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Sell  Mumbai (India)   05th Dec 2017   Textiles

Airlaid Catering, hotels napkins in white 60gsm 1500m width for catering napkin to make in size 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 10x12, 16x16, MOC pulp, bidegradable, for dry aplications ... read more »

Tyre Liner Fabrics
Sell  Mumbai (India)   29th Jun 2017   Textiles

Infiniti Techtex Tyre Liner Fabrics are woven from multifilament polypropylene, multi and mono filament polypropylene and polyester spun yarns. These liner fabrics are applied during the manufacturing or curing process to prevent the outer surface of a rubber product prematurely adhering to itself or other surfaces. Features Enables easy release of rubber without deformation Good dimensional stability Tear resistant Product Details Weight – Ranges from 200 to 300 GSM Width – upt ... read more »

Scrim For Needle Felt
Sell  Mumbai (India)   29th Jun 2017   Textiles

Infiniti Techtex scrim fabric for needle felt is made from high tenacity and low elongation yarns. Use of scrim in needle felt improves the collision resistance and pressure resistance of the felt, thereby reducing the damage and distortion of the same. Features High tensile strength Low elongation Excellent dimensional stability Product Details Yarn – Available in Polyester (Spun, Filament, Antistatic), Polypropylene Multi filament, Acraylic (Spun) and Meta Aramid (Spun) variation ... read more »

Business  Mumbai (India)   17th Apr 2019   Textiles

LoveGen's aim is to make online shopping an ultimate fun for their online buyers by providing them with an exclusive range of clothes according to the latest trends as life is too short to wear boring clothes! Every year, with the arrival of the new collection every season, it becomes a hot favorite for women to rejuvenate your wardrobe and LoveGen is your one-stop solution for all kinds of trendy clothes. From the dramatic comeback of 90's fashion era or the ruling of denim on denim style, Love ... read more »

Tejas App International Pvt Ltd
Sell  Mumbai (India)   06th Jan 2020   Textiles

We have diverse products range over 25K collections of groceries, clothing, and electronics. Tejas App is an online platform between Manufacture unit to connect with wholesalers and retailers. Basically, we work with an idea to make wholesalers and retailers focus on sales rest things are taken care of by Tejas App. We can reduce the travel expenses, cold storage, research & development work expenses and efforts. Tejas app is an online platform works for retailers, customers, and wholesalers. W ... read more »

Pre Wound Coreless Bobbin Winding Machine For Multi Head Embroidery Machines
Sell  Mumbai (India)   04th Jan 2018   Textiles

Pre wound coreless bobbin winding machine for Multi-head embroidery machines. Please contact me for more details. ... read more »

Geotextiles And Geobags
Sell  Mumbai (India)   29th Jun 2017   Textiles

Geotextiles and Geobags Infiniti Techtex Woven Polypropylene Geotextiles & Geobags are manufactured from polypropylene multifilament yarns with a good combination of mechanical and hydraulic characteristics. These are suitable for applications involving the functions of separation, filtration and stabilization. It has excellent resistance to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils and it is stable against short-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Features Superi ... read more »

Sell  Mumbai (India)   05th Dec 2017   Textiles

Nonwovens Apetured for industrial wipes, white in 100gsm, bidegradable, highly absorbent for oil, water,solutions, flushable, MOC pulp ... read more »

Pluri Tubular Fabrics
Sell  Mumbai (India)   29th Jun 2017   Textiles

Infiniti Techtex Polyester Pluri Tubular Fabrics are made from high tenacity 100% polyester yarns and are widely used in construction of tubular batteries. The Pluri Tubular Bag is useful for inverter batteries, heavy duty applications such as stationary cells, traction batteries, train lighting etc. Features High tensile strength High Porosity and Uniform flow rate Excellent dimensional stability after coating Low shrinkage in both directions Specifications Our Polyester Pluri Tubu ... read more »

Anti Insect Mesh
Sell  Mumbai (India)   29th Jun 2017   Textiles

Infiniti Techtex HDPE woven anti-insect mesh is ideal for protection of crops against insects. When attached to sides and roofs of greenhouses, they provide essential barrier between the crops and various harmful insects. Features Round high-strength monofilament construction provides extra tensile strength Resistant to UV rays Tear resistant Industrial Applications Fabrics made from HDPE monofilament yarns Available in mesh sizes of 40 and 50 Width – upto 3.7 mtr Customized Dev ... read more »

Clothing Label
Sell  Mumbai (India)   04th Sep 2017   Textiles

Manasi Lele launched her label MANASI LELE in September 2015 in Mumbai. A bridal wear brand with styles ranging from cocktail dresses to elaborate bespoke gowns, lehengas, saris, the label offers glamorous, poised, elegant, contemporary and chic clothing for women. With a design philosophy that is distinctly feminine and Indo-western. Her collections are being retailed at exclusive online stores in India. Inspired by rich Indian culture with a hint of western twist, this brand mainly focuse ... read more »

Cross Stitch Fabric
Sell  Mumbai (India)   29th Jun 2017   Textiles

Infiniti Techtex Cross Stitch Fabrics in made from high quality 100% Cotton yarns. Fabrics are coated with a special stiff finish to maintain the even weave and equal number of square holes in both directions in the finished fabric. Features Holes in Fabric are of uniform size and appearance Excellent Stiffness and Whiteness provides better texture to the fabric Shrink resistance Specifications Cross Stitch Fabric is made from 100% Cotton yarns Weight - 100 GSM Width – 60 cms ... read more »

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