan (China)   01st Mar 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

, such as the United States UL safety standards, has been accepted by many countries, many countries in the world through the UL certification of electronic products... ... read more »

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