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High Density Insulation Glasswool Blanket Heat Preservation Roll Price
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

Aerogel felt is one of the best insulating materials till now, mainly used in building insulation, such as Ground insulation. Generally, a 10mm thick aerogel insulation blanket is laid on the ground or an aerogel insulation blanket is laid under the indoor floor of the house to improve the indoor insulation effect. At present, high-performance aerogel insulation felts have fewer building materials. Joda has developed a high-quality aerogel insulation felt building energy-saving sheet, which ha ... read more »

Pbo Para Aramid Industrial Felt Pad Manufacturer
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

Description PBO felt pad is made of high temperature fiber PBO + Kevlar fiber + high temperature fabric.Considering the discharge port’s temperature is very high,and will have high density requirements,so the PBO block will be involved in a middle layer of high temperature fabric, so that Acupuncture will be better,each layer of cotton to better stab together, finished product density will increase. In general, pure PBO felt blocks (made of 100% PBO fibers) are more suitable for aluminum extr ... read more »

Thermal Transfer Printing Equipment Blanket
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   06th Jul 2019   Others

Thermal transfer printing equipment Blanket, also called endless seamless blanket, endless loop blanket tape, is made of 100% nomex fiber, the maximum temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, due to the special process, so there have no joints and it is the real seamless , the surface is more smooth, and has acid, alkali, heat, cold, abrasion, oil, burning resistance, high temperature, flame retardant, heat, non-slip, moisture, anti-static, anti-corrosion and other features. - Materials: Nomex fib ... read more »

PBO Kevlar High Temperature Felt For Aluminium Aluminum Extrusion
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   22nd Jul 2019   Others

PBO Kevlar high temperature felt for aluminium Aluminum Extrusion SEAMLESS FELT BELTS SEAMLESS FELT BELTS ,also called endless belts,seamless belts, are endless conveyor belts for high temperature, specially designed for the aluminium industry. With the development of the experience,now enables our product to offer the extrusion industry the high-tech belts for cooling tables of extrusion presses. ADVANTAGE 1 Heat resistant up to 550?; 2 No elongation under high tension and heavy load; 3 ... read more »

Economic Orange Pvc Protective Tape 50mmx50m
Buy  Shijiazhuang (China)   15th Sep 2020   Others

Economic orange pvc protective tape 50mmx50m Description:Economic orange protective tape is good pvc film coated by high performance pressure sensitive adhesive. With excellent adhesion and flexibility. It is highly conformable and unaffected by most chemicals and moisture.Specifications: LTP1550PropertyValueUnitTest MethodTotal thickness0.15mmASTM-D-1000Tensile strength22N/cmASTM-D-1000Elongation at break150%ASTM-D-1000Adhesion strength1.5N/cmASTM-D-1000Unwind force2-4N/cmASTM-D-1000Date in tab ... read more »

Cream Light Grey Colorful Custom Made Hvac Joining Wrapping Tape 48mmx12m
Buy  Shijiazhuang (China)   15th Sep 2020   Others

Cream light grey colorful custom made HVAC joining wrapping tape 48mmx12mSpecification:Air conditioning pipe insulation tape are of  good flame-retardant, water proof performances. They can be widely used in various kinds of  household air-conditioners, central air-conditioning units. In addition, it is convenient in work ,neat and good-looking in appearance ,and with out pollution.Product Description:Thickness: 0.11mm~0.30mmLength: 3m~50m, jumbo/ log rollExtension rate: 150~220%Use voltage: 2 ... read more »

Red Yellow Green Brown White Blue Grey Colored Rainbow Packing Vinyl Electrical Tape
Buy  Shijiazhuang (China)   15th Sep 2020   Others

Red yellow green brown white blue grey colored rainbow packing vinyl electrical tape Insulation tapes consist of plasticized PVC foundation with adhesive coatingInsulation tape is widely used in industrial production, repair, household, automobile works etc. for electrical insulation; it is also utilized for tying up and fastening of wires, assemblage of such wires in twisted strips; different colors enable to mark wires; the tape is used for cable strengthening, mechanical protection of cable ... read more »

Nanometer Aerogel Insulation
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

Nanometer microporous aerogel insulation is a new type of material obtained by a series of physical and chemical reactions with SiO2 particles with a diameter of several tens of nanometers, combined with infrared sunscreen and fiber. It contains a large number of nano-scale micropores inside. It has a very low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is 6 to 10 times that of traditional materials (ceramic fiber, calcium silicate, rock wool, etc.), thermal conductivity rises very litt ... read more »

3mm 6mm 10mm Insulation Glass Fiber Aerogel Blanket
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

The aerogel has a three-dimensional network microstructure, which has special properties such as low density, low thermal conductivity, high specific surface area, and high acoustic impedance, so that it is insulated, soundproofed, hydrogen storage, The field of catalysis and other fields has a good application prospect. Below we mainly look at the application of aerogel in the field of building energy efficiency. Nano aerogel felt advantages: 1. Excellent heat insulation effect The aerogel ... read more »

Heat Insulation Aerogel Blanket For Construction Pipelines
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Others

The aerogel felt has the advantages of high heat insulation and hydrophobicity, and is an ideal pipe insulation material. The aerogel felt has good flexibility and tensile strength and compressive strength, and the construction is convenient and quick. In addition, the overall hydrophobicity of the aerogel felt makes the thermal conductivity of the whole use period almost unchanged. Compared with traditional insulation materials, the aerogel insulation structure has better insulation performance ... read more »

PBO Kevlar Roller For Aluminium Extrusion
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   22nd Jul 2019   Others

PBO Kevlar roller for aluminium extrusion The Felt Roller (tube) is made of the fabric, PBO + KEVLAR it is heat resistant, the work temperature can up to be 600 ? The diameter can the thickness can be customized as the buyers requirement The colour is usually White, light yellow, yellow, brown,also can be customized Specification Material: PBO + KEVLAR Work Temperature: 600? Size: Make-to-order Usage: Aluminum Extrusion Initial Table Color: Brown + Yellow Hardness: Adding Resin Or N ... read more »

Thermal Performance Aerogels Panels For Subsea Oil Pipelines
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   06th Jul 2019   Others

Thermal Performance Aerogels Panels For Subsea Oil Pipelines The building insulation material with good thermal insulation effect can prevent the heat from being transmitted to the floor and dissipated to the neighbors, ensuring that the heat is transmitted to the room in a single direction. The index reflecting the thermal conductivity of building insulation materials is the thermal conductivity. The factors affecting the thermal conductivity of the material are material, porosity, opening sta ... read more »

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