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Pressure Screen
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

Huatao supply high quality pressure screen 1. Upflow presssure screen Application: Used for coarse screening and fine screening of the deinking pulp,waste paper pulp. 2. Outflow presssure screen Application: Outflow pressure screen used for coarse screening and fine screening of the chemical pulp,waste paper pulp 3. Inflow pressure screen Application: Used for the screening of low consistency pulp before the paper machine. ... read more »

Pulper For Paper Plant
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

Huatao supplying pulper type:High consistency pulper,D pulper,O pulper,Drum pulper Application: Mainly used for board and wster paper,OCC pulping. Its main structure is vat body,impeller,stator ring and electric motor etc.Generally the rotatry table's circumferential speed is 1000m/min,the diameter of vat body is 1-6m. Our company have many sizes of hydrapulpers for example 1-30m3 . ... read more »

High Consistency Cleaner
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

We have two type cleaner as below: 1. Low consistency cleaner Application?Low consistency cleaner is used for cleaning fiber suspension. It can efficiently remove light impurities, heavy impurities etc. It can also remove ink particles, which helps purify pulp in stock in the starching and flow system prior to paper machine. 2. High consistency cleaner Application: It is used for removing heavy impurities,reduce the wear of the next equipments,improve the quality of pulp material ... read more »

Thickener For Pulp Making Process
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

Application?Used for thickening and washing all kinds of pulp Features:Special-type screw and brush; strong self-cleaning ability of filtering drum; high discharge consistency. For different pulp kinds and different consistency range, the hole dia. of filtering drum is different, which is beneficial to reducing loss of fiber. Main components: The inclined spiral concentrating unit is mainly composed of a feed taper pipe, a base, a box body, a spiral main shaft, a filter tube, a cover plate, ... read more »

Pulp Chest Agaitator
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

Description of Agitator: Agitator belongs to Stock Agitator Conveying Equipment of paper machinery. Agitator is a stuffchest agitator with high efficiency and good mixing effect. Its mixing efficiency is about 20%-80% higher than that of turbine propulsion device based on the different concentrations of the pulp stock. Features of Agitator: This series Agitator is researched and developed on the basis of the digestion and absorption of the imported model machine, with advanced impeller ... read more »

Pulp Pump For Paper Mill
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

Huatao supplying different type pump for paper plant,it is used for deliver ,lifting & pressuringthe pulp material & medium in alkali recovery industrial processes. Non-clogging centrifugal pump sizing pump low pluse pulp pump Non-clogging pulp pump without leakage Two-phase flow pulp pump ... read more »

Double Disc Refiner
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

HUATAO Supplying Double disc refiner is equipment of coarse and correct grinding in papermaking trade thick liquid system. It can process the straw pulp as well as the wood pulp and wasted paper pulp. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and low energy consumption. ... read more »

Pressure Screen Basket
Sell  Shijiazhuang (China)   20th May 2019   Paper and Stationery

Huatao supply different type screen basket. 1.Outflow pressure screen basket is classified by the flow way of the pulp, the rotary wing spins in the basket to make the pulp flow out from the slot naturally to get good pulp with different purpose. It can be used in many links in pulp and paper line. Regarding to pressure basket, the main point is position when it works and also the result the user want to reach, designing the whole construction and shape the grade bar to ensure the operation i ... read more »

MyKahani Personalised Gift Greeting Cards Customized Gifts Handmade Gifts
Sell  New Delhi (India)   13th Oct 2018   Paper and Stationery

Create your own Personalised Gift, greeting cards, customized gifts & handmade gifts with MyKahani. Personalised gifts for Anniversary, Parents, Babies, Brother - sister, Relationships etc. ... read more »

Discovery Paper 75gsm
Sell  Cotabato City (Philippines)   31st Aug 2018   Paper and Stationery

Discovery paper 75gsm Discovery paper is a paper quality specially developed for high-volume copiers and laser printers. Discovery paper is the result of a unique combination of carefully selected high-quality raw materials, coupled with the latest "state of the art" paper manufacturing technique. 75 g / m² with the same thickness, stiffness, opacity and throughput properties of 80 g / m2 paper. Characteristics: For printing and copying at top speed High degree of opacity ... read more »

Archival Acid Free Papers
Sell  Mumbai (India)   02nd Aug 2018   Paper and Stationery

Papers made to PH7 almost neutral balance to be acid-free. If stored in right conditions these can last for more than 500 years. Ideal for archival purposes, sacred texts, certificates, museum papers, etc ... read more »

Blotting Absorbent Papers
Sell  Mumbai (India)   02nd Aug 2018   Paper and Stationery

Pure cotton rags paper made for high absorbency, these Blotting papers are available in sheet form. We can also cut as per your requirement. In 100, 150 and 200gsm. Ideal for laboratories, pharmas, research, diagnostic kits, etc. ... read more »

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