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Easy Installation And Maintain Artificial Grass Tiles
Buy  Haining (China)   08th Dec 2017   Others

Easy Installation And Maintain Artificial Grass Tiles,Website:http://www.jsgrass.com,Landscape Grass ... read more »

U Shape Outdoor Artificial Grass For Landscaping Synthetic Grass For Garden
Buy  Haining (China)   26th Oct 2017   Others

U Shape Outdoor Artificial Grass For Landscaping Synthetic Grass For Garden,Website:http://www.jsgrass.com,Landscape Grass ... read more »

French Style Wooden Dinning Room Antique Leather Armchair
Buy  Haining (China)   29th Dec 2017   Others

french style antique leather chair url:http://www.factorydirectfurniture.net ... read more »

Synthetic Football Turf
Buy  Haining (China)   01st Jun 2018   Others

Jiangsen has supplied a number of municipalities, colleges, universities, and school districts with synthetic turf for use in intramural play fields. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Artificial Turf Landscaping
Buy  Haining (China)   01st Jun 2018   Others

artificial turf landscaping is soft density that gives you the beautiful, low-maintenance artificial turf of your dreams. Lush and lifelike, the synthetic surface utilizes a soft polyethylene UV protected synthetic fiber to produce a realistic "fresh cut" appearance combined with a soft, pleasing feel. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Garden Grass
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

Since the early 1990s, the use of synthetic grass in the more arid western states of the United States has moved beyond athletic fields to residential and commercial landscaping. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Grass Turf Artificial
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

Here at JSGrass we have found the perfect mix, with different types, shades and pile heights to suit everyone's needs. Gone are the back breaking days of weeding, cutting, mowing, fertilising, watering etc. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Backyard Turf
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

Here are a few pictures as promised. We are very pleased with the Artificial Grass. We were not too sure at first on what to do with my young dog killing the grass. I tried patching it up but nothing worked. The Artificial Grass looks amazing and there is no more grass cutting, feeding or weeding. Even the dog loves it! The price was good and your customer service is excellent. Highly recommended and thank you! I will be certainly giving my friends your address." url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Synthetic Turf
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

Quality standards are a prominent topic in the synthetic grass industry. This is especially important for safety flooring, school playgrounds and sports turf where expectations are so much higher. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Plastic Grass Turf
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

FIFA designated a star system for artificial turf fields that have undergone a series of tests that examine quality and performance based on a two star system.[15] Recommended two-star fields may be used for FIFA Final Round Competitions as well as for UEFA Europa League and Champions League matches url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Outdoor Turf Grass
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

Maximum enjoyment, low maintenance: that’s Royal Grass. Normal grass will grows when regularly watered. But three weeks of drought will wither the grass, whereas three weeks of rain will make it grow through the roof! Artificial grass for lawns doesn’t grow, no matter what the weather conditions are. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

Artificial Putting Grass
Buy  Haining (China)   22nd Jun 2018   Others

Synthetic turf can also be used in the golf industry, such as on golf ranges, putting greens and even in some circumstances tee boxes. Because of the vast areas of golf courses and the damage from clubs during shots, it is not feasible to surface fairways with artificial turf. url:http://www.jsgrass.com ... read more »

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