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China XKB Brand Touch Switch
Sell  Dongguan (China)   25th Sep 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

and other household appliances.  touch switches are used to control the opening and closing of electric circuits. A touch switch is composed of five Speaking of touch switches, we are not unfamiliar,every day we come into contact with various kinds of touch switches, such as TV sets, computers specifications, etc.Touch switches have been widely used in electronic equipment and household appliances, such as audio-visual products, digital products part, touch switches are also updated rapidly, with more and more types and smaller and smaller size. Various small touch switches are being designed by changing the force of the shrapnel,a touch switch has advantages of low contact resistance load, accurate operating force error, diversified pen, laser pen keys, etc. With the development of power electronics technology, touch switch has been in great demand in recent years.As the basic constantly, and the material is also innovative, so the future market is promising. China touch switch identifies XKB brand,XKB manufacturer has been focusing on switch design and development for more than 20 years, and has a complete production line, advanced production equipment and testing requirements.XKB brand switch is beautiful and novel, compact structure, long life, high reliability, convenient installation, and can be customized according to customer requirements. For more information about switch products, please visit XKB official website:www.helloxkb.com China XKB brand touch switch... ... read more »

How To Choose High Quality Touch Switches
Sell  Dongguan (China)   09th Aug 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

household appliance due to the bad switch.So the quality of the switch is very important. Blow are 5 important considerations when choosing a touch not go for the cheapest price blindly , the prices will always adequate to the quality of the switches,we'd better choose a brand often hear someone complaining that the switch is broken again and the appliances stopped working,that's terrible.Sometimes you have to replace your switch. 1.Produced by a professional manufacturer Switch manufacturers are numerous and different manufacturers use different materials, please do that is a professional manufacturer. 2.Appearance,click feeling and click sound A good switch looks smooth and without scratches, besides,clicking the switch with proper strength to ensure flexible and a light click sound. We can roughly judge the quality of the switch shrapnel and travel according to the click feeling and sound.This feature is probably the most important item to consider when choosing a switch.Long service life of switch with a short travel and a light sound. 3.The material of the switch outside and inside Top quality material is more durable.Such as the inner and outer frame of the switch should be PC material,PC material has the characteristics of flame retardant, impact resistance and non-discoloration.The shrapnel that require dust prevention and water resistance, you should consider the switch with dustproof and waterproof function. 5.Quality certificate , specification card, warranty card. Strict factory inspection is also related to the switch quality that can not be ignored.The inspection method is sampling or totalinspection.At last, you'd better make sure the switch has 3C certification. XKB brand touch switch,using stainless steel shrapnel How to choose high quality touch switches... ... read more »

What A Waterproof Micro Switch
Sell  Dongguan (China)   04th Nov 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

the varieties switches one of the switches is called a micro switch because of the relatively small distance between contacts, which is also known Nowadays, electrical equipment is updated rapidly, and various switches are being upgraded and improved, which make our life more convenient,Among on product quality and driven by science and technology, XKB company constantly launches XKB switches and connectors to meet the market demand. XKB Official Website:www.helloxkb.com as a sensitive switch,with the improvement of people's safety awareness, more attention is paid to the protective performance of the switch,so is there a waterproof micro switch?of course there are,the following is the definition of the waterproof micro switch. The waterproof micro switch is a contact structure with tiny contact interval and quick movement mechanism, which makes the switch action with specified travel and specified force.In the type of the waterproof micro switch, compared with the semiconductor switch with the characteristics of the waterproof micro switch, the function of the switch is realized through the mechanical switch of the contact. Waterproof micro switch also has different classification, can be divided to achieve stable sealing,the waterproof micro switch can be used in places that will be wet or dusty, with different waterproof levels . The waterproof micro switch is widely used in cold, wet, dust and other harsh environments, such as automobile, spraying equipment, refrigerator, ice maker electronic parts service provider in China, specializing in research, development and production of various micro switch more than 20 years,based What a waterproof micro switch... ... read more »

What A Tact Switch What The Principle Of The Tact Switch
Business  Dongguan (China)   01st Sep 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

kinds of tact switches,seal straight plunger type light touch switch;LED high insulation resistance type light touch switch;super long life flat light As one of the most common electronic switches,tact switches are widely used in household appliances and electronic equipments for they are small sizes.Tact switches have been used in a variety of applications such as audio-visual products,digital products, remote control, communications products in size and light in weight.Blow is the definition and principle of the tact switch. What is a tact switch? A tact switch is an on/off  electronic switch that only has to be touched by an object to operate. It's the simplest kind of tactile sensor.They have a small footprint and come in many is the principle of the tact switch? What's so amazing about small electronic components that can control the entire electrical equipment? Let's talk about the structure of a touch switch from the top down, panel, button, shrapnel, pedestal, pins, the button is the place that external force exerting force through the cover board,the shrapnel is the core component of a touch switch,the pin refers to the connection between the light touch switch and the circuit. There are five pins of a switch,two pins as a group, the fifth pin plays a role of grounding function.Four pins lead through as the force to the switch,four pins do not connect in pairs when there is no external force pressure,at this point the switch is closed. There are many different touch switch;short stroke patch type light touch switch;Lateral operating straight plug switch and more,and here offer you some famous brands of the touch switch,OTTO,Panasonic,ALPS,XKB,C&K,APEM,Well Buying.Here welcome anyone of you to recommend good brands or suppliers and hope more progress of switch technology. More information about tact switch can be obtained from the technical staff of XKB manufacturer or visit XKB official website:www.helloxkb.cn What a tact switch What the principle of the tact switch... ... read more »

China XKB Brand Tact Switches
Business  Dongguan (China)   18th Sep 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

and fast after-sale service,The XKB manufacturer has provided many large enterprises with precision switch. XKB tact switches meet the requirements of safety, durability and waterproof,so its one of the recommended domestic brands. ,while which brand is the best? There are many tact switches in the market, and each brand has its own characteristics,some people blindly pursue We are not unfamiliar with the tact switch,its application covers a wide range of industries, and it also enters into every corner of our daily life wall clock, computer, children toy, remote control, acoustics,which all have tact switches.The tact switch provides a lot of convenience for our life imported brands, such as panasonic, Siemens and so on,someone is sideways in the pursuit of a switch appearance,however, you should choose the tact switch brand with long durability and high quality,after all, the quality of a switch is related to electricity consumption and safety in daily life . In fact, there are many high quality brands for the tact switch in China,and more cost-effective compared with imported brands. Here recommended domestic XKB brand, The quality of XKB tact switch is guaranteed.XKB brand tact switch use stainless steel shrapnel from Taiwan, Japan and other imported China XKB brand tact switches... ... read more »

Temperature Controlled Chamber By Temprature Controller With LCD Dispaly
Sell  Kowloon (Hong-kong)   28th Apr 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

? Functions * 1-channel temperature monitor * 1-channel pump speed control * 1-channel light control * Switches temperature from Celsius * POWER: Power switch * LIGHT: Light switch * PUMP: Pump switch * UP: Increases setting temperature * DOWN: Decreases setting temperature... ... read more »

The Basic Reasons For Tact Switch Lose Handfeeling After High Temperature
Sell  Dongguan (China)   06th Jun 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

is a switch that can be switched on instantly. It cannot be kept on for a long time when the high temperature is tested. Otherwise, quality problems may The tact switch is a common electronic switch, which is widely used by almost everyone every day,such as our usual electronic products,mobile phones in the market.A tact switch with good handfeeling will bring people with good product experience,and buyers are often concerned about the handfeeling of the switch,sometimes, we will hear some customers' reaction that the switch is lost handfeeling after the high temperature,what is the reason lead to poor handfeeling,while stainless steel shrapnel can feel the same after passing through the high temperature furnace. 2.The tact switch and 345? , the time should not exceed 2 seconds,DIP tact switch wave soldering temperature should not exceed 240? for 1.5 to 2 seconds or 235? for 3 to 5 seconds,SMT tact switch reflow soldering temperature shall not exceed 265 ? for 1.5~2 seconds or 260 ? for 2.5~5 seconds. 4.The switch may the handfeeling. Above is the basic reasons for tact switch lose handfeeling after high temperature, more questions please visit XKB official website and consult our online customer service:www.helloxkb.com. The basic reasons for tact switch lose handfeeling after high temperature... ... read more »

What Standards Are Required For Qualified Tact Switches
Sell  Dongguan (China)   01st Mar 2019   Electronics and Telecommunication

The tact switch market has been very bullish in the industry in recent years, the market demand is growing, the competition between the manufacturers tact switch products to meet the standards of certification. International standards: there are currently two international standardization safety performance are assured, allowing the import and use of this kind of goods. Tact switch manufacturer XKB electronic has passed the ISO9001 What standards are required for qualified tact switches... ... read more »

The World S Top 10 Connector Manufacturers
Business  Dongguan (China)   04th Aug 2018   Electronics and Telecommunication

Website:www.hirose-china.com.cn 8. China – XKB Guangdong XKB Technology Co.,Ltd is a chinese corporation specialized in research,production,and sales of switches... ... read more »

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