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Tyre Building Machine
Sell  Dalian (China)   18th Dec 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Tyre building machine , this building machine is commonly used for tire building equipment in domestic & overseas at present, mainly used for produce motorcycle tire and motorcycle tubeless green tire building. Integration of PLY applying, bead applying & cord turn-up, high degree of automation, good quality green tire building, easy and simple operation, it is advanced tire building equipment in China. It consists of building drum, down compression roller, bead suction device, cord fabric; tre ... read more »

Slab Cooling Unit
Sell  Dalian (China)   18th Dec 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Slab cooling unit Purpose: This is the downstream auxiliary to the mixer or the dispersion mixer. It works with the double conical-screw extruder sheeter and is designed to perform continuous operations of rubber slab conveying, separant applying, air cooling, drying, cutting and wig-wag stacking. Features 1. The operations of separant applying, air cooling, drying, cutting and wig-wag stacking are performed in a single machine, forming continuous production at high efficiency. 2. Rubber s ... read more »

Double Screw Extruder Of China
Sell  Dalian (China)   18th Dec 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Double screw extruder of china Size XJPS-75×350 /XJPS-160×400 Purpose Designed to forcibly extrude and sheet compounded rubber, plastic, synthetic resin or nonmetallic material in continuous production, it has high efficiency and is ideal for working with mixers or dispersion mixers. 1. This machine is comprised of the two main parts, i. e. the double conical-screw extruder and the two-roll sheeter. The design is compact and rational, and makes the maintenance convenient. 2. The stepless ... read more »

Features Laboratory Internal Mixer In China
Sell  Dalian (China)   18th Dec 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Features laboratory internal mixer in china 1. The mixing chamber is forged of the jacket type providing good cooling or heating effect. Its working face is built up by welding with sintered carbide to resist abrasion and corrosion. 2. The rotor shaft is bored and welded with the Banbury rotor, forming the integrated construction. Water or steam can be led through the cavity to cool or heat it. The rotor wings are built up by welding with sintered carbide on the top and two side surfaces to re ... read more »

Rubber Mixing Mill
Sell  Dalian (China)   18th Dec 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Rubber mixing mills manufactured by our company have the models XK-160-XK-550(560),and we also manufacture refiner and gel breaker;classified by the perspectives of product standard and technical progress,the open mills manufactured by our company are coexisting with three generations of products: The traditional models of national reserved standards,that is,single output axis,which is driven by big and small gears and the differential motion of front and rear rollers are realized by speed ra ... read more »

Rubber Crumb Powder Rubber Granuels Rubber Mat And Rubber Tile Gym Mate Avallable
Sell  Madurai (India)   07th Aug 2019   Plastics and Rubber

The above items are supplied as per specification and as per your manufactiuring product and good quality with the competitive price ... read more »

Rubber Scrap Like Rubber Bush Windowbead Wire Tyre Scrap Tubescrap Tyre Buffing Dust And All Rubberscraps
Buy  Madurai (India)   07th Aug 2019   Plastics and Rubber

the above products are required on the regular basis ... read more »

Fabric Reinforced Concrete Hose With Cord Reinforcement
Sell  Hengshui (China)   16th Apr 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Fabric Reinforced Concrete Pump Hose, also called fabric reinforced concrete placement hose, is also widely used in many large concrete projects, such as buildings, large dams and swimming pools. The structure of fabric reinforced concrete pump hose is the same as that of steel wire reinforced concrete pump hose. In other words, it is also composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. Tube is made from high quality chloroprene rubber, making it have excellent abrasion resistance perfor ... read more »

R D Mould Plastic Spoon Mould Manufacturer
Sell  Ahmedabad (India)   08th Apr 2019   Plastics and Rubber

R D Mould & Industry is a pioneer in Plastic Spoon Mould Manufacturing. We have more than 15 years expereinced in the filed of plastic spoon Mould Manufacturer, Ice-Cream Spoon Mould Silver Plated Spoon Mould, Plastic Fork & Knife Mould, Medical Spoon Mould and Unique Spoon Mould, for more information call us at +91 9377761062 or visit us at https://rdplasticspoonmould.com ... read more »

High Pressure Drilling Hose
Sell  Shanghai (China)   01st Apr 2019   Plastics and Rubber

Rotary and vibrator hoses Drilling rotary and vibrator hoses (High Pressure Drilling Hoses) are designed as API 7K Spec as the flexible connection between the standpipe and swivel for pumping mud at a very high pressure in oil drilling and exploration. This hose features high strength spiral steel wire reinforcement which provides a very flexible connection capable of withstanding high pumping pressures at API working pressures, also called mud hose, cement hose, kelly hose or shock-resistant ... read more »

Greenhouse Film
Sell  Tehran (Iran)   06th Aug 2018   Plastics and Rubber

Greenhouse Films Greenhouses provide a controlled, sheltered building for plants to grow unhindered. greenhouse film is a type of plastic covering used to shelter the plants inside of a greenhouse from the larger world outside. PlasticKar greenhouse films are made of high quality raw materials and additives for longer durability and better result in horticulture. Here is the specification of our products and an explanation of the additives and filters and also a manual for installation. YOU ... read more »

PE Construction Film
Sell  Tehran (Iran)   06th Aug 2018   Plastics and Rubber

PE Construction Film Construction and cover film which are usually applied as vapor barrier or membrane curing made of virgin or recycled PE are available in various widths, thicknesses and colors. IN ORDER TO MEET YOUR CONSTRUCTION NEEDS CUSTOM SIZES ARE AVAILABLE UPON INQUIRY. Our product features and characteristics are as below: Product Name: PE construction film Also Known: Foundation film – Plastic building film – construction rolls – vapor barrier – membrane curing Appli ... read more »

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