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Dongfang Generator Spare Connecting Plate 4QG1265
Sell  Deyang (China)   04th May 2017   Engineering

Dongfang generator spare connecting plate 4QG1265 is a model for DEC power units particularly supplied by Dongfang Yoyik. We offer orginal Dongfang steam turbine and generator using spare parts, also different parts of other turbine and generators as below: connecting plate DZ3.5.1-95 Double end thermocouple ZJ-20-48 bolt heating rods for steam turbines 480*490*0.9 corrugated plate ZJ-22-50 bolt heating rods for steam turbines Pilot-operated pressure reducing valve D00.050.087 HANGER PIN LVDT TDZ-1-H 0-200 Acuator LVDT TD-1 0-150 LVDT sensor 8SH-6 Industrial pump connecting plate Dongfang generator spare connecting plate 4QG1265... ... read more »

Customized Spare GLUE INJECTING GUN 05C2420
Sell  Deyang (China)   08th Jul 2020   Engineering

10 insulating plate 1.5*1000*2000 end cap Sealant 15002752 rotor aluminum slot wedge 3Q6189 carbon brush YD374N 20*25*40mm H-grade varnished glass injector KH-35 Semiconductor High resistance varnish HEC56616 sealant injector 04C4824 insulating board 2Q2353 epoxy semi-conductive glass fiber plate Part: 507 insulating plate DECJ0707 LR anti-corona varnish 1243 Sensor LVDT HL-6-200-15 GLUE INJECTING GUN 05C2420 alkali-free glass fiber strip 12 end cap Sealant 53351JG RTV epoxy adhesive DECJ0708 Filter CB13299-002V RTV epoxy adhesive DECJ1102 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377 4 insulating plate 1000mm*2000mm*1mm red insulating varnish thinner 233 RTV epoxy adhesive DECJ0139 terylene fiberglass strip ? 3 CYLINDER HYDRAULIC B1320B-333000A Shaft kit for sealing for Dome Valve DN200 surface Sealant SWG-2 epoxy glass cloth Laminate plate HEC3240 F-class... ... read more »

Turbine Generator Parts Epoxy Adhesive 792
Sell  Deyang (China)   09th Jul 2020   Engineering

15-E RTV epoxy adhesive DECJ0708 sealant SWG-2 LR anti-corona varnish 130 Solvent-free insulating varnish 8904 F-class LVDT Sensor TD-1-35 Steel plate paper No.1 2Q5394 No.9 grease gun nipple G.NPL.BH-R1/4 insulating box filling adhesive DECJ0978 insulating plate 1.5*1000*2000 Gasket HZB253-640-03 tube 4Q9311 Impregnated Polyester glass fiber strip 215 head slot wedge 3Q6194 VALVE ROD D600B-265500A006 OIL CONTROL RING FA1B56-A2-102761A Steel plate ; material rubber i-2 epoxy potting adhesive 881 Switch HQA667386BD/99K grease gun nipple G.NPL.BH-R1/4 epoxy phenolic resin Laminate glass cloth plate valve J961H-25 Globe valve J61H-150LB DIRECTIONAL CONTOL VALVE T22BH-B6H epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3 STEM D74.16B,ITEM NO-3 insulating plate 30 clean compound 1755EF grease gun nozzle 5D463.338 T15C aluminum bronze slot wedge orging-blank 3Q6191 mannual sealant injector KH35 corrugated plate... ... read more »

SMT Pick Place Machine
Sell  Shenzhen (China)   08th Mar 2018   Engineering

Loader, conveyor, semi-auto/full-auto stencil printer, pick&place machine, reflow oven, unloader, AOI SMT Pick Place machine... ... read more »

Power Plant Using Precision Transient Speed Monitor DF9011
Sell  Deyang (China)   06th Nov 2020   Engineering

curing epoxy adhesive 841 Semiconductor dipping adhesive 898 Filter LH0110D*BN3HC manhole sealing gasket JG-950-2 surface Sealant DE82-2 insulating plate 1000mm*2000mm*1.5mm oil proof rubber board 3707 surface Sealant DE82-2 grease gun nipple G.NPL.BH-R1/4 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377 -8 0.2*39.4*671 generator EC-847 Adhesive 1Q1602-23 RTV epoxy adhesive 792 epoxy Polyester air-drying clear varnish 9120 glass fiber corrugated plate 102761A TiteSeal Hydrogen sealing Sealant T25-75 steam turbine generatorcarbon brush NCC634 25*32*100 steam turbine cylinder heat sealant insulating plate HEC-51106 coated Glass fabric DECJ0703 H-class insulating box filling adhesive 136 Rotational speed monitor DF9011 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 11 1.5*39.4*671 Silicon steel sheets adhesive Y137 AB=3.8:1.2 HVAC Clamp Meter Fluke 902 FC room temp curing coating adhesive HEC-56102 insulating plate ANALYZER S-H2 connecting borad 08D6143 insulating washer 4J8922 Ejection oil solenoid valve 2YV Glass tape DFCJ1319 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate... ... read more »

Power Plant Spare Parts GASKET 4Q5440
Sell  Deyang (China)   06th Nov 2020   Engineering

Y135 adhesive Y136 slot wedge & strip assembly 2Q2939 ELECTRICAL ACTUATOR ZHB2500-25 Silicon steel sheets adhesive 137 Transposition filling mica plate 1G epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3 generator slot Sealant WH53351JG GASKET 4Q5440 Sealant HDJ-892 injector for Generator QFSN-350-2 Steel plate temperature double-screw bolt D600B-271000A027 rotor slot wedge 3Q6197 Speed sensor CS-1 STG Jack Oil inlet filter( Big) DQ6803GA20H1.5C corrugated plate 480*490*0.9 insulation sleeve 21*16.5*16 sealant grease MF-2 epoxy novolac Silicon steel sheets varnish 133 RTV silicon rubber 708 Laminated plate 1Q1634 metal spiral gasket D600B-261000A006 moderate temperature curing dipping Polyester felt HEC51402 TDBFP AC LUBE OIL PUMP 70LY-34x2-2 Steel plate... ... read more »

Indonesia Power Plant PET Sleeve Fiberglass Strip 10
Sell  Deyang (China)   31st Aug 2020   Engineering

5 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377-7 1.5*39.4*666 Linseed oil for Turbine casing joint surface Pounds Per Gallon -8.03 Card DZXL-ZL-E-735 20 Room temperature epoxy adhesive 841 Sensor Speed DF6101-005-065-01-03-00-00 Epoxy glue DFCJ0801 sealant injector 3.463.338 corrugated plate 480 10 Polyester fiberglass tape 0.15*25 1Q1602-22 epoxy semi-conductive glass fiber plate 9332 0.25*23.2*870 epoxy varnish HEC56702 LVDT of ICV DET400A Gate valve Z961H-30 slot wedge Corrugated strip 3Q7737 epoxy glass cloth plate 3240 insulating board 2Q2352 Stem item 4a 2729-13-401-01 linear differential resistance semi-conductive glass fiber tape FB-1 insulating washer Position sensor HTD-150-3 FLEXIBLE CLAMP RING Part: 801 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 25*34 Cylinder sealing grease DFSS-1 2.5KG Slot Wedge 3F14271.1 rubber plate Epoxy dipping adhesive 792 alkali-free fiberglass tape ET100 SWTCH 188 head slot wedge 4Q9188 epoxy powder mica tape HECS5440 PIN D600B-265400A002 Steam turbine gas turbine actuator filter CB13300-001V Laminated plate... ... read more »

Girth Tank Welder
Sell   (China)   09th May 2017   Engineering

reused. left and right driving ensure the two way welding and imporve the efficient, the Humanized design of cartege, covered by all weather Aluminum plate thickness of plate? 8-80mm 2?Type of steel ?all steel stucture 3?shape of groove? V or K 4?seam ?horizional and girth seam 5?width of plate ?... ... read more »

Perforated Filter Tube
Sell  Anping (China)   04th Dec 2017   Engineering

Perforated filter tube is made of galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy plate which is perforated with different hole size and various shaped holes Then the plate is shaped into a semicircle, and the end semicircle plate is welded durably with another semicircle together.... ... read more »

Power Plant Spare Parts Back Plate For Servo Controller DF ZXB2
Sell  Deyang (China)   09th Sep 2019   Engineering

Power plant spare parts Back plate for servo controller DF-ZXB2 Yoyik is specialized in manufacturing and providing components for turbines, coal-fired T20613-2009 globe valve SHV10 solenoid valve D12T11GOP relief valve 98H insulating bolt 4Q7722 Vibration Probe TM0180-A05-B05-C05-D10 Sealing press plate D00.050.048 Back plate for servo controller DF-ZXB2 pressure regulating valve DB20-2-52/315E precision filter HPLD-051X lube filter LY-48/25W-40 589700A AC motor driven pump 65Y60A manhole sealing gasket JG-950-1 LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1E-43 0-135 Shaft Sealing Ring CFW2 insulating cover plate 200-2 Gap Sensor Power Supply CJCP-15 Probe CWY-DO-813507 AST solenoid valve 3D01A011 oil pump interlock test solenoid valve SV1-10V-C-0-00 Back plate Power plant spare parts Back plate for servo controller DF ZXB2... ... read more »

Vietnam Thermal Power F Grade Insulating Glass Fiber Plate 1Q4377 11
Sell  Deyang (China)   19th Feb 2021   Engineering

Vietnam Thermal Power F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377-11 Our company mainly serves thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, metal YOYIK offers all types of spare parts for thermal power plant as below: #DF-F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377-11 1.5*39.4*671-DF Room temperature cooler sealing strip insulating washer 4B149 detergent ZOK 27 E-glass fiber tape ET100-25 head slot wedge 4Q9188 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 8 epoxy RTV adhesive HDJ-102 slot wedge 3Q6204 elastic Corrugated plate insulating pin 4Q8370 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377-11 1.5* Vietnam Thermal Power F grade insulating glass fiber plate 1Q4377 11... ... read more »

Indonesia Power Plant Vibration Speed Sensor SDJ SG 2H
Sell  Deyang (China)   10th Nov 2020   Engineering

varnish 944 generator end cap sealing grease T2075 SEAL OIL RING FOR BFPT D20.241.4Z Seal shaft sleeve Part 303 Ejection oil solenoid valve 2YV Steel plate paper 1Q4858 No.40 High temperature double-screw bolt D600B-271000A027 THERMOMETER WTYY-1020 covering varnish 1230 epoxy glass cloth Laminate plate Insulation gasket 3Q4557 slot Sealant HDJ892 Globe valve J61Y-40V Globe valve J961H-50 Pressure Gauges YQFN-100 Insulating paint DFCJ0701 epoxy bottom plate SEAL OIL RING FOR BFPT D20.241.8Z epoxy resin 618 surface Sealant SWG-2 ELECTRICAL ACTUATOR ZHB2500-25 insulating tube 4Q9311 F-grade soft mica plate Turbine - Speed Transduccer SZCB-01-B01 end cap rubber sealing bar 16 Tongma Epoxy Glass Powder Mica Tape 5440-1H F-grade insulating glass fiber plate tape ET100 2440 0.1*25 Pump Wheel shaft external bearing YOT51A-05-00 O-RING Part: 709 mannual grease gun KH-32 epoxy semi-conductive glass fiber plate... ... read more »

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