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Parthvi Desai
Business  Ahmedabad (India)   08th Feb 2018   Engineering

Filter-Concept is one of leading industrial filter and cartridge manufacturing company, working since 14 years and having large chain of industrial products like cartridges, filter bags, oil, gas, water, dust collector filters and filtration process and many more. Providing services all over the world.... ... read more »

Harmsco Industrial Filter
Sell  Chengdu (China)   02nd Jan 2017   Engineering

cartridge filter, Harmsco industrial sand filter, Harmsco industrial fuel filter, Harmsco industrial water strainers, Harmsco industrial liquid , industrial filter, water filter cartridges, air filter, reverse osmosis filter, reverse osmosis membranes, gas filter, fuel water separators, marine... ... read more »

Yupao Hydraulic Filters
Sell  Chengdu (China)   02nd Jan 2017   Engineering

liquid filters, Yupao hydraulic oil filter, Yupao high pressure hydraulic filter, Yupao hydraulic cartridge filter, Yupao inline hydraulic filter cartridge, air filter, reverse osmosis filter, reverse osmosis membrane, gas filter, fuel water separator, marine fuel water separator, air compressor... ... read more »

YOYIK Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensor TDZ 1 02
Sell  Deyang (China)   09th Apr 2019   Engineering

valve KJC80C-4.0P filter HX.BH-250*3Q Cartridge valve LC25A40E6X servo valve 760A185A CS-2 DEH speed sensor stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/200 .00.07A Cartridge valve F3-CVCS-16-D3-B29-10 A3H37-F-R-01KK-10 jacking oil pump mechanical trip valve F3DG5S2-062A-50-DFZK-V ZJ-20-T8B 1100*310*760... ... read more »

Dongfang Parts Mechanical Seal A108 45
Sell  Deyang (China)   26th Jun 2018   Engineering

Rectifier cabinet cooling fan EMB emergency trip Diaphragm valve solenoid valve 4WE6Y61/1C110N/4/V110VOC double cartridge filter 3PD110*250A25 Acuator LVDT Cartridge valve LC25A40E6X regeneration filter W.38.027 pressure hose SMS-12-2438mm-C mechanical seal A108-45 Deyang Dongfang Yoyik... ... read more »

Indonesia Power Plant Oil Pump Discharge Filter JCAJ001
Sell  Deyang (China)   14th Aug 2020   Engineering

BFP lube filter XLY-25-48W cellulose filter SH006 filter DF002 filter WU-800*180-J Filter MF1802A03HVP01 filter HX.BH-10*40 double cartridge filter HX.BH-40*20Q FILTER CARTRIDGE QTL-6021A diatomite filter HQ25.600.12Z filter FBX (TZ)-800*5 oil filter ZU-E100*40S Filter KLS-125T/20... ... read more »

Dongfang Units Spare HP Ball Valve W 01 A 0087
Sell  Deyang (China)   15th Jan 2018   Engineering

Temperature sensor(anti-friction) HY-GMV10.02 Cartridge valve O-ring HB4-56J8-72 J761-003 Servo valve O-ring HB4-56J8-95 J761-004 Servo valve Ball CV3-10-P-0-10 Cartridge valve GS020600V Solenoid valve HP ball valve W.01.A.0087 Deyang Dongfang Yoyik Engnieering Co;Ltd are Qualified Supplier... ... read more »

YOYIK Pt100 Temperature Gauge WZPK 921
Sell  Deyang (China)   20th Mar 2019   Engineering

filter SFAX.BH400*5 BFP double cartridge filter FRD.WSZE.74Q jacking oil pump A10VS0100DR/31R-PPA12NOO Barring gear sleeve D600A.231.113 filter FBX (TZ )-1300*1 pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-2438mm-C Cartridge valve LC16A10E6X AST solenoid valve 3D01A009 EH oil feeder filter GY300B*530 D660S+021000A... ... read more »

Power Plant Material Gas Turbine Actuator Filter CB13300 001V
Sell  Deyang (China)   21st Feb 2020   Engineering

WU-40*40L-G Sealing block D125A-265000A023 filter 0140D005BN3HC Hydraulic oil filter cartridge HDX 40x20 Cylinder Bolt 00D01009A009 Hose D600A -02D01V/-W MOP HEX BOLT M109-511000A003 FILTER CARTRIDGE QTL-6021A filter FAX (NX)-1000*20 oil retaining cover 2Q2317 filter LH0060D10BN/HC... ... read more »

Dongfang Generator Spare Cover 4QG1266
Sell  Deyang (China)   04th May 2017   Engineering

Oil pump Z1201030 Float switch 20FJ1.6P globe valve KHWJ50F-1.6P Bellows globe valve M165-241000C thermocouple LC16DB20D-6X Cartridge valve cover 4QG1266 [DFMY-2017-5-4-A]... ... read more »

Dongfang Turbine Thermal Expansion Monitor DF9032
Sell  Deyang (China)   08th Aug 2019   Engineering

, and other spare parts for steam turbine, turbine generator, boilers as follow: Spring D1000A-170000A007 Cartridge valve CV1-NG25-D20 non-return valve Monitor DF9032 filter WU-250*180-J L-shape Sliding block TGS22003-2 Facing Platinum Hot Resistance (WBV)D185A-690300A - Item 5 Cartridge valve... ... read more »

Turbine Generator Parts BLADDER NXQ A 25 31 5
Sell  Deyang (China)   20th Aug 2019   Engineering

coil CCP230D 22.3W 230VAC double cartridge filter 3PD110*250A25 Current/Voltage Converter LJB1 5A/10V 0.5 TPYseparation filter 1201652 LVDT Position Sensor C9231116 AST solenoid valve CCP115M Cartridge valve CV1-NG25-D20-L Rubber gasket for H2 cooler 3Q3897 Current Sensor Limit Switch KD10-1Z... ... read more »

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