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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh
Sell  Dezhou (China)   06th Dec 2018   Metals and Minerals

Concrete reinforcement mesh consists of pieces of wire or rebar welded together to form a grid pattern. The size of the grid pattern is typically 4-inch-by-4-inch up to 8-inch-by-8-inch. This type of reinforcement is used to minimize shrinkage cracking in the surface of the concrete. ... read more »

Supply Magnetic Separator For Processing Wet Iron Ore
Sell  Shanghai (China)   05th Dec 2018   Metals and Minerals

Operating principle of Magnetic separator: When the ore pulp folw into the magnetic field, the strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the drum. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are cast off and discharged, while the strong magnetic minerals on the surface of the drum rotate with the drum and will be brought out of magnetic field to complete the sorting operation. Features of Magnetic separator: high magneic intensity energy saving 40% Short magnetic circuit IS ... read more »

Suspension Bridge Railing Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Stainless Steel Suspension Bridge Railing Rope Mesh Suspension bridges are the great projects of humans. And a suspension bridge is made up of three components: deck (the load-bearing portion), railing and suspension cables. The railings of many suspension bridges are made of stainless steel rope mesh, namely stainless steel suspension bridge railing mesh. Why stainless steel rope mesh can play so important role? Because it has many incomparable features: light weight and soft. Stainless st ... read more »

Chain Link Helideck Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Chain Link Helideck Mesh - Alternative to Rope Helideck Mesh The chain link helideck meshes are installed onto the white frame. Chain link helideck mesh is widely used as security fence for helideck project. As we all know, the helideck mesh must have high tensile strength and durable life to bear the high load of the helideck and complex using environments. And the common type helideck mesh is rope helideck mesh, which is made of several twisted fine stainless steel wires. The stainless st ... read more »

Rope Helideck Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Rope Helideck Mesh - Stainless Steel Rope Mesh for Helideck Safety on offshore helidecks is a very important issue. Rope helideck mesh is developed to reduce the accident risk and ensure the safety of offshore helicopter passengers. Then what is rope helideck mesh? Rope helideck mesh is a stainless steel safety net system which is the surrounded structures of offshore helicopter landing deck. However, rope helideck mesh cannot be used for anti-skid helicopter landing deck net. Rope helideck ... read more »

Balustrade Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Balustrade Mesh - SS Rope for Stair and Balcony Balustrade Stainless steel rope mesh is ideal for balustrade infill, namely stainless steel balustrade rope mesh, such as stair balustrade, balcony balustrade and passage balustrade. Stainless steel balustrade rope mesh has rhombic openings and beautiful appearance, and it can combine with other structures perfectly. What's more, stainless steel balustrade rope mesh is soft but firm, so it can protect people from dropping. Besides, it is very flex ... read more »

Decoration Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Decoration Mesh from Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Stainless steel rope mesh has wide application in many fields of our life, such as zoo mesh, aviary mesh, and stainless steel rope mesh green wall. And it is also used as stainless steel decoration rope mesh which includes indoor decoration and outdoor decoration. It is usually used in curtain wall, car exhibition hall, LED decoration and brand decoration. Why it is so popular in decoration industry? The reason is that it has many advantages below: ... read more »

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Green Wall
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Rope Mesh Green Wall Protects Building Wall Effectively Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Green wall is becoming more and more popular in modern buildings and it has become a new method for greening in recent years. So what is stainless steel rope mesh green wall? Stainless steel rope mesh green wall is that people use stainless steel rope mesh to plant the green plants on the wall or in large buildings. Stainless steel rope mesh green wall provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution ... read more »

Aviary Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Aviary Mesh - Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Home of Birds As we all know, the feather of birds is very fragile and need to be protected. So it is the problem that you have to consider when choose the protective mesh for birds. What's more, the netting must provide enough space for birds to make them live more comfortably. Then how to solve these problems? Don't worry about it anymore, and we can help you. Stainless steel aviary rope mesh we manufactured is the best choice for birds, because it h ... read more »

Zoo Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Zoo Mesh Makes Visitors Enjoy Animals Safely Zoo is the place where animals live and visitors watch animals. Some fierce animals are large, so common zoo mesh is difficult to guarantee the safety of visitors and prevent the animals from being damaged at the same time. But the stainless steel rope zoo mesh of our company can solve the problem properly. It creates good living environment for animals, and it can make visitors watch animals better at the same time. Above all, it can ensure the safe ... read more »

Slope Protection Rope Mesh
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Slope Protection Rope Mesh - Adapts to Any Slope Terrain Slope protection rope mesh is mainly used to prevent rocks from falling onto roads, railways and other structures. Besides, it can prevent various slope geological disasters, such as snow slide, slope erosion and flying rocks. Slope protection rope mesh is made up of two layers mesh: the inner is gabion mesh or chain link mesh and the outer is stainless steel knotted rope mesh or stainless steel ferrule rope mesh. It is unrolled or draped ... read more »

Anti Theft Backpack Protector
Sell  Hengshui (China)   22nd Nov 2018   Metals and Minerals

Anti-theft Backpack Protector - Never Rust and Safe You may have to leave your backpack behind when you are traveling in some occasions. But it may be stolen. Many people worry about this problem. So how to solve it? We have manufactured specialized products to eliminate people's anxiety. That is stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector. Put your backpack in the stainless steel rope mesh, close it and lock it to a fixture that you think to be safe. The stainless steel rope mesh c ... read more »

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