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ARMACELL JIOS Aspen AEROGEL Pipe Insulation Products
Sell  Shiajiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Textiles

ARMACELL JIOS AEROGEL Blanket Description Superior Thermal Performance Up to five times better high-thermal performance than competing insulation products" Reduced Thickness and Profile Equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness. Maximize process infrastructure and resolve mechanical clashes Less Time and Labor to Install ARMACELL JIOS AEROGEL Blanket is easily cut and conformed to complex shapes, tight curvatures, and spaces with restricted access. ARMACELL JIOS AEROGEL Blan ... read more »

PYROGEL XTF AEROGEL Insulation Blanket
Sell  Shiajiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Textiles

The AEROGEL Blankets developed by oil companies and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been used in the pipeline for transportation of heavy oil in Oilfield. Field tests show that compared to traditional materials, Silica AEROGEL Insulation layer thickness of only half, each year can save 250,000 yuan, quite economical. AEROGEL Insulation Blanket is engineered to provide optimal thermal performance and value at service temperatures up to 650 degrees. With its extremely low thermal conductivit ... read more »

Roll To Roll Heat Transfer Printing Felt
Sell  Shiajiazhuang (China)   03rd Jul 2019   Textiles

Our Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machinery Felt Belt are mainly used for roller transfer machines. The Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machinery Felt Belt are made of imported high-temperature fiber. The intermediate endless base cloth are Polyester dry fabrics and Kevlar fabrics. The working temperature is up to 280. After using, the width shrinkage rate is 2 percentage, the elongation rate is 3percentage, the gram weight is 3100 gm3, the thickness is 6 to 10mm, the surface is smooth, the carp ... read more »

Fire Retardant Chenille Yarn Fire Retardant Yarn Chenille Yarn Yarn
Sell  Zhangjiagang (China)   22nd May 2019   Textiles

Chenille yarn series: Fire retardant chenille yarn and normal chenille yarn from 0.25nm to 8nm chenille yarn made by different material like acrylic, viscose, polyester, cotton/viscose and so on, can be dyed and undyed. 1) Fancy yarn series : Pon-Pon yarn, Fishnet yarn, Mesh yarn, Ladder yarn, Lily yarn(hollow tube yarn), Track yarn, Eyelash yarn, Feather yarn, Boucle yarn, Loop yarn, Tape yarn, Slub yarn, Knot yarn, T/T yarn, PP yarn, Brushed yarn,8-like yarn, toothbrush yarn, Butterfly yarn a ... read more »

Business  Mumbai (India)   17th Apr 2019   Textiles

LoveGen's aim is to make online shopping an ultimate fun for their online buyers by providing them with an exclusive range of clothes according to the latest trends as life is too short to wear boring clothes! Every year, with the arrival of the new collection every season, it becomes a hot favorite for women to rejuvenate your wardrobe and LoveGen is your one-stop solution for all kinds of trendy clothes. From the dramatic comeback of 90's fashion era or the ruling of denim on denim style, Love ... read more »

Children Clothes Stock
Sell  Settimo Torinese (Italy)   16th Apr 2019   Textiles

60-70% discount on designer children clothes stock. The children’s clothing categories that our company manages mainly are comprised of: clothing (coats, one-piece dresses, overcoats, jackets, jeans, exercise apparel, pants); footwear (sandals, boots, sneakers, etc.); accessories (belts, bags, scarves, etc.). ... read more »

M2r Garments
Business  New Delhi (India)   27th Mar 2019   Textiles

M2R Garments is a Garment Trading Platform that connect India’s leading Garments Manufacturers to Retailers & Wholesalers located throughout India, offer Online and Offline Business Model for Garment Manufacturer & Retailer/Wholesalers. ... read more »

Briefs For Men Buy Men S Briefs Online In India
Business  Tiruppur (India)   07th Mar 2019   Textiles

Buy men’s briefs online at best prices in India. Select from a wide range of men’s underwear briefs at Zoiro.com, Free Shipping across India COD Available. ... read more »

Premium Men S Inner Wear Sleep Wear Online Zoiro Com
Sell  Tiruppur (India)   07th Mar 2019   Textiles

Buy premium men's innerwear, underwear, vests, tracks online in India. Select from a wide range of men's innerwear at Zoiro.com*Free Shipping*COD Available. ... read more »

EMI Shielding Gaskets Fabric Over Foam
Sell  Jinan (China)   08th Feb 2019   Textiles

The EMI Shielding Gaskets are made of spong and conductive fabric which can be used in the gap of the equipments and provide a connection.They have good shield efficiency,impedance of clip measurement,it can be used for the high radiation instruments of electronic industries,medical industres,electromagnetism,IT industry.We can supply the products according to the size and the drawing of our customers. China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd Tel:86-531-88111984 Fax:86-531-88111984 Mobile:86-1 ... read more »

Foam Air Filter UL94V0
Sell  Jinan (China)   08th Feb 2019   Textiles

Our foam air filter is made by soft polyurethane and the pores exceed 97% of the total space in the material,so our foam air filter has good permeability,it can filter and deadening effectively the dust in the air. The most important is our foam air filter reaches the UL standards,the flame retardant Grades is UL94V0.And our foames comply with ROHS standards. Our pore size of foam air filter:10PPI,15PPI,20PPI,25PPI,30PPI,35PPI,40PPI,45PPI,50PPI,55PPI,60PPI.The colour is black,or we can produce ... read more »

Silver Conductive Fabric
Sell  Jinan (China)   08th Feb 2019   Textiles

Our silver conductive fabric is coated silver on the fabric,the fabric have good shielding and sterilization efficiency,so it can be used to radiation protection maternity dress, electromagnetism protection clothes,shielding curtain,ect. China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd Tel:86-531-88111984 Fax:86-531-88111984 Mobile:86-13953127300 E-mail: shield0531@china-emi-shielding.com Web site: www.china-emi-shielding.com Contact Person: Mrs.Zhu Jing ... read more »

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