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Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Services • Pvt Ltd. firm

GENERAL is a kind of general exporting & importing management company that has been active in marketing of agricultural and industrial goods, GENERAL trained manpower and besides its technological infrastructure and its common international links and by making use of all the facilities of E-Commerce, GENERAL has undertaken the mission of business development to all SMEs in the world, mainly in Turkey and in Balkans, Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East (Gulf GENERAL FOREIGN TRADE LTD. CO. MERSIN GENERAL that has developed expertness in seven different main sectors mainly: Agriculture and Stockbreeding, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Industrial Goods, Mineral Materials, Technology and Chemical Industry, has been trading in these sectors in two categories: active and passive trading. In the scope of active trading, GENERAL contacts with SMEs like manufacturers as if they are GENERAL? s manufacturing or supplying department and, by undertaking ownership of the products belonging to these SMEs, GENERAL sells these products on its behalf Within the scope of passive trading, GENERAL acts as broker, agent or distributor on behalf of SMEs and develops long-term strategies leading Turkey? s market and Balkans, Central Asia, Caucasia, Middle East and North African markets, intended for creating and activating foreign demands, as if an import Besides Global Trading, GENERAL especially gives the consultancy services to the worldwide SMEs that want to enter upon Turkish market in order to assist As a result of this, GENERAL is a kind of commercial organization that would provide very significant contributions to all SMEs from every country and...

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