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Rolled Seamless Gr1 Gr2 Gr4 Gr9 Titanium Tube And Pipe Threaded
Buy  Xian (China)   12th Dec 2017   Others

Titanium seamless tube is processed by the breakdown of titanium ingots, extruding to titanium tube billet. Then produce titanium tubes to appropriate size with series of processes such as multiple rolling, annealing, pickling, and grinding technology. Our advanced production techniques meet the technical standard of ASTM B337, ASTM SB338, and ASTM B861. Our offer is 20$ url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

USat Fixed Flat Satellite Terminal Ku Band
Buy  Xian (China)   21st Nov 2017   Others

The fixed Ku band uSat flat terminal is integrated by a thin,Website:http://www.chinastarwin.com, high gain Ku band flat array antenna panel, BUC & LNB, satellite router module from Hughes, ViaSat, iDirect or any others which are used by customers. All units are mounted on antenna panel and sealed by a special metal shield. It is the flat antenna with slotted waveguide array technology, lead satellite antenna to new form. And combine the Modem, BUC, LNB together with flat antenna, making it a c ... read more »

Heel Spur Pain Relief Patch Herbal Calcaneal Spur Rapid Heel Pain Relief Patch Foot Care Treatment Plaster
Buy  Xian (China)   08th Dec 2017   Others

Welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality heel spur pain relief patch herbal calcaneal spur rapid heel pain relief patch foot care treatment plaster for sale from China-herbs. Our medicine and treatment are of great beneficial to relive your symptoms and can solve your problem. Don't hesitate any more. url:http://www.tcmwholesale.com ... read more »

Intelligent Prestressed Tension
Buy  Xian (China)   01st Dec 2017   Others

Mainly used in bridges,Website:http://www.ztmineequipment.com, tunnels, hydroelectric dams, water aqueducts, buildings, steel components, such as a variety of first pull or post-tensioning prestressed construction. Characteristics? 1, two-way tension synchronization is good 2, the oil pump into the oil rate can be loaded 3, the precise control of prestressed, power memory, continued to work when power connected again, can be completed after the tension in the tension. 4, automatically cal ... read more »

Hot Sale Nickel Titanium Alloy Welding Wires Filler Electrode Rod
Buy  Xian (China)   08th Dec 2017   Others

The invention relates to a medical binding suture, in particular to the binding suture manufactured by adopting titanium-nickel memory alloy wires as a raw material. For the titanium-nickel memory alloy binding suture, excellent biocompatibility of memory alloy and nonmagnetic property of the memory alloy are utilized, and a special processing technology is adopted for causing the material to generate denaturation, so that the aims of non-shape memory restoration function characteristic and good ... read more »

Piston Rock Splitter Demolition Of Hard Rocks Without Vibration Sound Or Shocks
Buy  Xian (China)   13th Nov 2017   Others

Piston Rock Splitter|Demolition of hard rocks without vibration,Website:http://www.ztmineequipment.com,sound, or shocks These splitters are piston type cylinders with piston rods inside Qty from 3 -12 pcs A manual type cylinder is light and portable for hand-held operation. A mechanical type cylinder is heavy and controlled by excavator only. Different size of diameter is available for the user's convenience. Each piston rod produces splitting force of 31 tons. Predrilled hole size of 10 ... read more »

Mobile Satellite TV Antenna 25
Buy  Xian (China)   21st Nov 2017   Others

China Starwin CC25/CL25 Mobile Satellite TV antenna is the creative mobile entertainment solution that provides live satellite TV to cars,Website:http://www.chinastarwin.com, buses, trains and other vehicles, while in motion. This car satellite TV antenna combines advanced navigation attitude system and servo control system perfectly, making the antenna fast and accurately track to the satellite, and keeping the good stability when watching television programs in the vehicle that is running on ... read more »

Chinese New Tea Black Tea Loose Tea
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Dongyu black tea grows in Dongyu Ecological tea garden which is located in Qin-Ba Mountain ancient forest of altitude1000 meters. It is the northen-most tea area, where is Large temperature difference between day and night, tea growth period is long, these excellent conditions give the tea rich content and good quality. url:http://www.dyplantextract.com ... read more »

Straight Titanium Nickel Alloy Wire Coil For Bicycle Usage With Shape Memory And High Strength
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

We supply different industries with various metal wires, covering nickel alloy wire applied to alkaline filter mesh, and titanium wire applied to plating rack. We also have super corrosion resistant alloy wire, Chinese standard wire, ASTM standard wire, etc. Titanium welding can be used in headdress, earrings, industry, sports apparatus, arts and crafts. Our price is in usd url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

Super Elastic Nickel Titanium Welding Round Filler Wire AWS A5 16 With Excellent Memorability
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Titanium wire is still relatively new on the market and is used in many sub-ohm tank coil heads for Temperature Control. It is considerably stronger than Ni200, making it much easier to work with. The resistance of Titanium is about double that of Ni200, allowing you to use considerably less wraps compared to Nickel when reaching your target resistance. url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

Cloud Shape Surgical Implant Cranial Twill Weave Titanium Mesh CMF Craino Mesh For Skull Restoration
Buy  Xian (China)   28th Jan 2018   Others

Titanium wire mesh is weaved by titanium wire; we can provide commercial pure titanium and kinds titanium wire mesh. It can be used in screening and filtering in acidic and alkaline environments, Gas-liquid filtration and other media separation. url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

ASTM F67 Gr2 ASTM B265 Gr12 Pure Nickel Titanium Shape Alloy Sheet
Buy  Xian (China)   26th Oct 2017   Others

From the source of raw material to melting and forging, our technique procedure is under strict tracking and inspection. We are delighted to have your negotiation and cooperation with us. Titanium sheets & plates are found in a variety of applications such as heat exchangers, various types of corrosive-resistant equipment, textile machinery and sporting equipment. Our price is in usd url:http://www.hst-titanium.com ... read more »

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