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Perforated Filter Tube
Sell  Anping (China)   04th Dec 2017   Engineering

Perforated filter tube is made of galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy plate which is perforated with different hole size and various shaped holes on it,for instance round hole, square hole, oval holes,rectangular hole and hexagonal hole. We can provide perforated tubes in various hole shapes,. Hole type: round hole, elliptical hole, square hole, rectangular hole, hexagonal hole. Thickness: 0.5 mm to 10 mm. Diameter: 6 - 169 mm.... ... read more »

Vietnam Power Plant Filter Element DP1A601EA03V W
Sell  Deyang (China)   03rd Mar 2021   Engineering

Our company is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad wholeheartedly cooperation to create a better future! solenoid ball valve M-3SE10U20/315W220NZ5L Probe CWY-DO-20T08-3/8-24-F1-02-12-05 RPM CONTROLLER HZQW-O3E BENTLY Cable 330730-040-01-00 pressure hose stainless steel bellows globe valve 32FJ1.6P solenoid valve coil Z2804076 clean compound 1755EF sealing ring HB4-56J8-156 SERVO MOTOR G423-824A pressure hose SMS-12/15-305mm-C Optical Insolation panel (OP) B-TD00107A pressure hose SMS-10/20-1219mm-C pressure hose SMS-15-1829mm-B globe check valve (flange ) 65JC-1.6P pressure hose S110-AC-AC-0080 Filter element DP1A601EA03V/-W Capacitance Level Meter 705-510A-110/7MR-A110-136 sealant injector nozzle 5D463.338 T15C pressure hose S110-AC-FA-0250 mannual bellows globe valve 32FJ1.6P AST/OPC solenoid valve coil CCS115D differential pressure Regulating copper wire DSBEB-20/155 sealing ring HB4-56J8-157 Bimetal Thermometer WSS-481-Z-C epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3 Probe CWY-DO-810507 Hydraulic hose bolt heater ZJ-20-8B Rotation Speed Sensor CS-1 D-065-05-01 steam turbine generator sealing grease 53351JG Bimetallic Thermometer W07A0612A pressure hose -6-50-15 screw pump NM045BY01L06B Thermometer WSS-411, L=500 cushion YCZ50-250 55*75*130*28 fluoro rubber Pressure Switch 4NN-K5-M4-CIA pressure hose... ... read more »

Require Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine
Buy  Hyderabad (India)   08th Feb 2017   Engineering

hydralic hose crimping meachine Require hydraulic hose crimping machine... ... read more »

Vietnam Thermal Power Sealing Oil Differential Pressure Valve KC50P 97
Sell  Deyang (China)   01st Jun 2021   Engineering

We hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners in the related areas. DSG-02-2B2-N-A2 Emergency pump coupling cushion HSNH210-54 needle valve ZSRH-1500LbB EH oil solenoid valve 4WE6D62/EG220N9K4/V EH oil pump outlet hose 16G2AT-HMP (DN25)-DK025-1600 O-RING W.26.Z.000085 sealing ring HB4-56J8-07 pressure hose S110-AC-FC-0040 Mechanical shutoff valve W.01.Z.000608 baldder valve Z961H-50 vacuum pump seperator cover P-1836 O-ring W.26.Z.000085 globe valve SHV6 Insulation sleeve of collector ring Z1c001297S pressure hose C8689021 Gasket HZB253-640-03-07/part: 32 bellows globe valve core WJ25F1.6P.03 vacuum pump 30-WS Proportional valve DHZO-TE-071-S5-40 pressure hose 56J8-151 butterfly valve 100DOF4PB3 Moog servo valve G761-3605B pressure control valve F3-RG-06-D3-30 bladder 63l MOC: Neoprene & Butyle pressure hose MOTOR,PA FAN TY9100 BOTTOM OUTLET GATES (BOG) 25SCY14-1B SCREW PUMP HSNH210-36N stator cooling water pump YCZ65-250B Rubber gasket 4Q5440 pressure hose Butterfly valve K100DSF4PB3DN100PN1.6 HP trip solenoid valve 4WE6D62/EG220N9K4/V/60 Accumulator Bladder for EH Oil Tank NXQ-AB-10/31.5-L-E pressure hose... ... read more »

Dongfang Exclusive LVDT Sensor ZDET250B
Sell  Deyang (China)   15th May 2018   Engineering

turbine and generator as below: filter FBX-63*1 main sealing oil pump ACF070 PHV2BRN Differential pressure indicator BFP AC lube pump 70LY-3 pressure hose C9209031 sealing ring HB4-56J8-186 actuator non-return valve RCV12 CS-3F-M10-L55-1 Speed sensor 2L1367 Pulse amplification monitoring card pressure hose S110-AC-FC-0200 filter FAX-1000*30 F3384-6 man-hole gasket sealing ring HB4-56J8-71 RC861CZ090HYR24DC Pressure switch oil-return filter HY-125-002 steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-14 LVDT Sensor ZDET250B filter HQ25.12Z pressure hose S110-AC-FB-0050 pressure hose S110-AC-AL-0250 DP1A601EA03V HC9100FKS8Z D135A-171100B GLAND SEAL RING-2 oil filter Q3U-A250*5FS filter AX3E301-03D10V/F inlet filter C13-60*100B250BCB filter HX-160*30Q pressure hose... ... read more »

Power Plant Spare Parts Sealant Injector Hose SPK 2C
Sell  Deyang (China)   13th Aug 2019   Engineering

Power plant spare parts sealant injector hose SPK-2C Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader of industrial products. cooling water filter MSL-31 LVDT Position Sensor ZDET500B Regulating valve 125ZXQ016L13UEXERH oil-return filter SFX-850*20 EH oil pump outlet HP hose filter HQ25.03Z screw D00-010641A008 Pulse Amplifier and detecting 2L1367 Sensor 6000TDG-15-01-01 0-300mm coalesce filter LXM-15-11.2 Block with Hole High pressure ball valve RKH20S164465-EG W.01.A.0087 Bearing 6307 EH oil station air filter W.38.C.0048 Cooler sealing ring 4A3721 sealant injector hose Shaft Vibration Transmitter JX5121-02-50 Piston ring D185A-333000A trip solenoid valve 4WE6Y62/EG110N9K4/V Tracking Opening GZK-1010 sealant injector hose Power plant spare parts sealant injector hose SPK 2C... ... read more »

Indonesia Power System Vacuum Pump Reducer M01225
Sell  Deyang (China)   03rd Jun 2021   Engineering

125LY-40-B bellows globe valve 65FWJ1.6P Suction valve W204856-TFE, W207782-PVC , W207783-PVC EH oil accumulator bladder (WCT)B2320D-581000C pressure hose 1829mm-B Jet pipe Electro-hydraulic servo valve DJSV-003A High pressure accumulator assembly 0508.919T0601.AW EH oil feeder D15A-591000A pressure hose 1524mm-B globe valve 50FJ-1.6PA2 PRESSURE SWITCH TBN JACKING OI BPSN4KB25XFSH2 vacuum pump reducer M01225 piston pump F3-V10-1S6S-1C-20 pressure hose Signals D633 Series D633-7392 FLAT GASKET 2BE1 353 OZY4Z wet solenoid directional valve 3WE10A3X/CG110NZ4/V piston pump F3-V10-IS6S-IC-20 pressure hose Platinum Hot Resistance (WBV)D185A-690300 - Item 4 AST solenoid valve coil PAT5002253 piston pump PV29 2R50 000 Sequence valve F3-RG-06-D3-30 Throttling hole TFLW105-3000 Turbine Wheel shaft external bearing YOT51-09-00 profile seal 604/590*8.9 DEH system Circulating oil pump F3-V10-IS6S-1C-20 pressure hose SMS-10/N1/4-2438mm-C pressure hose SMS-15/N1/4-1524mm-B solenoid valve 4WE6D62/EG220N9K4/v/60 Single stage centrifugal pump YCZ50-160-BXG vacuum pump sealing gasket P-1264 pressure hose S110-AC-FB-0100 EH oil supply device HPU-V100/A pipe joint assembly YJM132-2000 gas valve kit accumulator charge Breather plug FA1D63-02-09 stator cooling water pump DFB125-80-260 servo valve R40K02M0NSP2 Low voltage accumulator assembly 0508.919T0602.AW pressure hose... ... read more »

Vietnam Thermal Power Globe Valve SHV6 4
Sell  Deyang (China)   15th Sep 2020   Engineering

We hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners in the related areas. item 6 2730-13-02 Accumulator NXQA-2.5/31.5-L Pump Wheel shaft internal bearing YOT51A-06-00 OPC solenoid valve AM-501-1-0149 EH oil pump outlet hose valve SV13-12V, 0-0-0-0, H016.14Z Connecting Rod U138Y061 globe valve SHV6.4 sealing ring HB4-56J8-186 ELECTRICAL ACTUATOR ZHB2500-25 pressure hose SMS-15/20-915mm-C solenoid valve SK7244 solenoid valve 2636200 vacuum pump rocker sealing P-1764-1 pressure hose SMS-12-2438mm-B Card DZXL-ZL-E-725 HP heater man-hole gasket DN420 (JG-2250-1) servo valve 078N210E Globe valve J61H-100 solenoid valve D1VW020HVZP75XB510 main oil pump motor PVH074... ... read more »

RTD Probe WZPK 323 Pt100 5 L 250
Sell  Deyang (China)   13th Feb 2019   Engineering

EH oil feeder D125A-591000A stator cooling water pump shaft DFB100-80-230 D135A-2181000A009 BALANCE BLOCK filter FBX-100*5 pressure hose SMS-10/N1/ 5 L=250 D1000A-798910B016 Thermal resistance Throttling hole board YZD33LG-4 pressure hose S110-AC-AC-0020 globe valve WJ20F1.6P bearing 125LY-35- 001A filter LH0160D020BN/HC solenoid valve 4WE6D62/EG220N9K4/V TDZ-1E-013 LVDT sensor 600MW turbine starting oil pump (MSP)volute 150LY-23 pressure hose SMS-15-1829mm-C Air filter BDE1000S2W2.X/-RV0.003 pressure hose SMS-15/20-1829mm-B RTD Probe WZPK-323 Pt100 ?... ... read more »

Vietnam Thermal Power Servo Valve G761 3033B
Sell  Deyang (China)   23rd Apr 2021   Engineering

We hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners in the related areas. 3033B-DF Shutoff valve F3RG03D330 Globe valve DKJ961Y-25 DC LUB OIL PUMP 125LY23-4 sealing ring HB4-56J8-152 SEAL KIT NXQ1-F16/20-H-HT pressure hose S110-AC-AL-0200 O-ring HZB253-640-03-09/part: 39 o-ring 190X3.55 pressure hose SMS-15/20-1524mm-B servo valve HY-SFF8.01 Gasket M206-261000A005 100 bellows globe valve (welded) WJ10F1.6PA O-RING W.26.A.0069 mannual bellows globe valve 40FJ1.6P Feedwater pump seals HPT300-340-07-02 pressure hose oil tank float valve BYF-80 Solenoid valve DBW10B-1-50B/315 6CG24N9Z5L Rotary valve HH62424DF32,2" Stainless steel stop valve WJ15F-1.6P pressure hose sealing ring HB4-56J8-18 SEAL OIL RING FOR BFPT D20.241.4Z Temperature sensor WZPM2-002 switch valve D20.765Z Grooved Gasket item 6 M7A pressure hose... ... read more »

Power Station Spare High Pressure Hose For Stator Cooling Water PumpYCZ50 250C
Sell  Deyang (China)   26th Feb 2019   Engineering

Power station spare High pressure hose for Stator cooling water pumpYCZ50-250C/L=600mm is a specific product for power plants from Dongfang Yoyik. valve steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-26 filter FRD.5TK6.8G3 HP DC oil pump R900086338, PGH4-21/020LE11VU2, FD:68726 filter SFBX-1300*3 pressure hose S110-AC-FA-0040 cellulose filter HPU-S100C filter ZL12X-122/180 pressure hose SMS-12/15-1829mm-B BFP lube Duplex oil filter LY-48/25W stator cooling water coupling DFB125-80-250 pressure hose SMS-10/20-1219mm-C filter LH0660R10BN/HC High pressure hose for Stator cooling water pumpYCZ50-250C/L= 31.5-H accumulator bladder D0800.1107 Seal Ring EH oil filter 21-20113-3E honeycomb filter SS-C01S50 filter SFX-330*3 EH oil main pump inlet metal hose outlet filter HQ25.600.14Z High pressure hose for Stator cooling water pumpYCZ50-250C/L=600mm Deyang Dongfang Yoyik Engnieering Co;Ltd are Qualified Power station spare High pressure hose for Stator cooling water pumpYCZ50 250C... ... read more »

Steam Turbine Parts Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF230N
Sell  Deyang (China)   23rd Nov 2020   Engineering

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant : #DF-Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF230N-DF pressure hose SMS-10/N1 lube pump impeller 125LY-35-4 vacuum pump front bearing P-1825 one-way valve DIF-L20H EH oil main pump PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A pressure hose SMS-15/20-2438mm-C CIRCUIT BREAKER ZN63A-VS1-12/T-1250-40 electric thruster ETJ-DB AST solenoid valve CCP115M relief valve 98H 3" pressure hose S110 225B-121CAAA EH oil Circulating coupling F3-V10-1S6S-1C20 sealing ring HB4-56J8-141 jacking oil pump HGP-22AF3R Seal ring W.26.Z.001270 pressure hose stainless steel bellows globe valve 40FWJ1.6P bearing 6308 C3 SKF OPC solenoid valve Z2804076 servo valve 73E.321Z-7 sealing ring HB4-56J8-83 pressure hose SMS-15/20-1524mm-C SEAL KIT NXQ1-F16/20-H-HT O-ring W.26.A.0055 STEAM SEAL RING HP D300N-100100ARN pressure hose SMS-10-3048-C pressure hose SMS- double-screw bolt D600B-271000A005 Accumulator NXQA-10/315-L-Y OPC solenoid valve GS060600V Accumulator bladder and seal ring NXQ-A-16/20-L-Y pressure hose Solenoid valve 4WE10D50/EG220N9K4/M Floating Bearing Locknut Nash TC-46, 119-1 valve DBEM 10-50/200 YG 24 NZ4M heater HY-CYQ-2.4-380/3 pressure hose valve coil CCP115M 19W 115VDC generator air gap baffle self-lock nut 2Q2398-3 EH oil accumulator bladder (WCT)B2320D-581000C EH oil pump outlet HP hose DC Emergency pump sealing ring (impeller) 125LY-23 Grooved Gasket item 6 M7A solenoid valve G761-3033B Gasket M206-261000A043 EH oil pump outlet hose... ... read more »

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