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Dr. Quillel Surgical sialkot (Pakistan)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Services • Proprietorship firm

QUILLEL SURGICAL Manufacturer & Exporter All kinds of Surgical Instruments P/O Gohadpur, Airport Road, Sialkot, 51310 - Pakistan. sialkot , operating scissors metzenbaum scissor iris scissors, bandage scissors, dressing scissor, tweezers, adson holder, kelly forcep, mosquito forcep, diagnostic instruments, bp handle, scalple, micro instruments, cardiovascular instruments, de bakey forceps & and clamps, laryngoscop fiber optics, laryngoscop Instruments, Asepsis Instruments, TC Scissors Operating Scissors Instruments, Ligature Scissors Instruments, Gum Scissors Instruments, Gum Guillotine Forceps Instruments, Gum Nipper Instruments, Wire & Plate Shears Instruments, Dressing & Tissue Forceps Instruments, Micro Forceps Instruments, Splinter Forceps Instruments, Artery Forceps Instruments, Dressing & Cotton Swab Forceps Instruments, Needle Holders TRUGRIP TC Instruments, Needle Holders Instruments Instruments, Extracting Forceps Instruments, Cleft Palate Needles & Knives Instruments, Extracting Forceps English Pattern Instruments, Extracting Forceps Mead Pattern Instruments, Extracting Forceps Universal Pattern Instruments, Extracting Forceps Wisdom Teeth Instruments, Extracting Forceps For Children English Pattern Instruments, Extracting Forceps For Children American Pattern Instruments, Extracting Forceps American Pattern Instruments, Root Fragment , Fine Tissue Forceps Instruments, Scalers Instruments, Instruments, Scalers For Periodontosis & Pyorrhea Instruments, Periodontia Instruments, Chisels Instruments, Needle Holders Instruments, Wire Twisters Instruments, Wire Cutters Instruments, Rasps Instruments, Grasping Forceps Instruments, Diagnostics Instruments, Thumbs & Tissue Forceps Instruments, Hemostatic Forceps Instruments, Towel Forceps & Tubing Clamps Instruments, Dressing & Cotton Swab Forceps Instruments, Tissue Forceps Instruments, Haemostatic Forceps Instruments, Towel Clamps Instruments, Sponge Dressig Forceps Instruments, Retractors Instruments Gohapur, airport road, sialkot, 51310-pakistan....

Apex Surgical Industry Sialkot (Pakistan)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Services • Proprietorship firm

Manicure & pedicure / Orthopedic / Hallow wear Instruments & feel proud to introducing that we manufacture Surgical instruments in A.I.S.I :420, All Forceps Sialkot Veterinary Eye Hallow wear Manicure & pedicure Bone Cutting Forceps, Bone Holding Forceps , Bone Reduction Forceps , Bone Saws, Cast Cutting / Spreading 2/15 Abbot Road, Sialkot Pakistan...

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